​Happy Bounceday: Man Crates Birthday Shoot Sneak Peak

Behind The Scenes

With all the sweet gear, cool gadgets and tasty grub flying around our office and warehouse, you might think working at Man Crates is a walk in the park. It’s not.

It’s a romp in the bounce house. For real. Well, for one day, at least. The team had the clever idea to give our birthday shoot 37 pieces of flair by acting out a party scene from within the cozy, crazy confines of a bounce house in our studio. Here’s how the shoot went (up and) down.

Pre-shoot, our photographer Matt sized up the scene and knew he had to bring the energy.

The camera called “firsties,” but it didn’t do much jumping.

Who knew? Bounce houses are also good for sitting and reflecting.

Yes, receiving a Man Crate really elevates the birthday experience.

Here’s the same shot from our patented Ant Cam.

FUN FACT: Some of us found confetti in confounding places on our bodies a full day after the shoot.

Of course we couldn’t resist a little freestyling after the shoot wrapped.

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