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Whether you're commanding a covert SEALs operation or just dropping your kids off at daycare, you'll always appear to be coolly walking away from an explosion with this bag in hand.

And did we mention the storage space? This bag has more pockets and pouches than a mob of kangaroos wearing cargo shorts.


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New Dad Tactical Bag

Dash out of the boardroom with this badboy and no one will know that you’re off to change a diaper and not deliver M20 rounds to the front lines.
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Cocktail Contribution  –  It’s hard to imagine, but it was once unthinkable to smear peanut butter over fruit jelly. But thanks to some brave culinary pioneers, men across the country now have a dinner even they can’t screw up. Similarly, we present the Beer Margarita Crate. You’re welcome.
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"How Old Is It?"  –  The Old Fashioned is so old that Plato referred to it as “The Modern Fashioned” when describing it as the highest and most perfect form of a cocktail. Fake history aside, the Old Fashioned Crate is the perfect gift for the guy who can’t help but keep things classic.
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The Cookout Crusader  –  Just like Batman needs his utility belt, a grill master needs his apron. Equipped with a knife, tongs, and meat thermometer, the Personalized Grill Apron Crate makes saving the day as simple as saving the steak.
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The Hole Nine Yards  –  We tried out a lot of golf puns for this joke, but none of them were quite up to par. Putting that aside, if you’re searching for a unique gift, the Personalized Golf Balls Mini Crate is sure to be...a hole in one! We’re so sorry.
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Pints with a Paint Job  –  Sure, it’s what’s on the inside of the glass that matters, but an interesting outside can make quite the impression as well. The Custom Printed Barware Crate gives a classy, personalized touch to the home bar aesthetic.
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For Every Aqua Activity  –  The On the Water Pack is the perfect gift for people who enjoy water skiing, water polo, Marco Polo, cannonballs, surfing, running through sprinklers, dancing in the rain, and basically anything else involving water.
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Less Starving, More Carving  –  Babe Ruth never stepped up to the plate swinging a wiffle ball bat, and no chef worth their weight in salt would be caught dead chopping vegetables with a paring knife. The Chef Knife Making Kit includes all the right tools to make the right tool for the job: a versatile blade that’s a cut above the rest.
Sean   –  It's Totally Worth it This is an incredible knife. Does it take some serious elbow grease to make? Absolutely. Man up. But if you're smarter than I am, place the Micarta handles close to the edge of the tang when assembling to make it easier when filing/sanding so you only really need to file/saw one edge instead of two. Regardless of how you assemble it, just think of the end product when you're filing your a$$ off. It's totally worth it. This knife has great balance, an incredibly sharp blade, and best of all the handle is custom formed to your paw. I highly recommend this for any MAN who enjoys chefery.
Stubble Trouble  –  Men have been shaving their beards since the dawn of time, but understandably avoiding aftershave since that one scene in Home Alone. The Smooth Face Mini Crate is here to alleviate fears and usher in a new era of close, comfortable shaves.
Miranda   –  Making His Day!!! My dad just recently had to have triple bypass surgery and has been limited on the amount of salt he can consume (alas I had to skip over the great food crates). When this new product came up I was ecstatic! My dad shaves every single morning and I already knew he would love the smell. On Father's Day, he opened his awesome crate that was happily opening each precious bottle and trying out the after shave. Thank you so much for making his day!!!
The Spice of Life  –  There’s nothing wrong with bleeding a spice cabinet dry to infuse batch after batch of delicious gin, but those spices should always be replenished...not to be polite, but to make more gin. The Gin-fusion Refill Kit restocks the cupboard with all the necessary gin-gredients.
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It’s All About the Journey  –  When people say they love to travel, they mean they love the destination, not the layovers, cramped leg space, and lost luggage. The Travel Survival Crate is our slick pick for distracting and detouring the discomforts of travel.
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Classically Cool  –  Beethoven famously took his coffee with exactly 60 beans per cup. Bach wrote an entire opera to celebrate a great cup of joe. Man Crates invented the Cold Brew Crate. Just one more for the history books.
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Foaming at the Mitt  –  The average man only washes his car once a month, yet still finds time to wash himself every day. First impressions happen in the parking lot, and the Auto Care Crate makes sure he’s always putting his best fender forward.
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Exotic Meets Erotic  –  Some guys need to be romanced outside the lines. They need their heart to be racing with excitement to even remember it’s there. The Exotic Jerky Heart feeds his need for affection with ten exotic animal bites!
Kendra   –  The Perfect Gift I bought my husband this for Valentines day and had it delivered to his work. He was so worried that I was going to demasculate him with a box of candy or flowers. When he recieved the man crate he texted me this message: "That was the perfect gift honey I love you thank you very much!". Man crates; 'nuff said.
Relish the Romance  –  Salami is romance embodied. Whether you’re looking for that classic rom-com “meat cute” or just celebrating a life of holy meatrimony, the surprise seasoned sticks of the Salami Bouquet will have any man’s heart and stomach rumbling with excitement.
Sydney   –  I Can't Wait For My Boyfriend To Open It! What an awesome and creative gift for Valentine's Day! I love the design of the box and how it says MC Bouquets on the outside and "Surprise, It's Meat!" on the inside. The only bummer is that the box got a little beat up during shipping. However, when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to see the bouquet was sitting perfectly inside and presented very nicely. I can't wait for my boyfriend to open it! I'd love to see even more unique holiday gifts like this in the future from ManCrates! Keep up the good work.
Truly Unstoppable Sound  –  Many musicians have rallied behind the power of music, but that was all artsy, symbolic nonsense until now. The Ammo Can Speaker Kit lets any guy build a portable bluetooth beat-blaster inside an indestructible ammo can.
Joe   –  Fun To Bring It The Pool And Beach I purchased this kit for my self just for fun. When it arrived one of the speakers was damaged. I contacted Man Crates with a picture of the damage and they sent me a replacement right away. I purchased some self adhisive car speaker insulation to line the ammo box with. I saw several people on YouTube do this. I helps with vibrations and other things. Once everything was all wired and I was going to mount the amp board I miss judged the placement and accidentally ripped off the the volume contort pins. Frustrated on doing that I removed all the connections and ripped off another hook up. I was so mad that it happen. I re-soldered the one I ripped of connector and all. The volume control was not as successful. I had to just solder the pins on withought the connector. Then one of the connection point ripped up. It was still connected to the circuit so when I hooked up the volume cable very carefully and had it all back together and remounted in better locations it all worked. I then used high temp hot glue so it will never move. Music sounds good on the box. Podcasts are hit and miss depending of the production quality. So over all it was a fun build despite my fumbling and the wire connectors breaking. It will be fun to bring it the pool and beach.
The Past Repeats Itself  –  There was a time when 8-bit NES games were all the rage, when father and son would skip the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert or the new Star Wars movie to mash buttons in the basement together for hours on end. That was just a few days ago. This is the Classic Gamer Crate.
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Easy Gift Enhancements  –  When it comes to gifts, a little can go a long way. We’ve compiled a collection of Sidekick gifts that can partner with any other Man Crates gift to boost the experience exponentially. Every hero needs a helping hand, and these Sidekick gifts are ready to take things over the edge.
Deborah   –  Put A Smile On Their Face I think these are a great Idea A little Pricey on somethings but Depending on who your buying for it would put a smile on their face
Gin For All, All for Gin!  –  Gin is, dare we say, the most versatile of all distilled alcohols. Put it in the well-manicured grip of British royalty or the shaky hands of the town loon, and it'll be right at home. The Gin-Fusion Kit plays right into the hands of the aspiring DIY gin-maker.
Chris   –  Fun To Make Received as a Christmas gift. just tried the first batch today. as a gin drinker, I have to say this is better than any mainstream store bought gin I have ever tried! started a second batch today as well. Do not think the first batch is going to make to the weekend! Highly recommend, fun to make and tastes better than any gin I have tried. Can nto wait for my friends to try it!
Turning Left Is Right  –  Some NASCAR haters argue there’s nothing interesting about a sport where you only turn left, but we think most sports would be better if you could only turned left. Imagine football, it’d be spin moves galore! The NASCAR Barware Crate celebrates turning left to your heart’s content.
