Grilled and Stuffed Crate

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In The Box

Grade-A Grilling

  • Stuff-A-Burger Press
  • Chili Pepper Rack
  • Pepper Coring Knife
  • Stuffed Burger Recipe Book

Patriotic Picnic

  • A-burger-ham Lincoln Seasoning
  • Dwight D. Fries-enhower Seasoning
  • 2 Freedom Baskets
  • 24 USA Basket Liners

How It Ships

In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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The Stuffing of Legend

Our forefathers united the nation by railroad, jet-packed a man to the moon, and commissioned peak-80's Hulk Hogan to clobber the Iron Sheik, all in fierce pursuit of the American Dream. But the greatest feat of ingenuity was far and away the invention of the stuffed burger.

Stuffed burgers would have leapfrogged Democracy as America's chief export if not for every burger being inherently stuffed with Freedom. Domestically, any man with a grill could now participate in the esteemed lineage of Great American Innovation alongside the likes of Edison, Ford, and the Merage Brothers.

The American Dream is alive and well today, sizzling on the grill, oozing opportunity for all.

A Fuller America For All

Despite the Kardashians' best efforts, America still believes it's what's on the inside that counts, so we're packing peppers and patties with the precision and vigor of a train-hopping vagabond loading up his knapsack bindle at a Sizzler buffet.

The Stuff-A-Burger Press and Pepper Rack/Corer Set are the dynamite duo for cramming meat baskets and pepper casings with more cheese than a Keanu Reeves movie marathon. Let ingredients abound as you dream up signature concoctions of meats, veggies, spices, and whatever else your stomach desires. We recommend stuffing a few cheeseburger sliders inside for instant Burgerception!

Executive Order Up!

We recruited the world's leading/only histori-culinary expert to help create delicious seasonings inspired by the greatest proponents of the American Dream. A-burger-ham Lincoln and Dwight D. Fries-enhower are Man Crates spice exclusives, and these POTUS will put your tastebuds on notice.

The classy American flag liners and freedom baskets transform every day into the 4th of July, or at least that can be your excuse when neighbors complain about all the backyard fireworks.

Upgrade any cookout to All-American status with the Grilled and Stuffed Crate.

Customer Reviews

    Jun 22nd 2016
    Crate Was Fun~Contents...ehh.

    The who novelty of the crate was a lot of fun and we immediately tried the burger stuffer. The burgers were absolutely huge, which I suppose is great for the men, but for the rest of the family, not so much. After cooking they were still huge and didn't fit in a normal size bun and it also made them take forever to cook. We cooked to proper temperature but they were still raw, by the time we got them cooked well enough everyone was finished with the rest of their meal and had been sitting around waiting. It's not something we'll be able to use often, it took 4 lbs of beef to make 6 stuffed burgers. Just wish it was smaller and produced a regular size so we could use it more. The seasonings were good but not anything amazing. Love the crate idea overall, but this wasn't the right contents for our family.

    May 15th 2016
    My world is opened

    Last christmas I was given a man crate as my gift. Absolutely loved it. I knew there and then this would be my go-to gift for all the men in my family, and some friends I feel like shelling out the money for ;)

    Great quality and a lasting impression.

    p.s. I was apparently sent the wrong crate (I had no idea, but the gifter was very upset and told me it was the wrong one). The fine fellows at man crates apologized and sent me the correct crate not too long after. So I got to experience the awesomeness twice!

    May 13th 2016
    Best Discovery Ever!

    I stumbled upon this website a few months ago and couldn't believe my luck. With a father, two brothers and a boyfriend that are all IMPOSSIBLE to buy for, I knew this was the solution. There are crates here that will work for their four VERY different personalities and interests. I bought this one for my boyfriend for his birthday due to his love of grilling and his constant reminder that he is "more american" than me. When I first came out with the crate, he looked at me like I was insane. I thought he would have no trouble at all opening the crate, but even a well-built, strong guy like himself required a bit of effort to pry the lid loose, which was half of the fun! We fired up the grill a few days later and put everything to use and it went fantastic! The contents were great and the seasonings taste great on burgers. I'm looking forward to buying these crates for all of the men in my life in the future! Well done, guys!!

    Feb 26th 2016
    Awesome Crate

    I purchased this crate for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He was a little apprehensive when he saw the crate but eventually got into the spirit of opening it. He's a huge fan of grilling, smoking, pretty much anything to do with cooking raw meat so he loved the gift and we ended up making stuffed burgers and fries for our valentine's dinner.

    Lindsey Vitale
    Jan 6th 2016
    He loved it

    The crate turned out great. I sent this to him for our anniversary and he loved every part of it. The only issue was it arrived 4 days earlier than I had chosen. No big deal though. He was surprised and didn't mind it being early one bit. I will definitely be purchasing more crates in the future.

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