girl-shopping2.pngWe Know You're Busy

It's the night before your brother's birthday and you're trying to find a last-minute gift that will magically arrive within 24 hours.
The bad news is that we're having absolutely no luck with our experimental, faster-than-light Man Crate delivery systems.
The good news is that we've got a fool-proof plan to get your brother his crate and get you off the hook for your tardiness!

How Does it Work?bad-news-email3.png

We'll use a simple, collaborative ruse to save you some face.
Click the 'Shop Last Minute' button.  Place your order and specify when you would have liked the order to arrive.  Shortly after you finish checking out we'll send you an apologetic email explaining that there has been an unplanned delay with your order.  
Of course there won't be any actual delay- we'll get your order on the way ASAP- but you'll have an official-looking email and a great excuse to show to your brother.

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newspaper_clipart.pngWill He Believe It?

It's all too common for generous gift buyers and e-commerce companies to concoct crazy cover stories to conceal a little procrastination- your brother might be suspicious.  
That's why we we'll also publish a totally believable news story, dated and personalized with your details, to corroborate the email evidence.

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So what are you waiting for?

Shop Last Minute!