Ellen   –  He Loved It! He loved it! shipped to my door 2 days after I ordered it, just in time for his birthday. Wish they had more options for drivers but I understand they can't have every driver. Will be ordering from Man Crates again!
Balance Life With Beer  –  Beer tasting isn’t just for social gatherings or feeling superior amongst peers, it’s a wellness practice akin to meditation or eating pizza. Intensely appreciating the hoppy and bitter tastes with the Beer Tasting Flight makes the grass seem that much greener and the supermarket lights seem that much more fluorescent.
Jacob   –  Sturdy and sound to the touch Sturdy and sound to the touch. Glass is quality. No need to worry about your "tasting parties" heading a rye(PA) this kit can handle the abuse. Thanks Wheat-Knee and G.A. Pete for the stellar winter solstice gift!
Mo Cameras, Mo Problems  –  We thought cramming high-quality cameras into tiny phones would turn every man, woman, and opposable-thumbed creature into expert photographers. Turns out it didn’t make normal people more artistic or normal life more interesting, but maybe the Phone-tography Pack will!
Jason   –  Pics To The Next Level Just what I needed for my iphone 6s These products were just what I needed for my pics. Tripod and power bank work great for my hikes/backpacking. I am able to set them up anywhere (rocks/branches/logs) and take as many pics as the scenery has to offer. On that note, the bluetooth remote is a must. IT is so much better than hitting the timer and running back to position. It's not always easy to climb back to where I was in 10 seconds. It paired and worked super easy with my phone. All the lenses are great, especially the fisheye and telephoto. The fisheye has been able to get that extra scenery, person and the well trained, but photo shy wandering dog in the pic and it gives it a little extra flavor as well. Got some great wildlife (moose and elk) pics with the telephoto. It adds that bit of extra detail that makes them pop. Haven't looked thru the booklet yet, but I'm sure it will take my weekend warrior pics to the next level.
It’s All About the Journey  –  When people say they love to travel, they mean they love the destination, not the layovers, cramped leg space, and lost luggage. The Travel Survival Pack is our slick pick for distracting and detouring the discomforts of travel.
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Taco Time, All The Time  –  No man should have to cross the border or chase down a taco truck to get a decent, authentic taco. The Taco Mania Crate is the proper equipment and ingredients to make handmade tortillas and amazing tacos from the comforts of the kitchen.
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Two Is Better Than Four  –  It took men millions of years to figure out it’s better to get around on two legs than four, but bikers did the same thing with automobiles in just a couple decades. The Motorcycle Crate is a fitting tribute to those of us who like to move fast.
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A Gripping Story of Stainless Steel  –  Some books are just pages upon pages of dull plot points and boring characters. The Secret Stash Folding Knife is a story filled with shrewd secrets, a very sharp point, and years of adventure.
Michelle   –  He loved the whole concept of the gift! I bought this present for my brother for Christmas. He is a Sherlock Holmes fan already so the Sherluck Holmes option was perfect for him. He loved the whole concept of the gift!!
Great Taste in Literature  –  Some truly great stories warm the reader from the inside-out. They slow the heart and still the soul in unspeakable ways and—oh, wait, we’re thinking of alcohol. The Secret Stash Personalized Flask is all the effects of a great story in one simple swig.
Carla   –  A Perfect Gift This is a perfect gift. Putting in a book is such a nice touch. GREAT GREAT Quality from the the flask itself and the engraving to the book it comes in. I bought two for my co-workers and they loved it!
Never Judge A Knife By Its Cover  –  To those wondering why you’d ever need to hide a personalized folding knife inside a hollowed-out book, does “Because it’s awesome, duh!” counts as a reason? The Secret Stash Personalized Knife is a real book with a major plot twist inside.
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Slice, Dice, Avoid Identity Crisis  –  Some chefs believe their soul resides in their cooking knife, which is especially problematic considering most knives look the same. The Personalized Chef Starter Pack laser-etches names on knives so no chef walks off with the wrong soul.
Kelli   –  Good Quality I ordered this for my fiance for Christmas so he hasn't yet received it but of course I had to open it and look at it. I was not disappointed in the least. Both the knife and cutting board look to be good quality. I liked it so much I ordered one for my boss as well.
Anticipation You Can Eat  –  Christmas excitement can grow to overwhelming expectations, and a piece of chocolate or tiny trinket won’t do much to relieve the increasing pressure of Christmas cheer. The Jerky Advent Calendar is the exotic chowdown to handle the Christmas countdown.
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‘Tis The Seasoning!  –  Christmas has traditionally been dominated with seasonal flavors like eggnog and peppermint. Unfortunately, none of these flavors taste as good as jerky. The Man Crates Jerky Cane marinates tried and true jerky flavors in the Christmas spirit.
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Caution: Name Dropping Ahead  –  You think we’re going to tag-team with our favorite actor, comedian, and consummate man Nick Offerman to build the perfect woodworking gift and not ride a few miles on the humblebrag bus? Think again. The Whiskey and Woodworking Crate is almost as fun to receive as it was to curate.
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More Offerman Swooning  –  We offered professional famous person Nick Offerman a wide selection of camp axes to test for our Personalized Camp Axe Crate. After giving the Hudson Bay Camp Axe a few swings, he handed it back with the silent fatherly nod of approval we’ve been craving since childhood. We haven’t washed it since.
Jason   –  Very Happy! Just received my gift and am pleasantly surprised. The ax is the perfect size and heft to bridge the gap between a limited hatchet and light ax that is still to big for most jobs. Good heft and length to the monogrammed handle. Very happy! The honing stone is useful. I can't speak to the book as I just got my crate, but have enjoyed other works by Nick Offerman so I doubt I'll be disappointed by his humor.
Flip Out  –  The invention of ‘flipping’ revolutionized life as we know it. Gymnastics became interesting, magazines became browseable, and knives became easier to carry and wield. The Folding Knife Project Kit gives any guy the opportunity to assemble and shape his own flip-out folding knife.
KT   –  Worth every penny I thought he'd like this... but he loved it. He says it is one of the best presents he has ever gotten. He loves pocket knives, and is handy, but also loves customizing and personlizing things. He was able to make a personal knife that fits his hand perfectly, and he hasn't stopped telling me how great it is, how happy he is. I wish I could buy a gift like this for him every time. Worth every penny, super high-quality material, took him about 18 hours to finish. I bought it for him 3 days ago, haha.
Saving Grace For Shaving Face  –  Grandpa didn’t wake up in his foxhole and start hacking at his chin stubble with a quad-blade electric razor complete with revolving pivots and three-speed settings. No, he maintained face fashion the old-fashioned way: a trusty blade like the Straight Razor Project Kit.
Elexis   –  The Product: Amazing I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and first I have to note the convenience of the shipping options-you can choose what day the package should arrive...had I ordered it and not been able to dictate that it arrive on his birthday I would have definitely given it to him sooner and had nothing for his birthday. About the product: amazing. The blade itself just LOOKS beautiful and pristine-and it comes with all it's specifications so you know exactly what you're holding and working with. Go to sharpen it on the leather strap and it makes the most lovely, clean, smooth sound that good metal should make. My boyfriend regularly shaves his entire head and calls it his "Zen Time" so he immediately took the blade and went to "Zen Out" briefly and shave the prickles around his head (he had shaved the day before and had very little to shave off again but bless his sweet heart for trying). Without shaving cream or even water (he was too excited about the blade to take the time), the blade shaved his little hairs clean off without a snag or anything. He was ecstatic. He's never used a straight razor before but has always wanted to so he's been watching videos about the proper way to do it-there's obviously a learning curve if you're used to using BIC razors which are designed for a quick and easy shave. The book the razor came with gives you the best starter knowledge though-how to sharpen properly, how to use each sundry that the blade came with...It was great. My boyfriend loved it all. Ditched me on his birthday to play with his blade and run around holding it like a kid with a lollipop to show people...demonstrating by shaving hair off people's arms and boyfriend just turned 28...he's not 16, but every time I order him a crate from this website he acts like it :P
Long Live Rock N’ Roll  –  Modern music is being replaced by digital electro-techno robot sounds. We’re not trying to be stuffy, grandpa-types about it, we just love not being enslaved by robot overlords. The Personalized Guitar is our laser-etched call to arms. Join the Resistance!
