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Saloon Nuts Mini Crate

Western style Saloon Nuts gift.
  • Western style Saloon Nuts gift.
  • Delicious Honey Raspberry Almonds and Citrus Chili Cashews.
  • Tasty Butter Toffee Almonds and Garlic Jalapeno Cashews.
  • Amazing flavored nuts in a Fun Size Crate.
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A Fistful of Flavor

The Old West was a rowdy commotion of badges, bandits, and bullets; where the Good carried out the law, and the Bad carried out the loot. But in all the banks in all the West, there were no spoils more sought after than the tongue-tootin’ belly-bootin’ bonanza of flavor known as Saloon Nuts.

The Good, the Bad, and the Nutty

Billy the Kid was a rough and tumblin’ outlaw set to hang for the murder of twenty-one men, but darned if he didn’t cry like a wagon-rocked baby for one last taste of his sweet Butter Toffee Almonds. When denied, he escaped the gallows, six-shooter in one hand, nuts in the other.

Gamblin’ Garcia amassed his fortune fixing poker hands by marking cards with the zesty residue from his Garlic Jalapeno Cashews. Though eventually discovered and dis-fingered, Garcia was more than content to keep his nuts.

Even straight-laced, sharp-shootin’ sister Annie Oakley once blasted the spectacles clean off an elderly man, warning, “If you want to keep your eyes, you best keep ‘em off my Honey Raspberry Almonds.”

And though the Sundance Kid’s rap sheet stretched longer than the Oregon Trail, his crimes were well-intentioned means to bankroll mass distribution of his family’s famed Citrus Chili Cashews.

More exciting than a stagecoach shootout and more coveted than a bathtub of moonshine, the Saloon Nuts Fun Size Crate is what made the West so wild.

Ye Olde Saloon Almonds

  • Billy's Butter Toffee Almonds
  • Annie's Honey Raspberry Almonds

Ye Olde Saloon Cashews

  • Gamblin Garcia's Garlic Jalapeno Cashews
  • Sundance's Citrus Chili Cashews


In a sealed, wooden mini crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 06/21/2017 Gary Haar Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      Absolutely Appropriate

      My daughter and son-in-law sent me the Saloon Nuts Mini Crate for Fathers Day. It arrived wrapped tightly in duct tape and I was sure they must have packaged it themselves because of my use of duct tape to fix everything (doesn't everybody?). After opening the outer box, I saw the mini crow bar and the wooden box. Upon opening the wooden box I finally saw the nuts (I love nuts of all kinds!). The gift was fun and so appropriate for me in every way.

    2. 06/16/2017 Donna Benson Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5


      Our two NY daughters order this for Dad for his birthday. Much of the fun of it is prying it open.
      It is a cute idea.
      I plan to order one for my son on his birthday.
      Realize that there is not a lot of product, one pound. $40 a pound is a bit pricy but the real fun is prying it open. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS!!

    3. 06/12/2017 Kelly Ruybalid Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      Phone Call

      I was a little confused only because I did not get a confirmation and was double checking. But it took maybe 3 minutes to get thru and everything was taken care of- they had a computer problem. They made sure I was okay with everything before hanging up. I think the concept is adorable. It's sad that people always have to complain about anything and everything.

    4. 05/17/2017 Cynthia Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      Man Up

      I am a girl, and was able to open the crate for my husband. Gift packaging was cool -- the nuts are absolutely wonderful.

      Are there options to order full pound bags of nuts?

      Great gifts, and great food.

    5. 04/12/2017 Roger Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 3


      I just received this as a gift. I did not find any "pleasure" in opening the mini crate. The top was firmly fastened and once I managed to get it off, the crate was ruined. I suggest you provide a second option with a hinged top and latch. That way you can use the crate as a small storage container (perhaps at your desk) after eating the contents. I haven't tried the nuts yet so I can't comment. I'm hoping they are good. In this case, I think you are paying more for the packaging than for the nuts. Since you ruin the packaging while opening it, I'm not sure I would recommend this item.

    6. 12/28/2016 Daniel Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 4

      It was!

      My mother-in-law bought this for me for Christmas. It was one of the most memorable parts of Christmas. I really liked the crowbar and, though I only used it to pry open the crate, it does seem sturdy enough to hold up to real-world use. I would highly recommend this gift. However, the crate may not be difficult to open. It was pretty easy for me--and this isn't just manly boasting; the lid is hot-glued to the sides, and not completely. If you want more difficulty, spring for the diabolical duct tape and/or put some nails in it yourself. The lack of difficulty is my reason for four stars.

