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Caffeine Rush

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Hum Like A Hummingbird

Let’s be honest here. None of us really wake up with the crow of the rooster or the ring of the alarm; we wake up the second some caffeine crosses our lips. It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, tea, or even a Red Bull, caffeine fuels our nation and without it, nothing would get done before noon.

Avoid the Energy Crisis

Whether you’re working the graveyard shift or cramming for a final, you never want to find yourself without your trusty thermos of coffee. But don’t settle for just any run-of-the-mill thermos. Our 16oz One-Handed Stanley thermos never lets you down by keeping your coffee hot for up to six hours.
If it’s one of those mornings and you just need something sweet, dump a Rockstar Lemonade into your leak-proof thermos and marvel as it keeps the perfect hangover cure ice-cold for a full 24 hours.

Caffeine in all Shapes and Sizes

Unfortunately, one can’t live on coffee alone. However, just because the human body needs to eat doesn’t mean you should stop saturating every cell in yours with caffeine. Make sure to keep your buzz going all day by munching some tasty energy-infused Perky Jerky.
Or, if that coffee breath has started to take a toll on your coworker relations, you can sneak in some caffeine with Penguin Mints or Military Energy Gum.
Our caffeine crate allows you to live your life like the majestic hummingbird, never stopping for a second to snooze. Even if you could, you wouldn’t yawn – your teeth might just rattle out of your skull.

Daily Diesel
  • 16oz One-Handed Stanley Thermos
  • 16oz Energy Drink
  • 8.4oz Redbull
  • Perky Jerky
  • Penguin Mints
  • Military Energy Gum
  • Lock and Load Java Coffee Grinds
Does Not Contain
  • Bows
  • Ribbons
  • Fluff
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