Kat   –  SUPER-AWESOME WORK I would like this in a double-cut-out design, with awesome colors! A triple-pickup lead guitar! Make CUSTOM COLOR AND CUT!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP the SUPER-AWESOME WORK, AND HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!
Freeze-Dried Meat...Kind Of  –  Alaska is twice the size of Texas, essentially a forever-wintery wonderland of untapped meat potential. The Alaskan Jerkygram features the tasty tundra fauna of caribou, reindeer, and salmon, as well as a traditional Inuit knife, the perfect Alaskan meat slice device.
Julie   –  The Knife Was A Hit We got this for a friend as a thank you for some work he had done for us. He lets us know that he really liked it. He said that when he opened the box, he smelled MEAT. He added that his wife had her eye on the salmon jerky. Since they had recently traveled to Alaska, the knife was a hit. They'd been debating whether to buy one when they were there and hadn't, so now they have one.
Go Dutch for Dinner  –  A longtime favorite of Boy Scouts and train-riding hobos, the cast-iron Dutch oven has brought gourmet meals to those willing to perfect the craft. With the Dutch Oven project kit, you can dump a bunch of stuff in a pot and make it varying degrees of hot, and somehow it will turn out amazing!
Gunther   –  Truly You Will Love It My folks bought me this crate for xmas has everything you need for basics truly you will love it.
Welcome to Capsaicin Nation  –  Call his fire-breathing bluff by tastefully inviting him to put his mouth where his mouth is. The Hot and Spicy Crate has full-flavor firepower and tastes great when doused all over a slice of humble pie.
Lily   –  My Dad Loved It He was thrilled about the crate and crowbar and was enjoying the spiciness when I called him.
The Greatest of Alco-lades  –  Receiving the Personalized Barware Crate is more flattering and dignifying than having a national library dedicated in your name, because when's the last time you've stepped foot in a library?
Judi   –  There aren't enough stars! This crate idea is so good I wish I had thought of it. I ordered the Personalized Barware for my boyfriend for the one year anniversary of our first date and had it delivered to his office. He was the envy of all the other men who kept coming over to see what he had received. They just kept saying how he had just gotten the perfect gift. It must have been pretty darn special because about 10 days later, my boyfriend proposed to me and we are now engaged to be married!! Thank you Man Crates!!!!
Only You Controller Your Destiny  –  Thumb blisters are no laughing matter. They're the battlescars of a relentless video game warrior. The Retro Gamer Crate is a supply drop for those about to do battle within the 8-bit universe.
Christy   –  GREAT BUY!! I bought this for my boyfriend. It shipped quickly and came within a week. It was just like the picture. He loves it. The system works great. It even works with our original controllers. I will probably buy this again as a present for our friends.
Preparedness Is Next to Aliveness  –  Preparation is the difference between fending off a sleuth of black bears and getting carted out mummied in bandages. Whether its food preparation or self preservation, the Outdoor Survival Crate has got your back in the backcountry.
J. P.   –  Perfect for backback camping! I got this crate for my husband for our 5 year anniversary. It was hilarious to watch him pry and pry away to get his crate open! I giggled...he cursed, but he absolutely loved what was inside! Thank you, Man Crates, for the ultimate Man gift!
The Real Canned Meat  –  If canned tuna is your only connotation for the phrase "meat in a can," then you're doing life all wrong. The Premium Jerky Ammo Can packs a flavor fiesta of jerky and snacks into an awesome, indestructible ammo can.
Nia   –  Happy Dad - Man Crates For Father's Day I stumbled upon Man Crates while searching for the perfect gift for my step dad for Father's Day. I am in marketing myself and so when I saw not only a clean website but the product I was very impressed. There was no hesitation when deciding to buy this gift for my step dad and he was floored when he got it. Great product. Great service. Great timing. Very impressed and WILL be shopping here again.
Power and Poise  –  Whether you're playing cards with friends or brokering a Trans-Pacific peace treaty, it pays to be steeled. The High Roller Crate eliminates the word "flinch" from your body language.
Kathie   –  High Roller Wow! I got this gift for our yearly "White Elephant/Thief" gift exchange...HUGE hit! The roar in the house was thunderous when everyone realized how the gift had to be opened. My nephew went insane and couldn't believe all the goodies packed inside! It was more than a gift, it was an experience everyone will remember for a very long time! Thank you ManCrates!
Common Side Effects:  –  WARNING: the Personalized Whiskey Crate may cause trendier, better fitting clothes, funnier personal anecdotes, and occasional outbursts of intrigue and great hair.
Steven S.   –  He Loved It! Got this as a going away present for my boss. He was so surprised and loved the gift, especially the customized whiskey glasses. I would definitely suggest this for any guy that's remotely interested in drinking whiskey. We also had a great time watching him pry the crate open :) Very thoughtful & unique gift.
New Cloud Technology  –  If you thought grilling couldn't get any better, let the Hickory Grilling Crate introduce you to the Future of Grilling: the Cloud. Infuse your meat with the overwhelming flavor of a hickory smoke trap.
Amanda   –  Bad Ass Bday Gift! I sent this to my Dad for his birthday; I wish I was there to watch his reaction opening it! He said the spices smelled amazing and couldn't wait to use the hickory chips. I opted for the duct tape wrapping, and my Dad was SO amused! Using the mini crowbar to pry open the crate was "a fecking blast!" according to him. I'll be ordering from Man Crates again for sure! Well done.
Playing With Fire  –  There's no quicker way to separate the men from the boys than to toss a T-Bone on the grill and see how he handles the heat. The Grill Master Crate is for the man who feels the flames licking, and bites back.
Andrea   –  Hilarious! My step dad absolutely loved his man crate! He sent me a hundred pictures and had a blast opening it. I worried that the stuff in it seemed cheaply made but it was actually good quality and size. He loved the brass knuckles meat tenderizer and it was big and sturdy. Definitely ordering more man crates, I got the best Father's Day gift and remain the favorite child for the next 365.
No Need to Outrun the Walkers...  –  You just need to be a tougher target than the next guy. When you're in a survival situation, it's every man for himself. The Zombie Survival Crate makes the difference between being that guy and being the next guy.
Anne   –  Father's Day Present I got this for my husband knowing my teen boys would enjoy it, too. Hubby had fun opening it at the party, but the look on my son's face was priceless. He inched his way over to the crate, snagged the machete, and held on to it the rest of the afternoon. Now, we're all ready to binge watch the Walking Dead! LOL!
Shepherd the Weak through the Valley of Darkness  –  There's more to life than survival. The Zombie Suppression Crate packs enough tools to ensure you and your kin can make it through the zombie apocalypse.
Lori   –  The "Grinning Man" Never have I seen a 43 yr. old man smile more or act like a school boy than when he opened this crate! He still comments on it days later! P.S. He loves Spam!
Great Vengeance and Furious Anger  –  It's time to take the fight to them. Arm yourself to the teeth and go on the offensive against the evil undead with the liberally equipped Zombie Annihilation Crate.
Martha   –  Awesome father's day I got this for my boyfriend. He loved it. He is not a zombie fanatic, but he is a man and men love knives. he was excited to see what was inside the box since the moment he saw it. we had a great time cheering him on while he struggled to open it! ps. i got it duck taped ! lol
Brush Up On Style  –  Despite the explicit name, the Clean Shave Crate is extremely versatile in grooming capabilities, perfect for advanced undertakings like friendly muttonchops, the Tom Selleck, or the legendary Fu Manchu.
Maureen   –  Big hit! Bought the clean shave kit for my hubby. He loved the creative packaging and was impressed with the "beefy crowbar". Great quality with all items in the crate. Nicely done, man crates, nicely done!
The Sweet Side of Beef  –  Cows are a lot of things: docile, dim-witted, and maybe even mischevous, but certainly not sweet. Creating the Teriyaki Jerkygram was an upstream swim against nature. We soaked strips of beef into a secret concoction of savory sauces until each piece literally sweat sweetness.
Chuck   –  Great stuff... I purchased for a family member in another state. He said it was great, he loved the gift. I love this site, awesome gifts for men! I will be back!!!
