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Jerky Piñata

Cool jerky piñata gift for guys.
  • Cool jerky piñata gift for guys.
  • Hanging Bull Piñata Gift filled with meat.
  • The Wheel of Weaponry.
  • Jerky Piñata Party.
  • Smashed Bull Piñata with jerky and meat sticks.
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The Smashing of the Bull

Piñata Nostalgia /pēnˈyädə näˈstaljə/ - the melancholy yearning in a grown man’s soul as he watches a child joyfully dismantle a piñata with the carefree abandon of youth.

Say what you want about little kids--that they don’t have jobs, pay rent, or possess adequate bladder control--but those tiny rugrats sure know how to cut loose. Every kids’ party we’ve ever crashed chaperoned has featured a piñata, the world’s universal symbol for fun.

Men of all ages and temperaments find piñata pulverization irresistible. You could dangle a piñata of sweets in front of a fasting Gandhi, and even he would give it a few non-violent pokes with his walking stick.

The Jerky Piñata lets any guy get his pummeling fix without ruining yet another neighborhood kid’s birthday party. Because the gift’s not a hit unless he can beat the fun out of it.

It's What's On The Inside That Counts

Sure, the desire to absolutely demolish a defenseless confetti figurine is childish and irrational, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. In fact, it becomes even more satisfying when the reward for rough play is a downpour of beef bites.

Not only did we design a bull piñata with a hyper-punchable face, we secretly swapped out the sugary stuffing for a twenty-four piece fiesta mix of fine meat. The perfect swing will give way to a surprise flavor storm of jerky strips and meat sticks.

And to add more flash to the bash, we’ve included a wheel of fury to determine the weapon of choice. Head-to-head with a head butt? Nunchucks? Only the spinner can decide.

Give some olé to his special day and delight his inner child with a piñata stuffed for a man.

The Muscle

  • Bull Head Piñata
  • 16 ft. Paracord
  • Wheel of Weaponry

The Meat

  • 3 Garlic Jerky Bites
  • 3 Root Beer Habanero Jerky Bites
  • 3 Black Pepper Jerky Bites
  • 3 Whiskey Maple Jerky Bites
  • 3 Original Beef Sticks
  • 3 Peppered Beef Sticks
  • 3 Habanero Beef Sticks
  • 3 Bacon Meat Sticks


In an awesome cardboard box (NOT A CRATE). Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style...told you it was awesome!

The Birth of the Jerky Piñata

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/16/2017 Joseph Marques Jerky Piñata 2

      Needs to be stronger

      I bought this for my workers and assuming it was from mancrate i expected it to be a challenge to break. It took 1 hit to break, very disappointing, for a "Mancrate" item I was expecting it to be a challenge to break!

    2. 06/8/2017 Ryen Jerky Piñata 5

      Best birthday gift ever

      I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He absolutely loved it! We had all of the items on the spinner so he and my son took turns whacking it. We were all surprised at how tough it was. We had to re-string it 3 times before the main body finally broke open! I got some great pictures/video of the guys tearing into it--hilarious. We saved the spinner for future pinata's. I would definitely recommend this gift!

    3. 06/2/2017 k.T. Jerky Piñata 1


      Bought this for my 44 year old surprise son's birthday party. One hit with hand behind his back and it just fell apart. Nobody else got a turn. After all the setup and anticipation just a disappointment.


      Man Crates Edit:

      Hi there K.T. so sorry to hear that the Pinata didn't stand up to your son's hit! That's certainly not the experience we'd want you to have! Please give our team of Customer Champions a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to and we'll do our best to help make it right!

      Team Man Crates

    4. 03/9/2017 Andrea Jerky Piñata 5

      REALLY FUN!!!!

      I sent this to my son in college for his birthday and added the duct tape wrapping. He LOVED IT!!! He said it was the best gift ever! I'm cool again!!! Who knew?! I'm trying to figure out who else I can send it to , so they will also think I'm cool!

    5. 02/24/2017 Lena Shabo Jerky Piñata 5


      Bought for all the boys to have fun with at Christmas - the video footage of them trying to do this is so priceless, we died laughing. The jerky is unbelievable. The jerky sticks are the best quality jerky I've ever had and all the flavors are pretty cool. This got such incredible feedback from everyone that I'm definitely going to buy this again. Well done - by the way any notes about the spinner: the guys were like whatever and pushed that aside and just let their testosterone lead the way.

    6. 02/2/2017 Lindsey Devoy Jerky Piñata 5

      So much fun

      I ordered this for my brother and fiance for Christmas. It was such a fun way to end gifts! We threw the paracord over the garage door rail and improvised for the "weapons" you can use to hit it. They had a blast taking turns swinging at it and it had plenty of jerky in it for them to split. Absolutely would buy it again.

    7. 01/26/2017 Amber Roberts Jerky Piñata 5

      Over Seas

      SO I sent this gift to my husband overseas who is serving in the military. He LOVED it!! He was the envy of his unit with this gift!! I have now been labeled the best wife with sending care packages thanks to this gift :) a huge hit!!

    8. 10/6/2016 Allison Jerky Piñata 4

      different spinner

      We're using this to celebrate an old military friend's birthday. I'm a little disappointed that the spinner isn't exactly as shown. The "take a shot", "give a shot" sections on the spinner (which gave me a legitimate excuse to exclude the younglings of the group) have been removed and instead there's just a "lose a turn" section. I was looking forward to an adults only pinata, but it will still be fun I'm sure.

    9. 07/25/2016 Katy Jerky Piñata 5

      Awesome gift!

      I ordered this as a gift for my bro for Father's Day. It was delivered the Saturday before- just as planned. It was a huge hit with him and his kiddos! Such a great idea to add a little extra fun!

    10. 06/21/2016 Debi Jerky Piñata 5


      Hubby got one for Fathers Day and it was the "hit" of the day!! And as a bonus--The jerkey is fantastic!!

    11. 06/4/2016 Lisa Jerky Piñata 5

      College Student Awesome!

      I sent this to my son who is a junior in college. He and his roommate had a ton of fun head butting and hitting this silly piñata. He actually sent me videos and pictures - the most communication I have had from him in months ;-). Great gift. I would buy more things like this! I recommend it for anyone.

    4/5 for 11 Jerky Piñata reviews
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