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With the pressing demands of family and work, it’s far too easy for a man to neglect his greatest wealth of support and stress-relief: his friends. Our forefathers foresaw this pitfall, and thus instituted a seasonal safeguard: one day dedicated solely to the sacred bonds of best buds.

Palentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating the fraternal spirit of awesome pals.

green-calendar-icon.png GET A BRO
Send your pals an invite

No man is an island. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto by his side.

Make sure your buddies reserve August 14th for chilling out, maxing and relaxing with the crew by sending them a relentlessly inescapable iCal invitation (complete with daily and hourly reminder capabilities).

Plan a Night Out With the Boys 08/14/2015 12:00 AM 08/14/2015 11:59 PM America/Phoenix Palentine’s Day 2015 Palentine's Day is the annual holiday for guys to celebrate and cultivate the sacred bonds of friendship. There’s an awesome list of activities over at mancrates.com/palentines, or we can get creative! The world is our playground! true MM/DD/YYYY

red-calendar-icon.png SAVE THE DATE
Let her know you'll be out

Make sure to remind your lady you’ll be off the grid on August 14th by blocking out the date on her calendar. This way, she won’t mistake your rappelling down waterfalls miles from cell service with dodging her calls.

Block Off Her Calendar 08/14/2015 12:00 AM 08/14/2015 11:59 PM America/Phoenix Palentine’s Day 2015 Out with the guys all night for Palentine’s Day. If you can’t reach me on my cell, try local hospitals and holding cells. Wherever your heart takes you true MM/DD/YYYY



Has it been too long? Have you forgotten how to “hang out” with friends? Here’s a few ideas to jumpstart your Palentine’s Day.

Throw down the Spicy Gauntlet with the cruelest hot sauce known to man in a hot sauce eating competition

Catch a ballgame and test the ballpark’s definition of “disorderly conduct”

Barricade yourselves in the garage with a tower of pizzas and video games

Test the offroading capabilities of the family mini-van

Toss together a few pick-up games at the gym. Bring a cooler filled with post-game drinks and ice packs

Binge watch the entire Die Hard series

Bust out the poker chips and gamble away your least favorite child’s college fund

Set up camp in the backwoods and spend the night blowing smoke rings

Call in sick, crack a few brews, and catch some bass...and some z’s