    7. 12/11/2016 Cathy J Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      Saloon Nuts Mini Crate

      Got this for a friend of mine - he loved it!!! Where can we get more cashews? They were a huge hit! Loved the crate theme :-)

    8. 06/19/2016 Tracy Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      Want more

      My daughter got it for her step father day gift . He loved it. The nuts were excellent. Want more nuts.

    9. 06/14/2016 Jennifer Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5


      My husband loved it! We laughed as he opened it.. I will do this again. We are sending his dad one for Father's Day. I highly recommend!

    10. 02/24/2016 Christina Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5

      THE BEST

      Regardless of what anyone says this gift is outstanding! I ordered it last minute for a valentines day gift, and they were able to deliver it the next day (THANK YOU!). I was worried about the quality of the nuts, but the recipients ate them all in one day. How do we get more?! I will continue to spread the word about this awesome site, and will be ordering again soon! Thanks for this genius idea!

    11. 02/15/2016 Kristy Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 1

      Rip Off!!

      I have to say that I will not be using Man Crates ever again.
      1) There are no dimensions that I could see listed on the website for size of crate. It was definitely mini!!
      2) Website states that orders by noon will be delivered next day. Site does not reference if noon by Eastern, Pacific, or Central. Since I was right up to the minute I felt it necessary to call customer service to confirm time before paying $40 shipping. No one answers at customer service, only get answering machine. I then emailed and received a receipt of email stating someone would get back to me within 4 hours. So I gambled and hoped that I submitted in time. Luckily it did arrive by noon next day.
      3) Although I found the very small contents to be expensive and I chose to spend $40 overnight shipping because I felt the cost was justified.... that more than half the fun of the gift would be the challenge of opening the crate. However that was a HUGE disappointment. It took all of 3 seconds for him to pop off the lid. Obviously because it had only been sealed with a hot glue gun, not with wood glue or nails that would make it any challenge at all. I could flick the small beads of hot glue off with my fingers and it wasn't even applied across each edge of the lid, only 3 small random areas. Everyone was anything but impressed. Very disappointing Valentine’s Day gift. If the marketing/selling point of your crates is to challenge the recipient to open the crate you would thing that would be a priority to deliver. He did get a good laugh out of it, how they went on and on about how hard it was going to me to open it.....whatever!!



      Hi Kristy, sorry to hear about your experience with us! I do apologize for any confusion regarding our shipping times, and am glad to hear your crate arrived on time as expected. During checkout we provide delivery times based on the location that your gift is shipping to, these delivery times do take our same day shipping promise into account. We have warehouses on both coasts so PST and EST both apply to our 12 noon cutoff time. I am sorry to hear that your crate didn't arrive as tightly sealed as you expected, our crates (even the mini ones) should be tough to open and it looks like we fell short on that expectation. This is certainly something we'd like to help make right by you. Our customer service team is here available 7 days a week from 6am to 6pm Monday-Friday and from 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. We are a small team, so if you do reach our voicemail please leave a message and we'll return your call, typically within one business hour and we always respond to our emails within 4 business hours or less. Please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to and we'll do our best to help make it right!

    12. 12/31/2015 les Saloon Nuts Mini Crate 5


      How can I get more Nut's?

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 21 | Next

    5/5 for 21 Saloon Nuts Mini Crate reviews


    Dietary Information

    Note: This product may contain nuts.

    Billy's Butter Toffee Almonds - Roasted Almonds, Sugar, Butter, Salt, and Vanilla

    Annie's Honey Raspberry Almonds - Roasted Almonds, Sugar, Raspberry Flavoring, Honey, Vanilla
    Sundance's Citrus Chili Cashews - Roasted Cashews, Salt Dextrose, Spices, Onion Powder, Citric Acid, Garlic Powder, Hydroluzed Wheat, Gluten, Spice Extractive, Lemon Juice Powder, Oil of Lemon, Yeast, Extract of Paprika, Oil of Lime, Lactic Acid, and Calcium Lactate.
    Gamblin' Garcia's Garlic Jalapeno Cashews - Roasted Cashews, Jalapeno, Chili Garlic Powder, and Salt

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