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West Coast Wine Jerkygram

The West Coast Wine Jerkygram
  • The West Coast Wine Jerkygram
  • Delicious wine-soaked beef jerky.
  • California Hot Cabernet Jerky.
  • Oregon Pinot Noir Jerky.
  • Washington Cabernet Jerky.
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The Grapes of Wrath

While most men moving West in the 1800’s were callused, dirt-faced coal-sniffers playing powerball with gold pans and pick axes, a class of more dignified gentlemen were engaging in a far more lucrative endeavor: bottling purple gold.

The coastal land was teeming with cattle and grapevines, and shrewd aristocrats were racing west to tap every fertile field and fermentable fruit in sight. At its worst, peak wine hysteria sparked the infamous Cab-Pinot War of 1850 that decimated vineyards, severed family ties, and drew officially state lines between California and Oregon.

Today, the delicious riches of the early west coast have come together. Our West Coast Wine Jerkygram features three specialty packs of succulent jerky: the full-bodied berry of California Cabernet, the silky and seductive textures of Oregon Pinot Noir, and the dark and vibrant accents of Washington Hot Cabernet.

Pour out the West Coast’s finest and fullest wines in the form of savory, sweet meat.

Vin de Jerky

Three packs of wine-soaked beef jerky:

  • California Cabernet (4 oz.)
  • Oregon Pinot Noir (4 oz.)
  • Washington Hot Cabernet (4 oz.)


It's meat in an awesome cardboard box. Surprise, it's meat!

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    Product Reviews

    1. 08/5/2016 Shirley King West Coast Wine Jerkygram 5

      Some people

      I can't wait to order for my son and son-in-law for Christmas. However, I have been "window" shopping like crazy because I know the item(s) I choose will be well received and I have been reading reviews to help me on the way...but some people just make me shake my head, for instance on this item the complaint for the price. The item plainly states how much and the weight of the jerky and the price....soooo, if you thought it was too much, why order it? By the way you get what you pay for and from all the other great reviews on how delicious the jerky is and how well it was received, it will be worth the price to give a gift that will most certainly be appreciated.

    2. 05/3/2016 Jennifer West Coast Wine Jerkygram 5

      Really Tasty!

      What a cool idea - infusing jerky with wine - so I just had to try it. All three flavors are great and the hot Cabernet has a nice balance of hot with a little sweet from the wine. I found the quality of the beef much better than any commercial jerky - very tender. Really cool how the different wines influence the flavor. I will definitely get this again! Love it!

    3. 03/23/2016 Rick Manies West Coast Wine Jerkygram 5

      a little for a lot!

      12oz of jerky for $35 ... that's $46.60 lb. before shipping...

      I'm hoping the person I gave it to tells me it's best jerky ever because it's the most expensive.

      I would have like to known in the information it was only 12oz.



      Hi there Rick! We did a little poking around on the internet and found that the average jerky per pound costs around 30 bucks. Keep in mind that this is your run of the mill, not booze infused, not small batch, not gourmet jerky. The jerky in our west coast wine jerkygram is small batch, gourmet and packed with wine enhanced flavor, so we feel like our price is offering our customers a great value for some awesome jerky.

      Also, if you check out the product listing above, we have clearly listed the weight of each flavor in the product description.

      If you find that the person you sent this to is dissapointed, give us a call, you're covered by our high-five guarantee! Thanks for your feedback!

    5/5 for 3 West Coast Wine Jerkygram reviews
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