Spontaneous Cowbustion  –  We racked our brains for ways to inject some extra heat into the Spicy Jerkygram. We fed the cows a steady diet of jalapenos and habaneros, bathed them in salsa, and instituted mandatory Anger Unmanagement classes. The result? A diabolic concoction of heat and meat.
Ashley   –  Spicy Jerkygram! My dad is hardcore spicy fan. He loves anything hot so I knew this would be perfect for him! He said that the taste is excellent and the spice was just right for him! I now know where I can get excellent jerky taste and spice perfect for my dad!
Fun Is A Spectrum  –  For some, the mere thought of climbing K2, running with the bulls, or salsa-dancing the night away is enought to pull a muscle. For these men, there's the Old School Crate: packed with the tools and fuel for pure, unadulterated, "no need to leave the house" fun!
Jami   –  Old School Crate My 43 year old Marine boyfriend loooooved this crate. Took him about ten minutes to open it and was laughing and loving every second of it. He's so excited about the candy and toys and about the box, he's gonna add hinges and turn it into a storage box in his house. I was super happy to find a gift he loved and made him laugh.
Snack Hard  –  It takes more than hunger to become a master of snacks, it takes practice. Lots of taste-satiating practice. The Slaughterhouse Crate is like cross-training for your chompers, tossing all kinds of flavors, textures, and tongue scorchers at your face until you're ready for anything.
Kelley M.   –  Husband was over the moon for this gift! I stumbled on your website and immediately saw that the Man Crate was going to go over well with my husband. He has a tough exterior but a softy at heart. When he saw the box alone he was like a kid at Christmas and loved the challenge of having to open the box. Once he opened it and saw his favorite snacks inside he immediately wanted to know where I found this awesome and creative gift! We are already going to buy one for his brother. He was smiling from ear to ear that I bought him this gift for our 1 month wedding anniversary. I like that he wants to keep the box and reuse for storing his "stuff". The package arrived on time and was all that I expected once we opened it and saw the variety of products. Great gift for men who want gifts with no fuss!
Operation Diaper Dump  –  Your mission: Expose. Depose. Dispose. And then be on your way with your mini-me before any civilians catches even a whiff of the diaper crisis you just averted. With the New Dad Tactical Bag, taking care of baby business is business as usual.
Suzanne   –  Ah-mazing! I ordered two of the New Dad bags as gifts for Fathers-to-be, and they were incredible! Splurge for the diabolical duct tape wrapping - I did and the responses to the packaging alone were well worth the additional cost. It's now my go-to gift for new dads!
Morning Reinforcements  –  This isn't slow-sip, book club coffee or gather round and gab coffee. The Coffee Ammo Can has one singular objective: infiltrate swiftly and annihilate grogginess.
Courtney   –  Great Gift I sent this to my dad for his birthday. I got it duct taped as well. It was a huge hit. My dad loved the gift and the packaging. My mom said that watching him unwrap it was the best part. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fun gift for any coffee lover.
Shankers Gonna Shank  –  The Golfer's Crate has the gear, grub, and guidance to get you out on the green. The only catch, some of the balls we ship have a propensity to land in water hazards, sand traps, or the deep, deep rough. So those errant shots aren't your fault, just a bizarre engineering flaw.
Carole   –  The Golfer's Crate I was so pleased with the contents of this man crate I couldn't wait until he received it. He loved it and "gopher guy" has been a steady companion as seen on his facebook page. I've mentioned your company to several people regarding all the different "Man Crates" you can provide. Thanks again for great gift ideas.
Six Degrees of Bacon  –  The most important meal of the day is breakfast, not for any nutritional reason, but because that's the meal most likely to include bacon. The Bacon Crate ensures that bacon touches literally every aspect of your day, and your being.
J.C.   –  So cool... Daughter and husband chose this for me and they knocked it out of the park! Love every bit of the stuff inside the Crate.
Awaken to Bacon  –  Waking to the enchanting aroma of bacon once meant risking housefire with some homemade, griddle-timer jank-parade. With the Bacon Jerkygram, you can always have mouth-ready bacon within arm's reach: under your bed, in your pillowcase, even taped to your body. Especially taped to your body.
Jennifer   –  EXCELLENT I sent out 3 of these at the start of the year, I am still hearing rave reviews about the products! You can't go wrong with bacon!
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy  –  "A stein a day keeps the doctor away," isn't just a fun rhyming phrase, it's Germany's actual national healthcare system. Stay healthy and happy with the Personalized Oktoberfest Stein Crate.
Samantha   –  Satisfied Pops I ordered this for my hard to shop for dad who lives thousands of miles away. He loved it! He said the stein was awesome, heavy duty and the crate was a "pain to open." But I could tell he loved it and that was part of the fun. :)
The Curves Whiskey Deserves  –  With the Glencairn glass, a simple wave of the hand can infuse your whiskey with bold, intense flavor. Basically what we're saying is, the Whiskey Connoisseur Crate is real life magic.
Michael G.   –  Outstanding The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate is outstanding. I purchased it as a birthday gift for my son who is a whiskey aficionado with a great sense of humor, albeit a bit warped. The duct tape wrapping and the pry bar appealed to his sense of humor and we enjoyed watching him struggling getting the package open. The quality of the items in the crate are excellent and the etching was perfect. To top all of that off - it arrived exactly when it was scheduled to arrive. Great job!
Take A Few For The Team  –  No man can properly lead his team as an armchair quarterback without fueling his hype with the lifeblood of a true fan: beer. The NFL Barware Crate is the #2 quickest and #1 safest way to transform your responsible self into a team scream machine.
Dave   –  Great Gift! My son just received his first Mancrate for Father's Day. Now he is a huge fan! He had to cheat a little to open the crate (grabbed a hammer). And he loved the content. Nice, heavy bar glasses, coasters with the numbers of Hall-of-Famers, and excellent snacks. We'll be sending Mancrates again!
The Ace In The Hole  –  The Ammo Can Poker Set is the product of a steamy encounter between portability and durability, tough enough to protect your gambling gear from the perils of nature, sword attacks, and the harshest of words...because some people are just sore losers.
Anonymous   –  Above and beyond the call of duty While sending this to my ex-boss, retired army, the package got lost somewhere in the hospital and never reached him. Man Crate redelivered the product to his home at no extra charge! He was quite pleased!
Out of the Can, Into the Wild  –  The wilderness has remained wild for a reason. It's exotic, serene, and infested with things that want to eat you alive (sometimes from the inside out). The Outdoor Survival Ammo Can is your ticket to adventure, and this ticket is round trip.
Ashley   –  Anniversary I got this for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift and he absolutely loved it! He's big on survival stuff and he had never heard of ManCrates so he was genuinely surprised. This idea has made it so much easier on me when shopping for gifts!
Lend Your Tastebuds to Science  –  What good is tossing Hail Mary satellites into the infinite corners of space when we've yet to fully examine all the flavors on our home planet? The Exotic Meats Jerkygram is the exploratory appetizer for tasting the strangest of critters...for science, of course.
Susan G.   –  Great gift for the guy with an adventurous appetite Very creative, interesting gift. Love the selection at Mancates. Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. The duct tape wrap is hilarious. Will definitely be a regular customer.
Raise A Glass to the Past  –  With the Legends of Baseball Crate, having a beer with your old man is a rite of passage, like learning to play catch in the backyard when you were a kid. Except it's harder to disappoint him by just drinking beer.
Jimmy D.   –  An Awesome Gift My son bought this for my Father's Day gift. I have given other Man Crates as gifts for other family members but I have never received one myself, until now. Absolutely loved it. I had a time prying the lid off, but that was most of the fun. I am a very happy Cardinals Fan!!!
Support Higher Education  –  We're not saying your team got bounced from the first round of March Madness because you were drinking out of a generic glass, but we're not not saying that either. The College Barware Crate is your most valuable alumni contribution to date.
Anonymous   –  This won me Favorite child award!! My dad who is a University of Georgia alumni loved this crate and I can't wait to order another!!!
Be The 26th Man  –  Most baseball wins and losses aren't decided by the fan cheering at home...all the more reason to be prepared for the one that is! Earn your team the W with the MLB Barware Crate.
