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Insanely Spicy Jerkygram

Forged in the unbearable heat of the bhut jolokia pepper farm, this jerkygram has been deemed "cruel and unusual" by a handful of countries.
  • Forged in the unbearable heat of the bhut jolokia pepper farm, this jerkygram has been deemed "cruel and unusual" by a handful of countries.
  • Waking or sleeping, the Ghost Pepper will haunt you relentlessly from first delicious bite to well after the last.
  • When it comes to spicy, there's tickling the tongue and there's cauterizing the tongue. This jerky has a PhD in the latter.
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It's Insanely Spicy

If you're looking for jerky with bold flavor and a subtle kick of spicy, then you're wasting your time reading this. (Might we suggest the Spicy Jerkygram).

The Insanely Spicy Jerkygram is a swift roundhouse kick to the mouth that will leave you sweating blood, gasping for air, and contemplating what atrocious crimes you'd committed in past lives to bring such terrible pain upon your present self.

"Really Freakin' Spicy" doesn't do justice to what over 1 million Scoville Units of Ghost Pepper delivered by way of succulent beef will do to you. It's a peppery subterfuge that invades your body under delicious pretenses, then proceeds to wreak havoc on your insides, torching each taste bud one by one, smoking out your senses until you're reduced to a sweaty, broken heap of regret sprawled on the floor.

There is no surrender--the Ghost Pepper perpetually scorches until there's nothing left in your soul to burn.

Blistering Beef

  • Jeff's Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky
  • Blair's Sudden Death Beef Jerky
  • Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky


It's your meat in a box. Surprise, it's meat!
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    Product Reviews

    1. 10/31/2014 Unknown Insanely Spicy Jerkygram 5

      Great Gift!

      I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. He loved it! This is a great box set. Very tasty!

    5/5 for 1 Insanely Spicy Jerkygram reviews
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