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The 2014 Grand Daddies

Celebrating the Best Dads on the Planet

We asked tens of thousands of devoted Man Crates fans to submit anecdotes and photos of their fathers in their most brag-able states. Man Crates is honored to inaugurate the first annual Grand Daddies-- annual awards celebrating the best freakin’ dads on the planet.

#DadBrags Grand Prize Winner!

Grand Daddy With the Least Regard for the Laws of Nature/Most Athletic
Mr. Barrett

Submitted by Kyle Barrett (@kylembarrett)

“My dad pulled off this trick play when he played for the Red Sox.” 

Oh sure, this is just like when our fathers who were also major league baseball players for one of the most historic sports teams completely fooled another major league baseball player in front of the whole world.


Grand Daddy for Best Smile
Mr. Pettypool

Submitted by Latosha Pettypool

“My dad has a better smile than your dad.” 

This Grand Daddy is a firm believer in “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” and he’s got a smile of gold. True gold.


Grand Daddy for King Selfie
Mr. Hunyadi

Submitted by Gelli (@Gelli)

“My Dad and I are the best of friends, and our selfie game is strong and on point!!” 

Fun Fact: This Grand Daddy started taking selfies because every photo taken of him by a photographer was blurry. Their hands were trembling in the presence of his pure awesomeness.


Grand Daddy for Most Crustaceous
Mr. Dyschkant

Submitted by Dria Marie (@DriaDysch)

“My dad plays with his food better than your dad”

Only the bravest men attempt to bite food that will bite back. Dria’s father taunts his prey, establishing his dominance and status as a 2014 Grand Daddy.


Grand Daddy for Most Fun to Grab A Beer With

Submitted by Courtney Allison (@CallysonMills)

“Tiger - A Firefighter, triathlete, and SOON TO BE 60 YR OLD!! Clearly he’s not ‘feelin’ 60!!! 

Tiger is making a very strong case for sixty being the new twenty, and inner tubes being the new tuxedos. We’d buy this Grand Daddy a drink any day.


The "Sorry we didn't believe your fishing stories..." Grand Daddy Award
Mr. Atkinson

Submitted by Chris Atkinson (@maxwoody2010)

“1050 fish caught by my dad in Puerto Vallarta in 2010” 

Being a man means admitting when you’re wrong, and we’d like to publically apologize to Chris’s dad for not believing he’d caught a fish the size of a large elephant.


Grand Daddy: The American Hero
Lori's Dad

Submitted by Lori (@lortwipacfan1)

“My dad defended his country and fed the troops at the same time!” 

Lori’s father is a proxy for all the Grand Daddies of America that have fought and served bravely for our country. He also helped us answer whether there is anything cooler than pictures of men holding giant fish. (Answer: nope.)


Grand Daddy for Best Parenting Skills
Naomi's Dad

Submitted by Naomi Shapiro (@superdumb)

“When I was 7, my dad put all of his scuba gear on me and pushed me into the pool and told me to clean it out.”

They say the best way to learn is by doing, so wouldn't that make this Grand Daddy the best teacher the world has ever seen?


Grand Daddy for Most Intimidating to Step into the Ring With
Lisa's Dad

Submitted by Lisa Jones (@TheJonesesBlog)

“My dad was a two-state kick boxing champion.” 

This Grand Daddy was a kickboxing champion in two states, and would have made it three if he wasn’t held up at the state border for carrying two unregistered lethal weapons in his shoes.


Grand Daddy for Most Intimidating to Step into the Ring With (If You Were A Grizzly Bear)
Dr. Reddy

Submitted by Kate Reddy (@KBrox06)

“My dad is better than yours. He tore a muscle in his chest wrestling this ‘rasslin’ bear.” 

What Kate doesn’t tell you is that this Grand Daddy tore his pec muscle celebrating after executing a perfect Scorpion Death Lock and making the bear tap out.

Grand Daddy for Best Multi-Tasker/Worst Lawn Maintainer
Mr. Breslin

Submitted by Theresa Breslin (@theresabreslin)

“YOU GUYS. Real life right now. How awesome is this guy? PS - we know our backyard greenery is lush!” 

The art of lawn mowing is more tedious than hazardous, but mowing with both your baby AND your toes exposed? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Grand ‘Danger’ Daddy!


The Never Too Old to Party Grand Daddy Award
Mr. Atkinson

Submitted by Chris Atkinson (@maxwoody2010)

“can’t stop...my dad is the bomb! Playing his trumpet vodka!” 

Practice makes perfect, and this Grand Daddy has had years and years of practice as a party animal. He’s reaching perfection, and that is to be celebrated.


Grand Daddy for Most Intriguing/Most Persistent
Mr. Boots

Submitted by Travis Boots (@NotDuchess)

We’ve received more brags about Mr. Boots than any other dad, yet he is so shrouded in mystery that the more we learn, the more we realize how much we don’t and probably will never know about the legend that is Mr. Boots.


Grand Daddy for Most Courageous
Melissa's Dad

Submitted by Melissa Henriquez (@Lissa10279)

“When our house burned down in ‘88, my dad rescued 2 things: photo albums and the stuffed octopus he gave me the day I was born…” 

Melissa’s dad is the strong, sentimental father every man claims to be and every woman hopes to find. Few are forced to hold their words to the fire, and this Grand Daddy passed with flying colors.


Grand Daddy for Most Photogenic
Mr. Vizcaino

Submitted by Barbi Collins (@barbiacollins)

“My dad has a better smile than your dad.” 

From the Rat King to the deranged Trix Rabbit to the Colonoscopy Reaction, this Grand Daddy is a man of many faces and characters, and each one specializes in being awesome.


My dad grills better than your dad #DadBrags

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Recent Winners:

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Post your dad at his best to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #DadBrags to enter. 

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#DadBrags Grand Prize

One lucky DadBragger will be invited to play golf with superstars like Mariano Rivera, Boomer Esiason, and Marc Messier at the 2nd Annual Tic Toc Stop Celebrity Golf Event in 2015, hosted by Craig Carton (Boomer & Carton).

Held at the prestigious Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, NY, this event is great fun for a good cause — with big name celebrities and professional athletes working together to improve the lives of people with Tourette's. So submit your best #DadBrags today and get yourself to the driving range to start working on that snap hook!


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Meet Our Esteemed Guest Judges

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy


Improv king, gambler, and Steelers fan for life.
"When God created me he took out the directions and important dates part of my brain and added in a few extra doses of sports knowledge."

Andy Gray

Andy Gray


Andy Gray writes for Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks and manages the SI Vault. He's obsessed with sports and the photos that capture sports' greatest moments.

Sujeet Patel

Sujeet Patel


Drinking buddies with The Most Interesting Man in the World and Chuck Norris's sparring partner, Sujeet Patel covers the world of automotive, technology, entertainment, sports, travel, and more.

Mike Metzger

Mike Markel


Editor of the best content for men published on the internet. Originally from Michigan, an avid outdoorsman, newbie cyclist, and tireless home brewer.

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#DadBrags winners will be chosen daily and notified via social media.

Daily winners will receive a prized Jerkygram and will remain eligible for the weekly first prize: a free Man Crate of choice. Twitter participation is encouraged, as not all Facebook and Instagram entries are guaranteed to be received due to sneaky privacy setting constraints. Man Crates employees are already winners by their specific employment circumstances and are thereby disqualified from #DadBrags eligibility.