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Send Awesome College Care Packages

The global job market is more competitive than ever. Education costs are rising, employment numbers are falling, and beer still kills brain cells.

We've put together three back-to-school packages to give the American college student every advantage that we can. Do your part to raise our country's future employment rate- send a guy one of Man Crates college care packages.

Ramen Connoisser Crate

Ramen Connoisseur
Tasting Crate

Just because you're cash-strapped and short on time doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the finest ramen. This distinguished collection also includes pro-style utensils and a tasting guide.

$49.99  Details

3 Months of Jerky

3 Month Jerkygrams Subscription

Moderation is a crutch for the indecisive. You know you love jerky, so triple-down on the best meat by mail gift in all the land.  We'll send you a pound and a half of the best beef jerky, spread over 3 months.

$74.99   Details

Caffeinated Tactical Laptop Bag

Caffeinated Tactical Laptop Bag

A tactical bag to stimulate your mind and protect your gear. If rocking this doesn't raise both your GPA and your rugged sex appeal next semester then you need to be sent back to highschool.

$89.99   Details


The Man Crates Class of 2013

So you might be going to school on the other side of the country- we can still be friends.