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Say it With Jerky.

Send one-half-24.png pound of delicious jerky. Right now.

$24.99   Send Jerky  



Spicy Jerkygram- 3 delicious packs of high-heat beef goodness

Spicy Jerkygram

Meat Plus Heat

If you want to feel the heat of habaneros, jalapenos and other tongue-searing, perspiration-inducing flavor bullets dance on your not-so-delicate palates then the Spicy Jerkygram is just the thing to keep you gastro daredevils happily on fire.


Bacon Jerkygram- 3 delicious packs of real bacon, beautifully preserved as premium jerky

Bacon Jerkygram

Real Bacon

The same bacon you know and love, miraculously preserved in portable, delicious jerky form. Bacon- it's not just for breakfast anymore.


Exotic Jerkygrams - because why would you spend your whole life eating the same animals over and over?

Exotic Jerkygram

Meat Plus Sweet

Treat your taste buds to some cultural cuisine and establish your dominance atop the food chain: alligators, buffalos, boars, kangaroos and ostriches with this exotic meat sampler.





The perfect jerky is our holy grail, and our quest is never ending. We've sampled dozens of jerky flavors from vendors across the country and settled on only the absolute best jerkies. This isn't the stuff you can get from Walmart or your gas station. This is the best meat in all the land.

Great jerky starts with the cut of the meat. If you've been gnawing on the run of the mill, off the shelf beef leather they pass off as jerky then these packs will teach you what your jerky should deliver: tender cuts of lean beef aged perfectly. This is just the starting point- the blank canvas for master jerky chef's to paint on.

Flavor Profiles


Most guys develop a preference for either a sweet, savory or spicy base flavor. A good sampler is designed to encompass this range and please all palates. The Exotic Meats CratePremium Jerky Ammo Case, and Slaughterhouse Crate are all crafted to take you on a journey.




Exotic Meats Crate

The Feast of Beast

The Exotic Meats Man Crate has so much deluxe animal poundage that we could legally register it as an official safari park. We're talking enough spiced ostrich, kangaroo, alligator, buffalo, elk, and boar meat to make El Chupacabra wave his claws in surrender, screaming, "No mas, No mas!" 





Jerky Ammo Case

Protein Packed Reload

This masterpiece ships in a genuine, decommissioned NATO .30 Caliber ammo case. Watertight, nearly indestructible, and totally badass, these glorious vessels serve their second lives safely delivering our delicious jerky to you. If popping one of these doesn't make you a jerky convert, nothing will..





Slaughterhouse Crate

Have a Meat Emergency?

You just spent Thanksgiving at your vegan in-laws' house. You did things you told yourself you never would, things you'll probably never forget. Maybe for a moment, you were almost fooled by the yeast gravy and tofu turkey. But you survived. Come back to us- dial in a Slaughterhouse Crate for an immediate and full recovery of your carnivorous manhood.