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What are my shipping options?

Fed Ex ground shipping is recommended on all crates. If you can get your order in a few days before you need the crate to arrive ground shipping will go for $10 to $15 on most orders. Shipping price varies by delivery location and crate weight. 

If you'd like to upgrade to rush shipping we have three other choices listed here from cheapest to most desperate (we've all been there).

  • FedEx Ground shipping: 2-5 business day delivery
  • FedEx Express Saver: 3 business days or less
  • FedEx 2 Day: 2 business days
  • FedEx Overnight: overnight delivery

Upgraded shipping costs will also vary based on product and location and can be selected at checkout. Heavy crates like the Everest Grill Crate will cost more to upgrade than The Bacon Crate.

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Can I ship to APO & FPO addresses?

Hell yes! We have to do a bit of extra paperwork, but it's the least we can do to support our troops and their loved ones. We are always happy to add extra personal touches to any military orders.

We proudly ship to APO & FPO addresses

We've shipped Man Crates to armed services members in Afghanistan, on the USS Enterprise, and in locations around the world. All APO & FPO shipping is done via the US Postal Service.

Sadly there's a lot of stuff that we can't send to APO & FPO addresses, and believe it or not it varies by zip code. We'll always let you know if there's a problem fulfilling your order. See some common cases below:

  • Alcohol is almost always prohibited
  • Pork products cannot be sent to many locations - we will substitute beef or turkey
  • Weapons cannot be sent to many FPO addresses - Zombie crates usually can't get onboard
  • Meat products cannot be sent to some locations - we will notify you and substitute appropriately
  • Fruit products cannot be sent to some locations - we will substitute nuts for trail mixes

We insure all APO & FPO deliveries so we can offer a full refund or attempt redelivery in the event that the package doesn't reach the right servicemember. 

God bless.

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How to fill out the shipping address for an APO/FPO order

Sample APO form

Do you offer military discounts?

We are happy to give a 10% discount to active and retired servicemembers and their families.  We are partnered with TroopID to offer one-click, instant savings to verified military and military family members.

Start at

If you have any problems give us a call: 1-866-902-7260

Can you do rush orders?


Our policy is to treat every order like we're Jack Bauer and it's a rush order from The President.

If you have special handling instructions, questions about the shipping policies above, or a really good story why you need something on a different timetable we're always happy to take your call and let you know what we can do:


Can you ship internationally?

Man Crates currently ships to addresses within the USA and Canada only.

We are currently exploring cost efficient ways to ship overseas, but unfortunately that service is not available at this time. If you live overseas and desperately need a Man Crate, we encourage you to write your government leaders formally requesting your country's annexation by the United States.

We can ship to overseas APO & FPO addresses. If you're shipping to a service member with an overseas APO or FPO address please read the section on APO / FPO shipping.

We aspire to raise the National manliness GDP, and export American manliness to the entire world. Stay tuned!

How do you package your crates?

We pack our crates so that your Personalized Barware arrives in mint condition.  Every crate is delivered in a shipping box with a crowbar and a note.  Some items (the ammo case, jerkygrams) are not crates- these items ship as you see them below.


We pack our crates with love so that each potato chip and pretzel journeys across the land wrapped in a cushion of good feelings and sweet dreams. We have a 100% quality guarantee- if anything arrives in less than perfect condition give us a call and we'll fix it straight away.


What is a Duct Tape Cocoon? 


Man Crates doesn't have any wrapping paper in our warehouse, but we do have tons of duct tape.  If you're dead-set on sending a gift he can unwrap like a kid on Christmas morning, choose the Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon during checkout.



Shipping Restrictions

Why can't my gift be Duct Tape Cocooned?

Unfortunately, due to security concerns beyond our control, a handful or shipping distribution centers around the country cannot accept packages wrapped in duct tape.

Shipping is hard work, and the last thing we want is to give some honest truck driver a scare, so we've limited the duct tape cocoon upgrade only to areas that will receive it with open arms.

Why are some items US only?

Our founding fathers represent the greatest minds ever aligned by noble purpose in the history of mankind. And in their prescience, they built a nation of freedom, industry, and fearless innovation.

Is it a coincidence that the double-down sandwich and human flight share a birth nation? You can't run this fast without leaving some people behind.

We're currently in negotiations with Canada and former president Bill Clinton to broker an update to NAFTA that allows all our gifts to reach our oppressed brethren in Canada. We'll update the site as talks progress.

Can you ship alcohol to states other than California?

Sadly, we can only ship alcohol to California. We're working hard to get alcohol licenses in other states but rather than make everyone wait, we decided to start in our home state and expand from there.

The good news is that we have a lot of other awesome alcohol-themed crates that we CAN ship to your state, including The Whiskey Appreciation Crate, The Personalized Barware Crate and a lot more beer and spirits-inspired items that are sure to make him happy.

Man Crates

Is every product shipped in a crate?


When we started shipping Man Crates long ago, we were literalists, confined by the narrow parameters of our prejudices and Jon's garage.

But as we grew more powerful people came to expect much more of us. Man Crates, like Batman, became an idea. We came to represent all the most awesome gifts for men in the world, whether those gifts are wrapped in duct tape, shipped in ammo cans, or sealed in crates.

If you're ever unsure about how one of our gifts will ship, just check the delivery preview in your shopping cart. Or give us a call: 1-866-902-7260


Is My Personalized Glassware Dishwasher Safe?

All of our personalized glassware is dishwasher safe.  Unlike screen printed glasses, your personalized message will actually be cut into the surface of your heat-tempered glassware using the powers of science and lasers.  The personalization will be crisp and beautiful until your pint glass erodes back into sand millions of beers from now.  

If there's ever a problem with the quality of the etching work we'll replace the pieces in question.  If you decide you want to update your glassware after you change your name into an unpronounceable symbol, or if you drop your glasses training for your one man juggling unicycle act, then you've got bigger problems than we can address in this FAQ and you should seek help elsewhere.


What happened to the Live Wolverine Man Crate?

If I had a nickel for every time I'd gotten this question...

We had to stop shipping the Live Wolverine Man Crates because we found people almost never liked receiving them.

Our manifesto dictates we ship gifts that guys love, and so as popular as this item was we had to discontinue it.

I have a great idea for a Man Crate

If it's not 'The Live Wolverine Man Crate' then email us!




Where is the world's largest wicker basket?

The world's largest wicker basket can be found in Nowy Tomysl, Poland. Do not confuse "largest" with "manliest." The latter term does not apply to wicker gift baskets.

How old is beer?

Beer was produced before the first written language. We don't mean to imply that beer is the cornerstone of civilization, but the evidence is very suggestive.

I want to know about the Great Pyramids

The workers who built the pyramids were paid in beer. Beeramids, therefore, are not the invention of college students and are, in fact, certifiable Wonders of the World.

Is this website Flammable?

We've done our best to make this website as flame retardant as possible using current technology and development practices. Nobody is perfect

Do people in the US like beer?

In the US, annual beer consumption is about 22 gallons per person. Someone's slacking, and it ain't us.

What's a 'crate'?

The word "crate" comes from the Latin word "cratis" - thing which you put other things inside. Knowing Latin automatically makes you smarter. So does buying a Man Crate. QED.

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