Hickory Grilling Crate

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In The Box

Grilling Gadgetry

  • Cast Iron Smoker Box
  • Dried hickory wood chips

Griller's Grub

  • Corn Nuggets, 4 oz
  • Beer Nuts, 3 oz

Zesty Downpour

3 flavors of Miner's Mix Seasonings & Rubs:

  • Original Steak
  • Poultry Perfection
  • Salmon Marinade
  • Bone Doctor's Original Barbeque Sauce

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Time to fire-up the grill

At some point in time during the dark and dirty and, let's be honest, hairy history of our species, an innovator was born. Tired of eating cold, raw mammoth meat, that enterprising caveman invented fire, and before you can grunt "ugg," he had thrown a piece of meat on it and invented grilling.


We love ourselves a good grilled steak. But sometimes, it's nice to mix it up. And if you're like us, you've wanted to try smoking your choice of dead animal for some time but are leery of making the investment in a dedicated smoker.

Well, we found ourselves a solution, and we loved it so much that we built a crate around it so that you, too, could enjoy the pleasures of smoking without having to drop a few Benjamins on a new toy. The cast-iron smoker box in this crate will quickly become your weapon-of-choice. Just set the smoker box onto the grill as it heats up, soak some of the hickory wood chips we've helpfully provided, and throw them into the box. Your steaks will come out tasting like victory. It's not just for steak, either. For maximum win, try finding some cedar chips and throwing them in next time you grill some seafood, or some mesquite when you grill pork chops. Your palate will thank you.

Extra Flavors & Snacks

We included some of our favorite rubs, steak and barbecue sauces to take your smoking habit to the next level. And since being grill-master is an arduous, thankless job that involves staring at food for ages before being able to eat it, we included some snacks to keep your stomach happy and quiet and your mind focused on the task at hand.

So throw a steak on the fire, and crack a beer in honor of your caveman forefathers. After all, you may not have invented grilling, but you're damn sure on your way to perfecting it.

Customer Reviews

    Dec 25th 2017
    Inside was awesome...

    Ordered this for my stepdad for Christmas. He loved everything in the inside of the crate but the opening was a bit of a let down. When we took it out of the box, the bottom part was already coming off. Would definitely order more ManCrates in the future, I just wish it hadn’t been so easy to open.

    Dec 10th 2017
    Best gift ever!

    I bought this for my husband, originally for Christmas, but I was so excited I gave it to him early! He absolutely LOVED it! My brother knew about it and now he wants one too! The box to put the chips in works so well, we’ve used it twice already and have only had it about 4 days! I will definitely be ordering more crates, and getting the duct tape on it next time!!!! Thank you guys for such an awesome gift!

    USAF Momma
    Apr 10th 2017
    My son LOVED it!

    I ordered this as a birthday present for my USAF son stationed across the country... and who loves all things BBQ. I added the "diabolical duct tape" packaging because our family does things like that. I told him he had to have someone video the opening for me. He thought the duct tape was the "thing" only to see the crate inside. Not one to mess around, he skipped the crowbar and went out to the garage and grabbed a sledge.:-) He loved the packaging, and loved the contents- he plans to use the crate in the grill, too. I can't wait to order another great gift from Man Crates!

    Arrianna Holwell
    Dec 9th 2016

    I ordered this product for Christmas for my extremely difficult brother. We haven't even opened it yet but I was amazed at how fast I got the product! It came a day after I ordered it and I opened the box and it has the note I chose to put in the box along with the little crowbar. Great looking product so far and I'm super excited for him to open it! Great product for the difficult guy in your life!

    Nicole Loope
    Jun 13th 2016
    For my dad

    My dad has always loved grilling so I got this for him for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. He said the wood chips were the best he's ever used but can't seem to find that brand anywhere. I will be buying another man crate for my dad very soon. Best product out there!

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