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Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate

Delicious regional barbecue sauce gift collection.
  • Delicious regional barbecue sauce gift collection.
  • The Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate
  • Tangy vinegar barbecue sauce.
  • North Carolina and Kansas City hybrid bbq sauce.
  • South Carolina Mustard Sauce
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The Battle for Barbecue

Every southern gentleman knows there are three topics to absolutely avoid at the dinner table: politics, religion, and barbecue.

“True Barbecue” has been politicized by regional allegiances that run thicker than a Kansas City tomato sauce, and the “wrong” spelling of barbecue or barbeque or bbq can lead to poor service, or worse, poor barbecue.

But barbecue plurality shouldn’t be a bad thing; the more, the meatier, right? Despite their differences, each region is firmly committed to flavor, and the Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate celebrates the great diversity of barbecue styles from across this great nation.

The Best of the Best

We ate our weight in slow-cooked barbecue doused in dozens of different sauces in an effort to crown our four favorites from around the country. The results were as surprising as they were satisfying:

Bone Doctor’s Carolina Bold: Steering clear of the tomato in classic Eastern North Carolina barbecue fashion, this finishing sauce has a zesty apple cider vinegar base. With a kick and a tickle, this bare-bones sauce is the best we’ve found for cutting through slow-cooked pork.

Pork Barrel Original: This award-winning flavor baster combines the spicy tang of traditional Kansas City Barbecue with the subtle twang of Memphis Barbecue. It’s strong, smoky flavor makes it an all-purpose sauce, great on any and every type of meat.

Stuart and Co. Cherry Bomb: A hybrid of North Carolina and Kansas City style, this small batch sauce deviates from the beaten path with contributions from cherry, bourbon, and chipotle pepper. Pour it on jerk chicken, venison, and duck for a sweet and spicy time.

Lillie’s Q Carolina Gold: There’s gold in this here barbecue sauce, a tangy mustard and vinegar keeping with traditional South Carolina Barbecue. A balanced blend of 15 ingredients with a peppery finish, this sauce was made for slathering on pork and chicken.

No doubt the regional barbecue rivalry will rage on, but the Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate has taught us that sometimes it’s more beneficial to take every side.

Award-Winning Sauces

  • Bone Doctor’s Carolina Bold
  • Pork Barrel Original
  • Stuart and Co. Cherry Bomb
  • Lillie’s Q Carolina Gold


In a sealed, wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/3/2016 Kammy Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate 5

      Amazing Gift

      I got this for my husband for our one year anniversary and he absolutely loved it! I added in the Mount Rubsmore gift set that had the 4 Presidential rubs and he loved all of it. It took him some time to open the crate but he said the sauces inside were definitely worth it! Favorite flavor was the Carolina Gold with the Chery Bomb at a close second! Thank you Man Crates!!

    5/5 for 1 Regional Barbecue Sauce Crate reviews
    Great gift tool set for guys.

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