​Man Crates and FedEx: A Partnership to Deliver Gifting Greatness

Behind The Scenes

Just four short years ago, Man Crates was established with nothing but a big dream and small budget of under $1,000. Working out of a 2-bedroom apartment in Palo Alto, our co-founders seized the opportunity to transform gifts for guys from a clichéd afterthought to an impetus for bringing people together. Our company set forth to create project kits, ammo cans and hard-to-open crates that are more than just gifts for men, they’re truly memorable experiences.

But our team couldn’t do it alone. Sure, we could curate the heck out of grilling crates, seal them tight and box them up with a crowbar. Getting those crates into the hands of men across America was another story. That’s where Fed Ex came in. From the early days, we’ve partnered with Fed Ex to ensure our gifts arrive at the right place, at the right time, in perfect condition.

They’ve always been there for us. Especially through the tough times. Those early holiday rushes caused mayhem in our warehouse, but our Fed Ex rep showed up with cupcakes to lift the team’s spirits—a tradition we still carry on ourselves to this day.

View the video above to see the story of how Man Crates is elevating men’s gifts to new heights and the key role that Fed Ex has played in our success. Then have a look at our collection of awesome gifts for men.