Kimberly   –  AMAZING The crate came in faster than expected and my boyfriend was super happy and excited. The quality of the product inside was high quality and everything was perfect. The crate is also reusable so needless to say, great purchase and great gift.
Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body...  –, if you find him curled up on the floor in the fetal position after tasting the Premium Hot & Spicy Crate, that stuff he's soaked in, that's his own weakness.
Anonymous   –  Get well gift! I had my knee replaced and I received the PREMIUM HOT & SPICY CRATE as a get well gift. With gifts like this what else can I get replaced.
Lean, Mean, Global Cuisine  –  The Exotic Meats Crate: all the excitement of embarking on an African safari without the awkwardness of asking if they'll be handing out free samples.
Denise   –  LOVE IT! I purchased this for my dad for father's day; I also had it wrapped in duct tape. I have never seen such a big smile on my dad's face. The fact that he had to use his pocket knife to open the duck tape was perfect. It took him a while to pry the crate open; he and his friend (who was visiting when it arrived- making it even more perfect) were wondering the whole time what could possibly be inside. After he opened it, my dad sampled the jerky and loved it so much he hid it so no one else would eat it! haha! I will DEFINITELY be purchasing other gifts for him from man!
All the Meat, All the Time  –  It's impossible to properly value a man's love for jerky, but pure poundage may be the best start. Express yourself and share your deep, undying love of cured beef with the Cowpocalypse Crate.
Shalin G.   –  The good kind of Jerk... Beefy goodness in abundance! The fun is in watching the opening of the crate. The delicious bounty is awesome - we loved the variety. My 10 year old son has requested one for his birthday in advance.
Taste the Red  –  Maybe you still refuse to eat your greens, or maybe everything you cooks comes out a bit too black. The Sriracha Crate can rescue any plate with a deluge of red zestiness.
Sara   –  FATHER'S DAY I didn't know what to get my step father for a Father's Day gift as they live roughly 8 hours away. I obviously asked my mother if he even like Sriracha and she said yes!! He was so stoked to get it the very next evening! Thank you
The Dream of the 90's  –  The Super Retro Gamer Crate features the greatest throwback sweets and Super NES games of the 90's, or as Portland calls it: the Forever's.
Anonymous   –  The Super Retro Crate was a blast from the past! Great candy choices from the past and the games were awesome fun!!
Shelter Your Smoke Sticks  –  You may be fine roughing it in the woods, but your cigars have a higher standard. The Premium Cigar Humidor is a luxury suite of perfectly, humidified American cedar.
Josh S.   –  EPIC!! I bought this as a Father's Day gift for my dad, and he absolutely loves it! He has always wanted a smaller humidor, and has never had a cutting tool like the one in this package. I have purchased 3 other Mancrates in the past 8 months since I discovered this site. I cannot be more pleased with quality of the products, the level of customer service if I have any questions or issues with an order. This is all around 110% the best idea for any gifts! I refer ALL of my friends, family, and acquaintances!!
Climb Every Mountain, Grill Every Meat  –  Himalayan Salt has many names: the Block Boss, the Flavor Glazer, or the Punjabi Pristine, but after trying the Everest Grill Crate, he'll just call it Delicious.
Sarah   –  Awesome Man Crate My husband loves to grill, and therefore didn't necessarily need the typical grilling items. I LOVE that this crate allowed him to do some experimenting with a completely different cooking style (and he does too). The recipe books, circle kabobs, high quality folding spatula, and grill glove (can you handle a salt rock with it??) were all great additions to his grilling tools. The duct tape upgrade was worth the look on his face, too!!!
Reach Your Pipe-tential  –  Behind every great man is a distinguished trail of pipe smoke, and behind every great pipe is the blood, sweat, and more blood spilled liberating it from its briarwood block bindings. Shape, sand, and stain the newest member of your front porch posse with the Pipe Carving Kit.
Allison   –  A New Hobby Is Born I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He had been talking about wanting to get a pipe for about a year. This kit was the PERFECT!! He was so excited to get started, he finished the pipe in 2 days! I already had to buy him a new briar wood pipe block yesterday. He already has plans on new pipe creations and others wanting in on the action! This is the BEST site to find a gift for any MAN! I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Thank You, Man Crates!
We’ve Got the Cure  –  He already eats bacon, dreams of bacon, and takes scheduled work breaks to stare at pictures of bacon, why not learn to make bacon? The Baconology Kit puts the “kit” back in “kitchen” and the bacon in his hands.
Alan   –  Manly Arts Manly arts such as flying jets, riding cross country on a motorcycle, designing and building my own homes. Learning to paint with oils, running a small business, baking my own breads. Brewing beer, distilling and aging whisky. But I never bought a 5 pound pork belly until a week ago. Local butcher, apply the rub from Mancrates, bag and wait....but... I have never built my own cold smoker either. I had a week to complete that project. A little design and engineering from youtube and the web helped. Combination apple wood and hickory!! Stunning results. Notes: too salty and a little over smoked. Easy fix after slicing the belly into 1 pound slabs. Just soak in water to reduce the salt and smoke. Perfection. Bacon with eggs, bacon with roasted brussel sprouts, bacon bits with tofu and vegetables and bacon with bacon.
If The Beer's A-Bubblin'...  –  ...the crowds will be doublin'? ...then life can't be troublin'? ...prepare for the guzzlin'? Brew 5 gallons of your own high-quality IPA in your kitchen with the Home Brewed Kit (5 gal), and while you do, we'll come up with a new brewing phrase that will rhyme with a little less strugglin'...
Crista   –  Best Father's Day gift ever! My fiancee received this as a gift from his two kids and me on Father's Day! He was so excited. He'd been wanting to do home brew for a while but we never too the time to get all set up. Man Crates made it easy with one stop shopping for the whole kit and fast delivery! I'll definitely be using their services again for Bdays and xmas from my dad, brothers, step-son, and nephews!
Test Your Hop-potheses  –  Maybe you've got a sensitive palate and knack for improving flavors, or maybe you just hate following directions. The Micro Brewed Kit (1 gal) gives you a freedom to take creative licenses with your brewing recipes in smaller batches.
Deborah   –  Micro Brewed Kit I bought this product for my oldest son (a chemical engineer) for his birthday. He was very impressed with the quality of materials and how complete the set was. I had found other brew kits online, but they were made of plastic and other inferior materials that taint the flavor of the "brew" so this was a great find for a great price. Overall, I am completely satisfied with the product and the company. It was delivered the next day! I will absolutely be purchasing other items from Man Crates in the future!
Rise and Dine!  –  You only get one breakfast a day, why waste it on fruit? The Morning Glory Crate triumphantly reacquaints America with the lost art of hearty, hefty breakfast.
Leslie   –  Morning Glory is Glorious! My brother is officiating at my wedding tomorrow and does not need anything, so this was the perfect gift for the man who loves to make breakfast for his children and anyone else in attendance. He thought opening it was a hoot, and loved the products inside! Couldn't be happier about the outcome and would absolutely order another gift down the road. A million thanks!
Joe Wherever You Go  –  Sure, Starbucks has spread to every corner of the world like some virile, Italian-speaking virus, but what about the areas outside and inbetween? The Caffeine Fiend lets you grind and brew coffee literally anywhere you go, even inside a Starbucks inside another Starbucks.
Ryan   –  Awesome Coffee Gift I received this as birthday gift. It was an awesome experience opening up. A crowd gathered as everyone wanted to know what was in the Man Crate!! I love my coffee in the morning and this was an awesome gift. Comes with everything you need and the coffee is great (came with a medium roast). I plan on taking it with me on my trips so I can always have GREAT coffee!! Thanks Man Crates!!
The New Power Couple  –  Beef jerky and alcohol, both universally celebrated in their own right, have come together in an act of holy meatrimony to create the tender, tipsy, tantalizing Booze-Infused Jerkygram.
Christine   –  Great Gift Idea My nephew was overjoyed to see a gift that combined two of his favorite things - booze and jerky! He really got a kick out of this gift, and it was nice to send something that wasn't the same boring old standard gift for guys; i.e. shirts, etc.
