​“We’re #51!”…It’s official: Man Crates Is One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in 2016

Behind The Scenes

It all started with a crowbar and a dream in 2012. Now, just four short years later, Man Crates has quickly grown into a tightly glued machine churning out a unique collection of crates, DIY kits, jerkygrams and other one-of-a-kind gifts. On August 17, Inc. Magazine published its annual list of America’s 500 Fastest-Growing Companies—and there we were, way up near the top, at #51. Locally, in San Francisco, we came in at #1. With a towering growth rate of 4900.2%, Man Crates has excelled by delivering a proven solution for a notorious problem: Finding awesome gifts for men is really hard.

Getting to this level hasn’t been easy. It’s taken perseverance, risk, dedication and a graveyard of fallen gift concepts. R.I.P., Dodgeball Ringer Crate. Through it all, the recipe for our success has been simple—not nearly as complex as preparing the turducken of trout. The Man Crates formula is made up of four ingredients:

  1. A killer brand personality. Gifts should be fun. So should the people that make them. That’s why every gift we sell has an elaborate story that may or may not be based on fictitious historical events.
  2. An unforgettable gift-getting experience. From the moment a man takes a Man Crates gift in his hands, expectations have been exceeded. We work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of that gift is brag worthy—from uncrating a set of personalized whiskey glasses to carving a pipe out of a block of burl wood.
  3. An unparalleled gift-giving experience. Let us do all the work while you take all the credit. We do the research, the curation and the innovative packaging to magically transform you into a gifting superstar.
  4. A genuinely helpful customer service team. Our group of exclusively human customer service representatives are expertly trained to handle any issues ultra-efficiently. Unless you’re feeling lonely and want to strike up a little side conversation.

We are Man Crates, but we are much more than crates.While plywood and nails are our bread and butter, we are always looking for new and unexpected ways for you to give gifts. You won’t find anyone else stuffing beef jerky into piñatas. And we’re the only ones delivering gift cards in hardened concrete, not unlike like Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. Take a look at what the Man Crates mad scientists have thought up since crafting our first crates.

Smash and Grab

Project Kits

Ammo Cans

Jerky Heart