Personalized Whiskey Crate

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In The Box

Our Lasers Take Time

Personalized items require 2 days of processing time.

Distinguished Gear

  • 2 personalized, heavy bottom rocks glasses (9 oz.)
  • 2 Tovolo ice sphere molds
  • 2 slate coasters
  • 33 drams whiskey drinking journal

Luxury Grub

  • Squirrel Brand spiced peppercorn peanuts
  • Salted pistachios
  • Sahale Snacks cranberry pecans

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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The Sophisticated Man

Men aren't born dressed in a sharp tailored suit with a Cuban in hand. Even Frank Sinatra, before he was the suave sultan Frank Sinatra, was once young Francis Albert, captain of the chess club with enough barbed wire lining his teeth to fence off a Toluca cattle ranch.

The transformation into manhood, like most worthwhile ventures in life, begins with a strong drink.

Bold Bravado

Handing a guest a drink is like demonstrating a firm handshake in a job interview or warming up with one-fingered push-ups before an underground kung-fu death showdown. It's a functional maneuver to establish a relaxed, confident presence.

This set of square whiskey glasses are intentionally bottom-loaded to flaunt your gravitas. And we'll laser etch your name into the thick glass so no one will forget whose sophisticated jazz flute skills they were admiring all night.

Science bests nature once again with the Tovolo ice molds. These pristine ice crystal spheres have a slower melting rate, keeping your whiskey chilled longer and tasting stronger. And aesthetically they pair perfectly with the solid slate coasters, the marble floors of the coaster world, to give your whiskey experience a more rugged, natural ambiance.

Cultured Accompaniments

Whiskey is a flavor bully, and your childish gas station junk foods will get knocked over in its bold wake. These salted pistachios, spiced peppercorn peanuts, and sweet and spicy pecans are snacks for the mature, the perfect compliment to any whiskey.

And use the drinking journal to scribble notes for the whiskey blog you're thinking about starting, or just let it peek out of your pocket so people think you have a whiskey blog. Just as rewarding with much less work.

The road to classy refinement is not for the weak of taste, and it begins with the Personalized Whiskey Man Crate.

Customer Reviews

    Jan 7th 2018
    With decanter

    My wife was able to surprise me with a Christmas gift that gift was the Whiskey man crate with the decanter included absolutely love it and her best Christmas present in a long time

    Marisa Diaz
    Jan 5th 2018
    My uncle loved it

    The men in my life are very hard to shop for. I bought 4 different man crates and two them were great gifts. Unfortunately 2 of the other crates opened with no effort. The other two made the men work for their gifts. It left an awkward feeling for the two men who actually got to have the full experience. Wish there had been better quality control.

    Dec 26th 2017
    Nice but weak

    This is a thoughtful gift for whiskey drinkers, and the opening of the crate is the main thing. I was given this as a Christmas gift yesterday, but the corner of one of the slate coasters broke before we got back to my house. We kept it in the crate with careful handling, but the car ride home was too much for the coaster. Disappointing.

    Dec 22nd 2017

    Got it as a gift for the dr I work for, loved it and we loved watching him struggle, only complaint........wished it would have taken longer to open, only because it was so fun to watch

    Jacklyn B.
    Dec 21st 2017
    One of a kind

    I bought this for my husband for our anniversary last year and he absolutely loved it! I’ve never seen him have so much fun opening anything, and I don’t think he’s enjoyed any other gift as much. He proudly displays it on the shelf above our bar and he and I both have happily recommended Man Crates to all our friends. I must say though that I was saddened to see that you no longer include the decanter. After telling one friend about your site, he went looking for the crate and told us it didn’t have the decanter. Thinking he must be mistaken, I went looking for it only to find that he was right. I hope you’ll bring it back soon, it really makes the set.

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