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Office Manager

You're a natural team player that loves supporting others. Your organization skills are so good they're contagious, even other-worldly.

Anytime you open your locker, your trapper-keeper, or your personal calendar, heaven resounds with the choir of deceased Swiss-German train conductors who can't help but sing praises of your structure and neatness. It's not your job to clean up other people's messes, but you have ways of coercing those around you to keep their lives and spaces in order. It definitely doesn't hurt that you control the beer and soda budget.

You might derive a satisfaction from a day of successful errands that others find bizarre.


  • Event and travel planning
  • Giving warehouse tours, tshirts, etc.
  • Stocking drinks, snacks and supplies for the office
  • Scanning and managing paperwork
  • Research and ad-hoc project assistance

Experience with email, Word, Excel, great written and verbal communication skills. Outstanding organizational skills, resourceful problem solving and hustle, and a great sense of humor



Web Developer

You’re a feature-driven web developer that works closely with the marketing and customer experience teams to develop promotional web pages, landing pages, and unique e-commerce shopping experiences. Must have design sensibilities and be comfortable in conversations on analytics and split testing.

Furthermore, your love affair with technology is founded on deep mutual respect.

It's not just about getting it to do what you want, you care about what makes it tick. You're opinionated about best practices, design paradigms, and the direction of the state of the art. If you inspect the source code on you might throw up in your mouth- certainly you can find a few areas for improvement.


  • Quickly build web pages using HTML, CSS, and jquery
  • Work within shared code repositories
  • Understand the Man Crates brand and how we present our company and products on the web
  • Be involved in unique user experience design, promotion design, and visual design
  • Have fun at work

Expert with HTML, CSS, JQuery and developing sites for mobile devices. Understand git, svn, or other shared code repository, able to participate in collaborative feature development.



Senior Rails Engineer

You’re an experienced application developer comfortable designing and developing complex, integrated web applications. Participate in requirements development, oversees testing and roll-out strategy. Responsible for managing code repositories, feature branching, and version control across multiple applications.

Furthermore, your love affair with technology is founded on deep mutual respect.

It's not just about getting it to do what you want, you care about what makes it tick. You're opinionated about best practices, design paradigms, and the direction of the state of the art.


  • Develop mission-critical e-commerce systems
  • Build solutions to complex, real world systems problems:
    • Real-time webhook-driven manufacturing and order routing
    • Laser manufacturing / manufacturing automation
  • Maintain shared code repositories
  • Have fun at work
  • Backbone
  • Spree / E-Commerce experience

Startup experience or a penchant for the insane a must.



Warehouse Crew

You love making people happy and you love making things better. 

It's not uncommon to see the entire Man Crates team all-hands-on getting orders out the door, but you know that the warehouse floor is your domain. The buck stops with you. It doesn't matter how crazy any given day gets, you're not about to let a Man Crate ship from your warehouse without making sure that every one of the customer's instructions was followed to a T. You know when to go heads down and crank out product, and you know when to speak up and suggest better ways to do things. 

We've got a team-based 99.95% quality target, team bonuses, free drinks, and frequent team events and lunches. The quantitative targets are there, but it's up to you to make sure you carry your weight.


  • Great attitude
  • Attentive to detail
  • Ability to put up with Nate's singing
  • Forklift certified
  • Computer proficiency

Warehouse experience is preferred but not required.



Logistics Analyst

Your list of top-5 all-time fears includes late shipments and inefficient spending, and you’re already brainstorming solutions before most people see the problem. Like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, you see the world in cascading columns of numbers and metrics. Unlike Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, you’re great at communicating clearly with others, specifically to integrate logistics within business systems.

You’re an efficiency machine, experienced with supply chain management and working with suppliers. You're not afraid to play hardball and bust balls when that's what's called for. You’re a heck of a shot with a Nerf gun.


  • Relationship Management + Soft Skills
  • Loves Numbers & Protective of Money
  • Excel modeling experience
  • Experience with demand planning

Must be willing to triumph over chaos.



Digital Marketing & Design

You're an idea factory.  

People in your presence get hot-boxed by your creative exhaust.  You're not satisfied until your ideas spring from your mind into the real world, and you're talented with a slew of modern-day tools to make that happen.  

Despite your bulbous right-brain you're no stranger to quantitative thinking.  You understand the feedback loops we have to measure marketing efficacy and can push several versions of a landing page or marketing campaign and then see which one works best.  Sometimes effective is better than pretty, and execution speed is a key measure of talent.  You love constant, live analytics, and you might multivariate test your pickup lines at the bar.  


  • Photoshop pro
  • Proficient at HTML / CSS
  • Effective at page layout / design
  • Google Analytics experience
  • Hilarious copy writer
  • Adwords experience
  • Illustration
Startup experience or a penchant for the insane a must.

Customer Service Champion

Above and beyond? Everyday, every time. You are a master communicator, ready for anything. On-the-spot problem solving is your superpower, enabling you to save the day and maybe even the world. You've had some customer service experience in the past and you know your way around phones, chat and email pretty well. You're a seasoned pro when it comes to winning people over, and taking even the most hopeless situation and turning it into a great experience.

You effortlessly turn the ordinary into the awesome! You're able to make every contact memorable by knowing when to have fun with the customers and when to turn up the professionalism. You're also willing to pitch in around the office and warehouse when things are busy, solving problems, running around and having a great time, and getting the job done. Sound good? Keep reading.


  • Previous Customer Service experience
  • Freakishly organized, able to manage multiple tasks and finish strong
  • Creative problem solving, finding unique ways to delight the customer (SFW) every day
  • Unstoppable charm, even when the going gets rough
  • Great phone, chat, and email communication skills
  • Previous CRM experience
  • Powerful Guffaw
  • You're a glue/tape gun marksman

Startup experience or a penchant for the insane preferred.



Social Media Sherpa

Out of the 1,000 words you have to describe yourself, 'hilarious' is in the top 3.

Your well read, a student of both pop-culture and obscure trivia. You might have been on an episode of MTV's 'Yo Mamma'. Maybe you're humor has been pigeon-holed into a quietly popular, subversive monthly featurette in you're current company newsletter.

The interchangeable use of "your" and "you're" in this paragraph took a full year off your life.


  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to channel/amplify the Man Crates voice
  • Social media proficiency
  • Professional copywriting experience
  • Writing portfolio
  • Proficient w HTML / CSS

Startup experience or a penchant for the insane preferred.





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We're a scrappy, angel-backed start-up based out of Redwood City, CA. We believe that you should never have to outgrow fun, that gifts are a great way to have fun and bring people closer together, and that we're building the most awesome company dedicated to gifts for guys in the world.

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