Thank You For Smoking  –  Contrary to popular belief, you can't just spray tan a chunk of meat with sauce and call it barbecue. The Pit Master Crate is the master class in pro-style, smoke-out barbecue.
Jennifer   –  Pleased a Professional I ordered this for my son's birthday, and I thought I was being totally redundant because part of what he does FOR A LIVING, is to make and sell BBQ. As a matter of fact, he has won many local awards for his BBQ. When he opened his crate, he was delighted with the contents, and I guarantee everything will be promptly used. Thanks so much for this great (and painless gift). The next crate I order will be for my son-in-law's birthday. I wish you had a DIY crate - that would be the one for him, but I suppose I'll have to wait on that!
All About That Bass  –  If he hunts bass with the reckless, self-destructive obsession of a speedboat-owning Captain Ahab, the Bass Whisperer Crate just might be his white whale.
Jen G.   –  Great for Father's Day! I sent this to my dad for Father's Day. He loved it and can't stop raving about it. He especially loved the 6-pack neoprene insulated cooler! This is such a unique gift. I am so happy I got it.
The American Dreamburger  –  The American Dream declares "life should be better and richer and fuller for all." Ergo, burgers should be better, richer, and fuller for all, because burgers are life. Realize your dream with the Grilled & Stuffed Crate.
Aly   –  Just Because... My boyfriend had a rough week at work, so I decided to Google "man gift baskets" and came across your site. I ordered this crate and did next day shipping to have it delivered to his work. I just got a text message about how awesome the gift was and how much he loved it. Your site is easy to use, I love the idea of the reminders, and cannot wait to shop with you guys again!
Jumpstart Adventure  –  Once you drive from the concrete jungle into the real jungle, that platinum auto insurance account is about as useful as a college degree in the NBA. Fear not, the Road Warrior Crate has got your covered wherever you go!
Anonymous   –  It was okay It was cool, but not really what I expected. Great pictures, cheap product. And, the price is through the roof!
Don't Tread On Meat  –  Freedom tastes amazing, go ahead, rub it in. Mount Rubsmore is the All-American collection of rubs, fine-tuned by our country's most esteemed leaders. These spices are a history lesson in full flavor and freedom.
Michele   –  Good gift for Grillers I sent this to a friend, as a thank you gift. He loves to grill and couldn't wait to try the rubs out on the 4th of July. He thought it was a cool gift. His favorite was the Thomas Jeffersalmon.
Don't Let It Happen To Your Dog!  –  There's an alarming trend sweeping the pet nation known as "dog-pampering." Countless canines being stripped of their doghood and shoved into purses as fashion accessories. The Junkyard Dog Crate gives your dog its legs and teeth back.
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The True Snack Sensei  –  A snack sensei becomes one with his snacks spiritually, emotionally, and eating them. He consumes purely for pleasure, never for pride. The Mysteries of the East is the training sequence for true snack mastery.
Lena L.   –  Snacking Nirvana! I received this crate as a surprise gift today (complete with duct tape wrapping) and I love it! The crate was overflowing with colorfully packaged treats that were seriously delicious. I really liked the seaweed crisps and the matcha covered soybeans! My co-workers are jealous, and I'm snacking like royalty. Thanks, Man Crates!
Veins Cold As Ice  –  We're not sure how Canada, the Ned Flanders of countries, excels at the brash, barbaric sport of hockey, but somehow they do. Our NHL Barware Cate is a hip check of excitement for every true hockey fan.
Melissa   –  He loved it! Man Crates is one of the coolest websites I found for manly gifts. Not only does the gift come in a wooden crate with its own crowbar but it comes with super cool items inside. He got 4 NHL glasses, hockey puck coasters, a bottle opener made from a used hockey stick, and a few top rated snacks! They have tons of different choices for the gifts in the crate but my husband Brendan loves his Flyers! Thank you so much for making my first anniversary gift to my husband so easy! He loves it!!
Live the High Life  –  Being high-strung in the backcountry isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re talking appropriate hammock positioning. In the wilderness, authority goes to he who establishes higher ground.
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More Booze! More Beef!  –  The Booze-Infused Jerky Crate is more wild, raucous booze-fueled fun than a cow in a liquor store. Satiate two cravings with one crate by sending packs upon packs of inebriated beef snacks.
TAE   –  FRIEND OF THE YEAR Recently moved to a small town, good friend of mine was having Birthday. My son previously had received a ManCrate and loved it so thought it would be perfect. YEP!!! Best gift at the party!!! I won Friend of the Year :0)
Instant Awesome: Just Add Water  –  Become an authentic Japanese soup chef master in as long as it takes to boil a pot of water. The Ramen Connoisseur Crate is an adventurous glimpse into the illustrious and elusive underground world of gourmet ramen.
Jenna   –  One More Happy Man I sent this crate to a long-term contractor of mine who deserved a cool and unique show of appreciation. He absolutely loved the gift (and probably the crate and duct tape wrapping even more!)--he said it totally made his day (and week!). I had the gift delivered to his office and he said all of his colleagues were standing around watching when it was delivered, wondering what it was and how in the heck he was going to open it. I wish I could have been there to see it! Thank, Man Crates! :D
Mule-Mania!  –  For decades, the Moscow Mule crate pulled the cash cart for ginger beer and vodka. Today, the Moscow Mule Crate can pull your tastebuds to a spicy, mixed-drink dreamland of flavor and good vibes.
Cassie   –  He Loves It! I got this as a birthday present for my boyfriend and he loves it! He even sent a picture to his buddies at work and they're jealous of it! One guy even forwarded the website to his wife! I will definitely be a returning customer - especially around Christmas for the guys in my family!
Get Smashed.  –  Envelopes are for bills and jury summons, not gift cards. If you're giving him that sweet, plastic gold, deliver it anchored within two layers of solid concrete. Smash & Grab comes with spring-hinged safety goggles and the illustrious MC Hammer for maximal brick obliteration.
Heather   –  Great! I didn't get to actually see the smash block, but my dad was pretty excited! His post on Facebook read "Finally a gift I know how to open!" Such a great idea (I suggest adding more gift card options, stores, dollar amounts, etc.)
Get Smashed.  –  Envelopes are for bills and jury summons, not gift cards. If you're giving him that sweet, plastic gold, deliver it anchored within two layers of solid concrete. Smash & Grab comes with spring-hinged safety goggles and the illustrious MC Hammer for maximal brick obliteration.
Heather   –  Great! I didn't get to actually see the smash block, but my dad was pretty excited! His post on Facebook read "Finally a gift I know how to open!" Such a great idea (I suggest adding more gift card options, stores, dollar amounts, etc.)
Outdoor Ammo Canteen  –  Bring the Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can wherever life takes you. Perfect for beach trips, yacht parties, little league games, big league games, monster truck rallies, star-gazing, parent-teacher conferences, etc...
Tamara   –  Husband Loved It My husband is a career military member and a fan of all things military. I took a chance and bought this set. I'm so glad I did. He LOVED it. In fact, that day, he used the Ammo can to take in his lunch to work- where he works with a bunch of other career military people. The etching on the glass looks good, the glasses are good quality and the set looks pretty true to the picture. He really liked the .50 bottle opener. For some reason, I wasn't really paying attention to that in the picture, but they engraved it too! Very happy with this purchase and I will definitely buy from you again!
The Ultimate Drink DJ  –  The Stir Mix-A-Lot Crate helps you mix and master over 300 cocktail recipes with the click of a simple button. It's so easy, a toddler could (but definitely should not) do it. Again, please do not let your toddler mix deliciously easy cocktails for guests.
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Achieve Your Pipe Dreams  –  Smoking a pipe is a gateway activity into other awesome, distinguished activities like earning your pilot’s license, solving mysteries, and brokering international peace treaties. But all the greats had to start somewhere, more specifically, with the Pipe Smoker Cigar Box.
Robbie   –  Hemingway Worthy Got this and went to buy tobacco right away. haven't penned a Hemingway worthy masterpiece yet, but that's not the pipes fault. I blame modern conveniences. Get the pipe, even if you don't smoke with it, you can use it to stress a point to the whipper-snappers that keep knocking over your yard gnomes.
