Moscow Mule Crate

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In The Box

The Classic Mule

  • 2 Copper Mugs (With Stainless Steel Lining)
  • Cock N' Bull Ginger Beer 4 pack

Bartending Tools

  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Tray
  • 16 oz. Cocktail Shaker
  • Jigger

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Kicks Like A Mule

We love mixed drinks almost as much as we love America, so we were extra relieved to learn the Moscow Mule was very American and not, as we initially suspected, a delicious brainwashing potion created by a certain shirtless, horse-riding Russian overlord.

Our research shows the Moscow Mule went from cellar dweller to celebrity socialite overnight by combining ginger beer, vodka, lime, and good ol' American moxie.

The Rise and Fall of the Moscow Mule

In 1941, Vodka was unknown and unwanted in America. Smirnoff owner John Martin had to store his unsellable alcohol in the Cock N' Bull, a bar owned by Martin's equally bland-named friend Jack Morgan. In an effort to clear out the basement, the bartender began mixing Smirnoff with Morgan's unpopular ginger beer in mugs from his girlfriend's failed copper factory.

It was a risky move to toss a bunch of undesirable things together and re-sell it (scientists call this The Hot Dog Phenomena), but the strategy was an overwhelming success. Soon, every trendsetter in Tinseltown was posing for the Polaroid paparazzi with a copper mug in hand.

Sadly, nothing copper can stay, and when the Cold War hit in the 1950's, true blue Americans began boycotting vodka, aka "Communist Tap Water". The Moscow Mule faded into obscurity.

Three Cheers for Diplomacy!

But today, over half a century later, the United States and Russia share a giant orbiting timeshare in outer space, and the only thing remotely Communist about vodka is how freely Smirnoff Ice bottles get shared on college campuses. The world is ready for the return of the Moscow Mule.

In addition to the original Cock N' Bull ginger beer, the Moscow Mule Crate includes a pair of authentic copper drinking mugs, Tovolo ice cube mold, 16 oz. mixed drink shaker, and measuring jigger, so you can enjoy one of America's finest, definitely-not-Russian mixed drinks.

Mix it up the classy way, and taste the kick of the Moscow Mule.

Customer Reviews

    Lynne M Seachrist
    Apr 2nd 2017
    Great Gift

    Just gave this to my husband for his 50th birthday. He loved it! It was a wonderfully unique gift idea for a special occasion. He actually likes Montana Mules (bourbon), but since the alcohol isn't included, everything in the box works for him. Maybe you could advertise it as both.

    Feb 15th 2017
    Mule crate.

    I ordered this for my wife for Valentines day. I paid the extra for the duct tape. It was AWESOME!!!! She loved it. It took her about an hour to open the crate, as I would not give her a hammer, I told her she couldn't hit it because there could be something breakable inside.

    Jun 30th 2016
    Cups are small

    I don't think I've ever seen a bad review on this site and this was my 3rd order with Man Crates so I hate to be a downer but feel like the size of the mugs should be clearly labeled. My friend is a big fan of Moscow Mules. He has parties all the time and I noticed at the last one, someone wanted a Mule but he was out of mugs so decided to ensure he had some extras on hand. I was excited about the gift. When I finally made it over his house and saw the size of the mugs, I was wildly disappointed. They were really small. Kind of cheap / not what I was expecting, which in turn made me feel like crap about the gift I gave. Felt like they were sippy cups compared to the other ones he has. They were literally probably half the size. Sorry, guys. Everyone loves to receive and open a man crate... his experience was fine but the product could have been better.

    Jun 12th 2016

    I purchased this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. The gift itself was super cool and watching him try to get through the duct tape and the wooden box was the best part! I will definitely be buying more stuff from you guys in the future!

    Mary Slayden
    Feb 16th 2016
    Great Gift

    My husband loves his Moscow Mule crate! Be careful opening the crate, you may puncture one of the cans of ginger beer like he did and make a mess. Definitely ordering more crates in the future.

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