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A Simple Idea
Man Crates was born out of a simple idea: people want gifts that are more fun. Fun brings people together. With a simple concept and a bulk order of crowbars, we were ready to roll up our sleeves and get started.
Jon, Sam and Lucas set about bringing Man Crates into the world from Jon's apartment.
Jon's Ruined Living Room Carpet
We rented a parking spot from Jon's neighbors to whip up our first big batch of Man Crates.
Every night we'd glue crates in Jon's living room. Every day we dropped the day's orders off at the neighborhood FedEx. From the beginning we knew timing was everything in gifts and raced to get every order out on time.
Feels Like Home
Six months in, Man Crates is finally ready to leave the nest. Late one Sunday night we tear down the shelves and the shipping station in Jon's spare room and spend the night moving in.
Toby and Jason join the team, and for the first time it feels like we're home. Except maybe for Jon, who for the first time isn't actually in his home.
Whatever it Takes
That first year, we try just about everything to get the word out- including staging a walk-on protest at RedBull FlugTag...
Hand delivering customer's Zombie Survival crates, dressed in full zombie make up, of course...
Shipping High Water Mark
The holiday team celebrates a new high water mark for packages shipped in a day- a record that wouldn't last long.
Alright, Let's do This
Nate and Alex round out the early heavy hitters & heavy lifters- Team Man Crates is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.
After surviving the holidays, we take a second to celebrate survival and then quickly move into a bigger warehouse.
More Professional by the Day
The bigger warehouse has enough space to set up our home-made light box, freeing Sam's home ping pong table up for other use.
Still Doing Whatever it Takes
Jon's every day caffeination routine gets him ready for running a fast growing startup. Sharing it with the world helps launch the Operation 'Infinite Freshness' line of Coffee Ammo Canisters.
Bigger and Better
Amidst a warehouse upgrade, shipping systems upgrades, and all kinds of supplier problems, the only way we made it through the holidays was a phenomenal team. When we beat our 99% perfect on-time and accurate target the whole team got prizes.
Duct Tape
After countless hours of customer interviews and weeks of research, we realized we could make Man Crates even harder to open by wrapping them in duct tape. Thanks, Trevor.
Lasers & Science
We love lasers. There's no two ways about it. After an achingly long time, the business was finally ready to order up a brand new Trotec to personalized every gift that could be made a little sweeter by putting somone's name on it. What a beaut.
Siri, how do you build a laser shop? Just kidding. Jason never asks for directions. He did build an amazing laser shop that ran beautifully for the life of the warehouse and thousands and thousands of orders.
The Start of a Beautiful Friendship
FedEx has been a terrific partner with us since the early, early days of the business. Here's our rep bringing cupcakes to our warehouse team on an especially busy shipping day.
By land, by sea, and by air- Team Man Crates will stop at nothing to bring awesome gifts to guys everywhere.
Another Holiday Rally
Jason rallies the troops in the warehouse after another late night shipping. Despite the long days and nights, spirits are high and the team pulls it together to deliver everything in time for the holidays.
Onward & Upward
Once again the spring thaw saw team Man Crates packing up the shipping computers, lasers, and racks, and moving into a bigger space. You just can't contain this gift-giving hurricane.
Let's Make Some Memories
The creative team got to take over some vacant warehouse space in the old lot. Here they are recreating Mother's Day with Will's lovely family. Have you ever spoken with Will? He's a treasure.
Can't Stop Won't Stop
Gift cards are pretty lame. We couldn't allow such a phoned-in, half-hearted gift tradition to continue any longer without giving it the Man Crates treatment. Welcome the Smash & Grab gift card line.
The Team that Floats Together Holds Together
When all you have is cardboard and duct tape, only people can hold the ship together. Boom. Productivity metaphor brought to you by Man Crates' first ever cardboard and duct tape-only regatta at the local river.
Leaving the Station
We like to think we help people give great gifts and look great doing it. Hop aboard, this love train is leaving the station.
It's Nice to Meat You
Leave it to our product geniuses to innovate on love itself. 2016 Marked mankind's dramatic crossing of the jerky wooing barrier, leveraging the power of modern science to harness the romantic potential of beef.
Off to the Races
The duct tape craft races continue with each Man Crates team building a four person toboggan to race down the slopes of Tahoe. There's nothing like a shared fate with life and death in the balance to foster team bonding.
Breaking Bad Gifts
More and more people answer the rallying cry to replace all the bad gifts in the world with awesome gifts guys actually like.
Take a Swing
Not only did we design a bull piñata with a hyper-punchable face, we secretly swapped out the sugary stuffing for a twenty-four piece fiesta mix of fine meat.