Puzzle Box Gift Card

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In The Box


  • 1 Puzzle Box
  • 1 Locked Box
  • 1 Gift Card
  • Smartphone or computer required (not included)

His Mission

  • Solve the box to extract the code.
  • Redeem code for his choice of gift card.
  • Receive digital gift card via email.

His Choices

  • The Home Depot
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Best Buy
  • Nike
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Xtreme Xperience
  • Kuju Coffee
  • Kammok
  • Mizzen+Main
  • Chef's Cut Jerky
  • Morton's Steakhouse
  • Gamestop
  • Duke Cannon

How It Ships

In an awesome cardboard box:
In an awesome cardboard box

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    Choose your delivery date at checkout


“Look at that Big Ol’ Brain!”

How much a man can bench press is completely irrelevant if he’s pushing against a door that reads “pull.” The brain is a muscle too, and it’s arguably the most important one, despite the claims of your local gymrat who won’t share the squat rack.

Rather than doubling down on physical strength when dreaming up tougher-to-open gifts, we opted to test the intellect. There’s no smashing or prying to retrieve this gift card. In fact, his big ol’ muscles will only be good for scratching his noggin.

Introducing, the Man Crates-exclusive Puzzle Box Gift Card, a fully interactive, brain-teasing experience with a worthwhile reward.

Unlocking the Fun

The Puzzle Box Gift Card is a surprise mission swathed in secrecy and bathed in bewilderment. He’ll receive a mysterious box that can only be opened with some intense brain flexing.

He’ll spend the next 30 to 1,000 minutes uncovering clues to solve a handful of expertly designed riddles. He’ll discover clues hidden within anti-forgery ink, and these “keys” will help him solve the accompanying interactive digital experience accessed through his smartphone or computer.

Once he cracks the lockbox, he’ll be rewarded with a gift card redeemable at dozens of online retailers. He’ll also have his own reusable lockbox with a keyless opening secret only he possesses.

The Puzzle Box Gift Card will have his head spinning and give him a chance to exercise his cranius maximus.

Customer Reviews

    B. Moore
    Jan 9th 2018
    The most fun ever!

    I too bought this for my adult son, we bought love puzzles and I told him about the product tester solving the mystery in 32 minutes. The challenge was on! Such fun, such delight and the thrill of accomplishment was real! I hope you develop many more like this. It was extremely well done. Good job, Man Crates! (P.s. It may not be the record but 24 minutes! I am one proud mom!)

    Victoria audet
    Jan 6th 2018
    Puzzle box

    I bought three of these and the recipients all said the same thing. They didn’t have to do the puzzles. They looked at the box for a few minutes and were able to tilt/shift it open. They said it seemed like maybe the pins weren’t set but it could be a flaw in the boxes. This was a disappointment because you pay the extra money for the experience which they did not get the opportunity to have.

    Kim Hart
    Jan 4th 2018
    Fun Gift!

    I got this puzzle box with gift card for my son’s 17th birthday. It was a big hit! He worked the puzzle with his 19 year old brother. Together they were able to solve it in around 50 minutes. The difficulty level was spot on, neither too easy or too hard. They had a great time figuring out the clues and I had a great time watching them. My son was also very pleased with the choices for which he could use his gift card. Hoping for a new version of the box in near future so I can purchase for one of my other 4 sons. Would highly recommend for any puzzle lover and will definitely be a returning customer to man crate.

    Christine Dougherty
    Dec 30th 2017
    Be aware if you are colorblind

    My Husband loved this gift but he needed a little help because it required the use of red tinted glasses and he is red-green color blind. I was a little disappointed that this restriction had an adverse effect on his experience. There was no indication in the description that this would be an issue.

    Dec 16th 2017

    I got my son your video crate about 5 years ago. He loved it. I called to tell you how happy I was with your company. I also said that I had another son, and he loved gift cards. I suggested you making up some kind of crate with a gift card. Omg!!!! Thank you and no matter what you might say...I'm telling everyone that you heard me and acted on my suggestion. My other son will be getting a package from you for his next birthday. Thanks a million.

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