Pocket Full Of Dreams  –  You can learn a lot about a man by rummaging through his pockets, especially how he expresses frustration when his personal space is violated. The City Everyday Carry is everything you need to know about the man you’d like to know.
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The Spice is Right!  –  The Bloody Mary Crate is more than just a hodge-podge hangover cure, in-flight pacifier for grown-ups, or socially-acceptable way to get buzzed while brunching with the in-laws, it's the necessary ingredient to your balanced brunch.
Dillon   –  BEST MARY EVER!! Most award winning Bloody Mary on the Planet...FOR A REASON! A Bloody Mary Crate on Christmas morning?!? I'll skip the stocking this year...thanks
The Mythical Fountain of Booze  –  The legend proclaims "a magnificent pool overfloweth with brew, where flavors turneth over with every ripple. Whoever fills his Personalized Growler will revel in eternal refreshment, and also, all his friends will be super jelly."
Tricia   –  Amazing! Husband loved it for 11th Anniversary gift! The growler looks little, but as someone who works in a brewery, it IS 64oz. Its his favorite new growler! Watching him pry open the box was AWESOME! Cant wait to send some out as gifts for others!!! Another stellar crate!
There Will Be Blood  –  The government may not let us ship compound bows or rifles anymore, not after the infamous UPS/FedEx/USPS Tri-Postal Blood Feud of 2012, but we can still deliver a top-notch all-purpose hunting supply drop.
Lani   –  Pure Enjoyment I purchased this crate for our boss from the crew. We paid extra to ensure it came bound in duck tape. The look on his face was priceless. After tearing through that and once got to the crate it was comical. I don't know who enjoyed the gift more!?!?! Us for the pure enjoyment of watching him break a sweat busting into the crate and finally taking a hammer to it, or him for the goodies packaged inside. It was a great gift, which he really seemed to appreciated. I think he may get another crate next year!
It's What's On The Inside That Counts...  –  As kids, we believed this. But after lining our nightstands with Most Improved trophies and participation awards, we realized a great personality will only get you so far. The Muscle Hustle Crate goes the distance for ultimate core fitness.
Sandy   –  Present For My Husband This was a present for my husband who is toning & rebuilding his body again at 69 years old. Everything in the box was appropriate to his efforts. The only problem was opening the wooden box.
Hook 'Em and Cook 'Em  –  Trout aren't just our primary source of tasty river meat, they are our friends...our most delicious friends. The Troutdoorsman Crate has the recipes, seasoning, and gear to best respect the catch from hook to platter.
Angel   –  Items Are Great! Our fisherman loved his gift, especially the knife! The bag that came with this crate is a bit small, but all other items are great! He loved the crate, which is a great touch to the overall gift!
Know Thy Whiskey  –  For the men who love whiskey as much as they love having strong opinions: take a breather from sports and politics and scrutinize the wide world of whiskey with the Whiskey Appreciation Crate.
Luke   –  As Good as Advertised Sent this number to my dad back home and it was big hit. You guys run a cool company, glad I found out about it! I'll be checking in from time to time to see if another crate might work for another of my family/friends! Great work! Hope to do business with you again, I'll be recommending you to anyone looking for a gift that's not run-of-the-mill.
History of IPA 101  –  The IPA Solo Explorer Crate is a world-class flavor tour of brilliantly brewed American IPAs. All the knowledge and fun of a museum exhibit, except without all the boring stuff. And you can touch whatever you want!
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History of IPA 101 for two!  –  Lewis had Clark, Ben had Jerry, and Neil Armstrong had Buzz (and that other guy). Sometimes exploration is best with a partner to share the highs and wallow in the lows together. Spoiler Alert: the IPA Explorers Crate only has the highs.
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Spitting Fire  –  If it’s strong enough for 19th century sailors who spent decades on the high seas battling pirates, sea monsters, and pre-Internet boredom, we’re pretty sure it’ll be good enough for the coddled, modern man. The Navy Strength Gin Crate is the perfect balance of strong and very strong.
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Haunted Whisky  –  Our friends at The Lost Distillery Company are giving long, lost Scottish whisky distilleries the Jurassic Park treatment. Enjoy a bottle of reimagined whisky from famous defunct distilleries, and pray you won’t be haunted by the spookily-accented Scottish ghosts of past distillers.
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The Spirit of Mexico  –  Most tequila sippers don’t realize they’ve just been skimming the surface of a wider, richer world of artisanal mezcals. When they’re ready to move past the gateway agave and see how deep the world of craft-distilled spirits go, the Mezcal Crate will be waiting.
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Live on the Edge  –  Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and something sharp and pointy closest just in case your enemies get wise to why you’re always standing so suspiciously close to them. Craft the perfect fixed-blade tool with the Knife-Making Kit.
Erin   –  Perfect Kit To Get Him Started My husband has always wanted to make his own knife, this was the perfect kit to get him started, he did an amazing job on it and even branded our last name into the handle, it's a knife that I feel will become a family keepsake, pass it down to our son and so on. All our kids watched the process and thought it was so cool to see dad make this from scratch. My husband is usually quite hard to shop for, but every Christmas and every birthday I get him a man crate, we are Canadian and even with the exchange and shipping it's worth it to give him a unique gift that he really enjoys!!!
Neanderthal Nutrition  –  The Paleo Diet is all the rage these days. Why millions of Americans would want to look like bulky, unkempt cavemen is beyond us, but if that’s where the new standard of beauty is headed, we’re not complaining. The Caveman Crate is the ultimate treat for any man’s primal palate.
MaryEllen   –  You Get Your Money's Worth I bought this crate for my husband for his birthday. He loved it--the crate, the jerky, the nuts, the concept. All were top-quality products. You get your money's worth and a really unique gift with Man Crates. Excellent customer service, too.
The Pocket Party  –  You can learn a lot about a man by rummaging through his pockets, but you can learn just as much by asking him about himself. Don’t be weird, use your words. The Country Everyday Carry is fashionable function for the country man.
Anita   –  My Friend Was Wowed! I ordered this for a lifelong friend for his birthday. After being terrorized by Fedex who left it a doorway that no one ever uses, the package was found and my friend was wowed! I thought the Opinel knife was just pretty cool, but he told me he has wanted one for decades and just never got around to getting one. He was thrilled with the entire gift and said it made him very happy. And I am very, very happy with Man Crates customer service! Yous guys are second to none, the cream of the crop! Thank you, thank you!
Wild Wild Zest!  –  Wild West Saloon Nuts are coated with the sweetest and zestiest seasonings on either side of the Mississippi River. You can pluck our mustaches and make us dance the can-can if they ain’t the most doggone delicious nuggets of flavor ever tasted.
Christina   –  How Do We Get More?! Regardless of what anyone says this gift is outstanding! I ordered it last minute for a valentines day gift, and they were able to deliver it the next day (THANK YOU!). I was worried about the quality of the nuts, but the recipients ate them all in one day. How do we get more?! I will continue to spread the word about this awesome site, and will be ordering again soon! Thanks for this genius idea!
Bubble, Bubble, Tap Some Trouble  –  With the best beers on tap, the Personalized Mini Keg delivers the whole bar experience straight to the kitchen counter. Well, maybe not the whole bar experience...(does not include noisy crowds, sketchy drinkers, or a wise, friendly barkeep).
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The Ultimate Beefrodisiac  –  Love at first sight is irrational, but love at first bite is irresistible. Profess your love and unleash full-scale affection with the ultimate Valentine's Day surprise: a heart full of tender, tasty jerky seasoned in steamy, savory romance.
Anita   –  What's In The Box! I ordered this for the hubs for Valentine's Day. He happened to be home when it got delivered so he just kept asking "What's in the box!" hehe. So I gave it to him a week early. He absolutely loved it! Will order from you guys again! Thanks!
The Grape Rush  –  Long before hipsters began relocating to the Pacific Northwest in search of free-range dog parks, micro-micro-breweries, and the elusive two weeks of sunlight, their bearded, flannel-clad forefathers were hoofing it West in search of the West Coast Wine Jerkygram.
Jennifer   –  Flavors Are Great What a cool idea - infusing jerky with wine - so I just had to try it. All three flavors are great and the hot Cabernet has a nice balance of hot with a little sweet from the wine. I found the quality of the beef much better than any commercial jerky - very tender. Really cool how the different wines influence the flavor. I will definitely get this again! Love it!
