10+ Last-minute Stocking Stuffers Under $55


The time for Christmas is nigh, and the stockings are most likely already hung by the fire with care. Now, your mission is to fill those aforementioned stockings with A+ items. We’re talking gadgets and goodies, not candy canes and coal.No one likes a bragger, but at Man Crates, we know quite a bit about gifts for men—and it’s in the holiday spirit to pass it on.

Absinthe Making Kit ($54.90)
This tidy kit has everything he needs to make great absinthe at home in just three to five days. There’s an illustrated “Discover absinthe” handbook that shows the step-by-step process for preparing this exotic elixir as well as how to perform various absinthe drinking rituals. Christmas is about to get weird.

Twelve South Mac Candle ($24)
Computers are expensive. With this candle, which has the fresh scent of a newly opened Macbook, you can remind a loved one that you’re willing to spend money on them, so long as it’s not $3,000.

Bosch Laser Measure ($30)
Honestly, this gift had us at “LASER.” But beyond the futurism is a handy, pocket-size bit of gear that can measure any surface instantly to within ⅛ of an inch. Stop fumbling with that tape measure.

Prince Pin ($20)
Look, 2016 hasn’t exactly been the easiest year. We lost Prince, Brangelina split and Discovery Channel cancelled Mythbusters. Still, raise a glass to one of America’s late heroes and end the year on a high note by gifting this snazzy pin to a fan.

Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground Coffee ($18)
The smart folks at Blue Bottle have spent their recent years pursuing something akin to coffee science, and the result has been this pre-ground, pre-portioned coffee that retains all the great tastes of fresh coffee without any work. Thank you, hipster Bill Nye.

Hide & Drink Leather Pint Sleeve ($17)
Sippy cups are for children, koozies are for frat boys, and there’s a good chance you know a modern gentleman who slots somewhere in between. Get him this to keep his bevvie chilled.

Tile Key Finder ($20)
Tile is a Bluetooth-connected device for the man who loses everything. This low profile attachment can hook on to keys, wallets, cameras or anything else one might misplace and send a beacon back to a smartphone in times of trouble.

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout ($14)
Here’s the thing about Rogue’s Sriracha Hot Stout: Do beer drinkers want to try it? Absolutely. Are they willing to take a $14 chance? Maybe, maybe not. This, we’d argue, is the textbook definition for a gift.

Jerky Cane ($19.99)
Candy canes are for kids. So we came up with a way to restore some excitement to the cane franchise for grown men. The formula was simple. Subtract the peppermint and add a bunch of lip-smacking-good jerky.

Man Crates Stocking Stuffers (Prices Vary)
Just in case the above gems don’t do it for you, Man Crates has compiled our own collection of stocking-worthy goods, including all the fun stuff in the video above. We’ve got everything in here: An apron that teaches you how to BBQ, a kit that teaches you how to make soft pretzels, s’more mallows flavored like churros and s’more fun ideas.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good gift!