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Grill for vienna sausages, shrimp, and mini-sliders literally anywhere. Gristwatch is the only grill so portable it's wearable.
  • Grill for vienna sausages, shrimp, and mini-sliders literally anywhere. Gristwatch is the only grill so portable it's wearable.
  • Durable cast-iron face measures 3.25 inches across, briquet case is 1.5 inches deep.  Heat-proof silicone strap protects your wrist.
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Gristwatch is coming soon.

What time is it? Grilling time.

Sometimes the first technology is still the best one. Now, for the first time in 1.8 million years, there's a way to bring your cooking fire with you anywhere you go.

Man Crates proudly presents Gristwatch, the ultraportable grill for vienna sausages, shrimp, mini-sliders, and more.


3.25" Diameter Grilling Face

Generous, but comfortable, grilling face is perfect for shrimp, vienna sausages, and more.


Ample Charcoal Basin

Perfectly sized to house one standard charcoal briquette. Careful with that lighter fluid!

Silicone Strap

600° Heat-Proof Silicone Band

Get cooking while you wear it. With the protective and stylish silicone band you won't even feel the heat!



The wearable grill

  • 3.25" Diameter grilling face
  • Charcoal basin holds 1 briquette
  • 600° heat-proof silicone band


Includes care and use instructions

  • 22 great Gristwatch recipes
  • Easy to clean


In a handsome display box.  Does not ship in a crate.


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    Product Reviews

    1. 09/15/2014 Prometheus Gristwatch 5

      Life changing

      Life changing. I got one of the first units a while back and I've been the popularist guy in the RV park ever since. I don't even use my full-size grill anymore.
      I can't believe it took someone so long to come up with this idea- I freakin love my gristwatch. Its grillin time!

    2. 09/15/2014 Ender Gristwatch 5

      Join the Convenience Revolution

      I used to hate planning barbeques- remember to pack my grill and charcoal in my car, make extra trips to the store, find a space, etc. Now I just carry a briquette in my gristwatch everywhere I go and any time I want I can grill whatever I want. It's not great for ribs, but comon- I'm grilling on my freaking wrist so I'm not complaining.

      Brilliant work guys, keep it up.

    3. 09/15/2014 Forrest Gristwatch 4

      Best shrimp I've ever eaten

      I'll never cook shrimp any other way again. The only reason I'm taking a star away is that it's tough to remember to hold my wrist still while the shrimp is cooking and I lost one in the dirt. Maybe consider adding a skewer attachment or grill cover?

    5/5 for 3 Gristwatch reviews
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