Couchside Is The New Courtside  –  The Raptors have Drake, the Bulls have Obama, and the Lakers and Knicks have every other famous person imaginable. But celebrity aside, the true hometown superfan is he who wields the NBA Barware Crate.
Tony   –  Ice Them Down And Enjoy Given to me by my daughter for Father's Day. Has my favorite team, The Hornets glasses. Time to ice them down and enjoy. The snacks are quite tasty too.
Dance With The Devil  –  The Hot Sauce Making Projects Kit has all the ingredients and guidance to make blistering hot, painfully delicious hot sauce. All he'll need is the courage and foolishness.
C   –  So AWESOME For Him My boyfriend absolutely LOVED this kit! It was wonderful how excited he was. He is a lover of anything and everything spicy, so this was beyond perfect. So much fun and so AWESOME for him. He said this was by far the best gift he has ever gotten..Thank you Man Crates!
Best Kept Kempt  –  We weren’t sure about the beard craze at first, but after a few days, they’re starting to grow on us. And if you thought the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate was above that sort of joke, well you’re sorely mistaken.
Nannette   –  A Great Beard I bought his product for my son's 34th birthday. He has a great beard (like his father's). I have bought other products, but he likes this the best. Wish you have refills.
Chicken In A Can...But Reversed  –  The Beer Can Chicken Crate infuses any bird or basketball-sized rodent with craft beer flavor and crisp, crackly skin. We can't speak to the vermins living under the porch, but the chicken tastes delicious.
Cassandra   –  So Cool To Watch Him Open This! Got this for my husband's birthday and it was soon cool to watch him open this!!! He ABSOLUTELY LOVES THIS!!!!! I have recommended this site on Facebook!! Way to guys!!!!!!
Reinforcements Have Arrived  –  To the brave men and women sacrificing time with family, friends, and possibly piped plumbing in the name of freedom, we salute you. The Military Care Crate is stuffed with supplies, snacks, and love from back home for those stationed overseas.
Bert   –  Father's Day Best Fathers Day Gift Ever. Only thing that would have made it better is if there had been a .45 cal. 1911 in there.
Win The Water Cooler Open  –  With the Office Golf Crate, golf enthusiasts can fantasize they're playing the luxurious courses of Cyprus, New Zealand, and South Africa...while in the office making business calls to exotic places, like Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
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It's Not Delivery, It's Delicious  –  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, pizza dough has risen from the burnt remains of history's most disastrous fires. The Pizza Grilling Crate celebrates mankind's indomitable spirit of resilience.
Ami   –  Perfect Box For US I first got my husband a Man Crate last year for Father's Day. It went over so well, I decided to make it an annual thing. This year, I decided on the pizza grilling box and it was an awesome choice! It's not even a week after Father's Day and we've grilled pizza twice. My husband absolutely loves it and to him, it was the perfect box for US. This is something he can do for the two of us, and it's not just about him or to make him happy. That's one of his favorite things about this box. We haven't tried any of the recipes in the book yet, but they are certainly on our list! :)
The Power of Saucery  –  Barbecue sauce may seem an off-the-grill afterthought to some, like icing on a cake. But considering no sensible person would eat a cake without icing, we took curating our Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate pretty seriously.
Kammy   –  Definitely Worth It! I got this for my husband for our one year anniversary and he absolutely loved it! I added in the Mount Rubsmore gift set that had the 4 Presidential rubs and he loved all of it. It took him some time to open the crate but he said the sauces inside were definitely worth it! Favorite flavor was the Carolina Gold with the Chery Bomb at a close second! Thank you Man Crates!!
A Brisk Disc Whisk  –  For the guy who’s been begging for a reason to cut and stitch his golf khakis into cargo shorts, the Disc Golf Crate might just be the caddy-less catalyst he needs.
Kristie   –  The Best Crate For Him! My husband has been getting back into disc golf and this crate is perfect for him. He didn't own a bag to put his discs in and I knew he wouldn't buy one on his own. He loved the crate (didn't want to open it lol) This is the best crate for him! I know we will be ordering more.
It’s Time For the Percolator!  –  The old-school percolator is the only coffee-maker we know of that is both dishwasher and campfire safe. Get those bean grounds a-bubblin’ and perk up the mornin' with the Coffee Percolator Crate.
Age   –  He Absolutely Loved It I ordered this for my boyfriend, to be delivered on a certain date, as I would not be in town at that time and wanted him to be surprised. He absolutely loved it. He is a devoted coffee drinker and the ability to personalize the mugs to him was a huge plus factor. Thank you ManCrates for being so adaptive to my situation and ensuring he received the gift; with special instructions upon delivery. I have nothing but the highest praise for how the ordering, shipping, and delivery process occurred.
Fixin' for a Fixin'  –  A wise man once said, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” The Pro-Tools Crate addresses the latter half, and possibly the former if he can pull off the toolbelt look.
You Know   –  It Was A Hit My daughter and I got our guys one for Father's Day. It was a hit and so much fun watching them work to the point of frustration trying to get the crates open and the results of very nice goodies inside. Will definitely buy more.
The Mythical Meatador  –  The Jerky Piñata is not a formidable opponent. It will not charge, buck, or bother in any way. But its destruction and ensuing shower of jerky bites and meat sticks will be oh so satisfying!
Katy   –  Huge Hit I ordered this as a gift for my bro for Father's Day. It was delivered the Saturday before- just as planned. It was a huge hit with him and his kiddos! Such a great idea to add a little extra fun!
Two Tools Fit All  –  That price-gouging repairman from the yellow pages may call his 200-piece ratchet set “standard” industry tools, but we call it overcompensating. For the men that value function over fashion, the Ultimate Tool Kit is an all-in-one tool chest for maximum results.
Olen   –  Standard Equipment Standard equipment here in bush Alaska with the addition of a Swiss Army Knife.
Knives for the Handling  –  A man can only responsibly wield two knives at once, but he can make as many as he pleases with the Knife Making Refill Kit. Keep a backup blade in case one gets lost in the underbrush or underbelly of a rabid predator.
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Make Lotsa Pasta  –  Bucatini Alfredo and Parmigiano-Reggiano aren’t just macaroni and cheese for adults, they’re types of authentic Italian pastas that can be made at home completely from scratch with the Pasta Craft Crate.
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Keep On Carving  –  Sure, any guy can design and shape one personal, hand-carved pipe, but can any guy design and shape multiple hand-carved pipes? Well, technically yes with the Pipe Carving Refill Kit, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.
TJ   –  Keep The New Hobby Going I received the Pipe carving lit as an xmas gift. What a blast! I ordered two more refills to keep the new hobby going. I will say that the stem attached was of slightly lower quality that the one I received wit the original kit. Not really a problem, but a minor disappointment. I have nearly finished the 2nd and will begin on the 3rd soon. These will make great gifts for someone next Xmas
Morning Mugging  –  There’s no better way to start the day than with a good, strong mugging! NOTE: Man Crates does not condone armed or unarmed robbery. We were just trying to sell this awesome Personalized Mug Mini Crate, and our creative execution totally backfired.
Emma   –  REALLY WORTH BUYING! HE ADORED THIS GIFT <3, I'm very happy about the quality and I will most def buy hime more of these boxes in general from man crate. He opened it in 10 mins!!! (I was surprised i thought he will open it in like 2 minutes since he's a power lifter with all them weights n stuff) REALLY WORTH BUYING! <3 especially for a coffee lover at any hour of the day and to go.
The Fun in Dysfunctional  –  Dinner parties are all fun and games until one misjudged joke incites a full-scale dining room brawl. The Game Night Crate quickly defuses any escalating social tension by distracting everyone with the world’s grandest party games.
Rosa S.   –  Loaded With Fun And Food We got the Game Night Crate for our sons 17th bday. Loaded with fun and food. Best part for us was watching him open the crate hilarious once he got it opened he loved the games and snacks it was a gift that brought us and his friends together for some laughs. We posted video on fb and now all our friends & family want to know where we got it from. Thanks Man Crates, we will Definitely order from you again.