Wild Alaskan Jerkygram

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In The Box

Alaskan Cutter

  • Ulu Knife

Tastes of the Tundra

  • Reindeer Summer Sausage, 9 oz
  • Caribou Summer Sausage, 9 oz
  • Alaskan Salmon Jerky Original, 3 oz

How It Ships

It's your meat in an awesome cardboard box. Surprise, it's meat!

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Beasts of the Northern Wild

Some of the tastiest meats on the planet are stockpiled in Mother Nature's Freezer, the Alaskan wilderness. This magical meat land is teeming with herds of free-range, free-graze caribou and reindeer and schools of red salmon marinated and massaged in the rolling rapids of the Kenai River.

While these exotic tundra treats have remained relatively untasted due to Alaska's well known frostbite/bear attack/total isolation tourism nightmare, the Alaskan Jerkygram is bringing the Alaskan backcountry to the forefront.

Along with two summer sausages of quality caribou and reindeer and a pack of intentionally fishy salmon jerky, the Alaskan Jerkygram includes an Ulu, a classic Inuit knife. Traditionally this knife is handed down from generation to generation, so start brainstorming an elaborate backstory of Alaskan ancestry.

The Alaskan Jerkygram braves the elements and brings back the finest flavors of the Alaskan Wilderness.

Customer Reviews

    John in New Jersey
    Nov 17th 2017
    Part of a 30th Anniversary gift from my wife

    I knew my wife was buying me a gift from mancrates, after all, I suggested it. But, I didn't know what she'd pick. Came home to find two boxes from mancrates. Big smile! One was the Rasp Pi kit, since I'm a nerd, and the other was this box of jerky, sausage, and the knife. It's like icing on the cake! Love all of it. Knife is well made and super sharp,..that was an additional nice surprise.

    Nov 15th 2017
    Loved it!!!

    I received this box for Father’s Day. I absolutely loved the salmon jerky and the 2 sausages so much I asked for more for Christmas. I haven’t used the knife yet but it looks very sharp. While it may be a bit pricey for what you get I’m absolutely happy with this product and they do have to make a profit.

    Oct 24th 2017
    Good jerky but...

    Bought this for my husbands birthday. I was so excited about it. When it arrived and he opened the box he was not pleased. He already saw on the bank account how much I had spent and said it was good jerky but way too expensive and that I've done better for less. I still love many of the different man crate gift and will try agin with something different the next time I'm buying him a gift.

    Oct 17th 2017
    A nice gift idea for that guy who is hard to shop for

    I didn't get the one I wanted, it was sold out, so sad. This was my second choice. It was shipped very fast. A nice idea for that guy...or girl that is impossible to shop for. I think my son in law will like it. I just hope the next time that the one I want is in stock. I'll definitely be a return customer. Thank you.

    Mar 22nd 2017
    My Dad loved the uniqueness!

    My Dad laughed at the "jerky gram" box that it came in and thought it was a joke gift from a friend of his. This wasn't the effect I was going for since it was from his daughter and I thought everything came in a man-crate which is why I came here in the first place. So be aware this does not come in a crate but my Dad loved it! And, Mancrates did make me a satisfied customer in the end. Definitely unique and I would recommend!

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