​Graduation Gift Help for Emotionally Baffled Fathers


Fathers are great at a lot of things: falling asleep in front of the TV, sort of fixing things around the house, and letting us make our own mistakes in life. But words of positive affirmation have generally not been their strong suit. Not by a long shot.

We love our dads. They’re our role models, which is why it pains us to admit how awkward they can be when it comes to sharing genuine affection.

Exhibit A:

To the dads out there who get sweaty and tongue-tied when they get sentimental, keep it simple and let the gift do the talking.

Our wide range of hand-curated gifts are like the strong back pat of paternal pride your recent grad has been craving for 18+ years of his life. They’re strong votes of confidence that he can handle moving out of the house, and the gentle nudge to hopefully make that sooner rather than later.

Honor his passage into adulthood with one these monumental graduation gifts:

College Barware Crate

Celebrate his entering or exiting the best three to six years of his life with a set of alma mater pint glasses. He’ll be fueled and refreshed while cheering his heart out at a football game, intramural badminton tourney, or robotics fair.

Pro-Tool Crate

The first step to entering adulthood is deciding not to pay double for a home repair you can do half as well yourself. Equip your new grad with the tools he’ll need to definitely not get his security deposit back.

Ramen Connoisseur Crate

He might need this gourmet ramen collection because he can no longer eat at a dining hall, or he might need this gourmet ramen because he can only eat at a dining hall. Either way, he’ll need this gourmet ramen collection.

Personalized Whiskey Crate

A diploma will get him a lot of things in life, but it won’t get him the bold burn of a fine whiskey. Forever etch his name onto a rocks whiskey glass, and let him display those on his kitchen counter with pride.

The Clean Shave Crate

Graduation can feel like the honorary passageway into the desert wasteland of job searching, and to get a job, he’ll first need to get cleaned up. This premium shaving kit is the way to do so in the most powerful and pampering of ways.

Or honor his great achievement with one of our many other  unforgettable graduation gifts.