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Awesome Gifts for your Business

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Secure the Lines

Sun Tzu writes at length on the importance of supply lines in successful military campaigns in the Art of War. Your business is no different, and when you're under the gun great supplier relationships can be the difference between success or failure.

  • Has someone gone the extra mile to help you make a deadline?
  • Have a partner that consistently delivers?

Don't send them flowers or a fruit basket.
Send your best suppliers gifts as awesome as they are.

Have Some Fun

We're in the business of crowbar consulting. Instead of downsizing, outsourcing, and offshoring, we help you get more from the great team you've already got by prying apart the cube walls and letting a little hell loose in the office.

Even better than an unexpected creamcheese spread at Friday's bagel breakfast or a 3D slide transition in your Powerpoint, see what a little unexpected fun does for your team.

Man Crates make...

  • Unique recruiting gifts
  • Fun get well packs
  • Coveted sales incentives
  • Great welcoming gifts

We can do batches of custom Man Crates that include your company swag and Mega Man Crates to recognize team achievement. Let's talk.

No one remembers fruit baskets

This year skip the European cheese assortment, the basket of fruits, and the sterile gift cards. You can do better. You can send the gift your clients remember- the gift that gets the office buzzing.

Whether you're:

  • Courting attractive new business
  • Saying thanks for an mind-blowing year
  • or asking forgiveness

Sending an awesome gift is the perfect way to keep that flame alive. Check out our full line of awesome-themed Man Crates or fill out an order form for batches of custom built crates.

Your Business

Supplier Relationships

Customer Appreciation

Team Building and Recognition


Save Up To 15%

Register for corporate pricing to start saving some of that hard-earned dough.  Get immediate discounts through your corporate account and we'll knock down the prices as you order more crates.



Add Your Swag

Need us to add t-shirts, awards or coffee mugs with your name on them?  No problem.  We can tailor our crates for your needs.



Special Orders

Need help coming up with something special for a particular client or promotion?  We've sent celebrity Man Crates to Hollywood stars and batched hundreds of crates for car dealership giveaways—we can help you come up with something awesome to send your employees and clients.



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