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Folding Knife Making Kit

Folding Knife Making Kit Components
  • Folding Knife Making Kit Components
  • Folding Knife Making Kit Components
  • Folding Knife Components
  • Shape the perfect folding knife with the vise and rasp
  • Folding Knife clips on easily
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The Sharp Side of Subtlety

Most men aren’t going full Crocodile Dundee, strutting around town brandishing a 16” bowie knife and screaming “That’s not a knife! This is a knife!” at anything remotely pointy-looking. That social production of masculinity is a bit much even by our standards--unless you’re Australian, in which case...good onya, mate!

There’s a case to be made for subtlety, and routinely carrying a folding knife is the perfect balance of convenience, preparation, and discretion. And the only thing more reassuring than having a trusty folding knife clipped to the hip is knowing exactly how that knife came to be.

Cold As Steel

Assembling the skeleton of a folding knife is just like putting together IKEA furniture, except it’s extremely tiny, won’t break after two months, and will draw blood if done recklessly. This knife is constructed from many tiny parts, the majority of which are too small to be choking hazards, so swallow away.

This AUS 8 Drop Point Blade is made of heat-treated and sub-zero quenched stainless steel and boasts an incredible temper and hardness of 57-58 HRC. The knife’s thumb studs and liner lock make it easy to open and difficult to accidentally cut fingers off.

Tough As Linen

For exceptional presentation and durability, we’ve selected Linen Micarta handle scales made from layers of hardened resin linen. Think fashion-forward, fossilized mummy wrap meets intricate wood grain pattern, then pick your jaw up from off the ground.

We’ve also included a portable bench vise, file and rasp set, sandpaper, and Torx wrenches for assembling and shaping the knife handles to its perfect, palm-fitting specifications, as well as an instruction booklet to make sure the knife gets assembled pointy end out.

The Folding Knife Project Kit gives the equipment, expertise, and unforgettable experience of assembling and shaping a trusty and true folding knife.

Blade Buddies

  • Folding Knife Assembly
  • Linen Micarta Handle Scales

Shape, Sand, and Polish

  • Man Crates Folding Knife Making Guide
  • File & Rasp Set
  • Variable Grit Sandpaper Set
  • 3" Bench Vise
  • T6 & T8 Torx Wrench Set


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 06/27/2017 Yoshi Motosan Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Great Knife

      This is a high quality folding knife. My wife got it for me, and I love it.. HOWEVER! one of the instructions tells you to sand over the screw heads that hold the scales on.. this is a mistake.. once you do, there isn't enough screw head left to bite if you need to re tighten.. its better to install them temporarily, sand slightly and make sure everything fits.. the uninstall a screw apply lock tite, and reinstall.. repeat for each screw.. then

    2. 05/30/2017 Tara Smith Folding Knife Making Kit 5


      My husband LOVED this gift and was suprised to see such quality in the blade. He loves his pocket knifes and is also very crafty when it comes to woodwork, assembling guns, etc, SO I knew that this would be a fun gift! One little part of the knife kit was missing so I contacted Man Crates and they shipped it out, plus another part just in case! They were easy to work with, prompt in fixing our problem and I was left with zero complaints! I will order again, without a doubt!

    3. 05/5/2017 Gabrielle Kotke Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      How 'bout personalizing the handles?

      I've just ordered one, but it would be AWESOME to have the handles personalized so when he opens the box, your customization is already there. It's be horrible to have him build this great knife and then take it away from him (so you can personalize it) . . . Especially, since a great personalization is the whole message when he opens the box.

    4. 04/4/2017 Herb R Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Nice knife - great gift!

      This kit is really nice and good quality. It was a birthday gift from my wife. I enjoyed making the knife and look forward to using it. One recommendation - would like to see options for the outside colors. The black is nice but other colors would also be nice - perhaps in a refill package so I could make more knives! Highly recommend this kit for knife enthusiasts.

    5. 03/31/2017 Staci Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Best Gift Hands Down

      I got this for my hard to shop for husband for Christmas, and it was by far the best gift. He was actually excited when he saw what it was and couldn't wait to get started! It didn't take an absurd amount of time, but kept him busy a couple afternoons. He was definitely proud and impressed with the finished product. All the other guys in the family have been requesting their own kits for birthdays and holidays!

    6. 03/19/2017 JOHN Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      TDY wife kit

      My wife went TDY for 6 months and left me to play with my balls so she got me this to assemble to be a little more productive. I love this knife! It's as custom as you want to make it and is a great tool. All tools are provided and it was a very enjoyable experience. Now back to boredom...

    7. 02/15/2017 ks Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      I Won Valentine's Day

      Got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he loved it. It took him a few hours to finish and it was so much fun watching him work on it. I officially won Valentin's day with the best gift ever!

    8. 01/3/2017 Andi Hoskins Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Awesome Gift Idea

      My husband loved getting this for Christmas. He opened it and spent the day working on it. It now travels in his pocket wherever he goes. He also impressed with the quality of the blade. On another note, Man Crates has fantastic customer service! I was so impressed with the quality of the item and the customer service that I am getting ready to order another item for his birthday.

    9. 12/31/2016 Dave Woodward Folding Knife Making Kit 5


      My wife bought me this for Christmas. I have to say I'm Knife Nut and have several knifes. But this one has a real true meaning to me, since I was able to assemble and shape the handle to my own custom fit. I'm very impressed with the quality of the Stainless Steel blade and the Micarta scales. Would love to see another version. Maybe something a little slimmer with a spring assist....

    10. 12/27/2016 FTA Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Killer (not literally)

      My daughter gave this to me for Christmas and l can't wait to put it together. Love the drop point blade and the Micarta scales. Shaping the scales will make it mine. You gotta love it. Read the instructions (that's a first for me) because it was a fun read. I like the construction, not cheap like most store bought knives. Thank you Gabby.

    11. 12/26/2016 Riley Sherraden Folding Knife Making Kit 5

      Amazing quality

      these are extremely high quality products i was very impressed between the sturdy micarta handle and stainless steel blade i am confident that it will outlast me several times over and it holds an edge very well not to mention the pride of constructing and customizing your own knife

    12. 12/26/2016 Chelsae Folding Knife Making Kit 5


      I bought this kit for my dad for Christmas and I don't think he could have been more happy!! He's very into knives, building things, and loves to tinker around with whatever. If you have someone that like these things as well, I highly suggest this. He was so impressed with everything in the box from the tools, to the little book mark that was in the instruction manual! I have bought from Man crates a few times and they never disappoint!! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 13 | Next

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