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Morning Glory Crate

A people free to choose will always choose the Morning Glory Man Crate.
  • A people free to choose will always choose the Morning Glory Man Crate.
  • A smoothie is only an acceptable breakfast option if your jaw is wired shut from eating too many pancakes.
  • Skip breakfast, what's next? Skip the Constitution? No, thank you.
  • We are never defeated unless we give up on bacon.
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It's Morning in America

America was once the promised land of breakfast abundance. Flapjacks stacked high as skyscrapers, children frolicking in sprinklers of sweet maple syrup, and an unsubsiding sizzle of bacon and eggs from diners on every corner.

But we turned our backs on breakfast, America. We started counting calories instead of pancake toppings, traded forks and knives for smoothie straws, and let the catchy jingles of deranged cereal mascots turn our kids into sugar zombies, all in the name of convenience.

Wake up, America, and re-experience the supreme strength and satisfaction of a glorious morning meal.

Breakfast is the Breakfast of Champions

93% of Americans consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, but only 44% of Americans eat breakfast every day. According to statistics, 49% of Americans aren’t real Americans.

Kick start your day with a tall-stack of marionberry-drizzled, protein-infused Power Cakes, or basically the A-Team in pancake form. Every delicious flapjack is packed with enough testosterone to immediately disqualify you from any professional sporting league.

And the Batter Blaster produces perfect pancakes with just a simple squeeze, so making Power Cakes is as easy as making them disappear. Chew on that, Communism!

Bring Our Country Back for Seconds

Over 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day, and our great country is $18 trillion in debt. Coincidence? We think not.

We dusted off the greatest tools of the once great breakfast era: A set of egg rings to impose order upon those runny whites, the cast-iron bacon press to keep the heat fully on the meat, and a wooden bacon flipper, because tongs are clumsy and chopsticks are hard.

A hopeful future begins with a hearty breakfast prepared by the Morning Glory Crate.

Patriotic Pancakes

  • Protein-packed Power Cakes
  • Batter Dispenser
  • Marionberry Syrup

Heat Handlers

  • Cast-iron Bacon Press
  • Metal Egg Rings
  • Custom Bacon Flipper


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 10/3/2017 Rj Morning Glory Crate 5


      My Dad had a blast opening this crate for his 77th Birthday. He said he thought it may take until his 78th to get it open! Ha ha ha!!

      My Dad loves pancakes and was SO thrilled to receive this gift. Thank you for making "man gifts." This is the 3rd and all the men in my life have been pleased!

    2. 06/29/2017 Wes Hardy Morning Glory Crate 5

      Fathers Day 2017

      Received the Mancrate with Kodiak power cakes and Marionberry syrup. Everything was perfect. Love the cakes and the syrup. Thank you to our daughter for such a wonderful gift. Love you Baby Girl

    3. 04/12/2017 Kelly Morning Glory Crate 5

      Great Birthday gift

      Sent this to my father for his birthday and he loved it. I think he was groaning, thinking I was sending him another fitness gadget. He got a workout opening the crate, which he thought was really fun and was psyched with the Morning Glory contents! He loves pancakes and hasn't had a good one in a long time. Great gift ideas for a really difficult to buy for man!

    4. 03/29/2017 Karen Kreh Morning Glory Crate 5

      AWESOME Birthday Gift!!

      We sent to our son for his Birthday and he LOVED it. The video of opening the crate was priceless and a HUGE hit! The only challenge - the bacon tongs - he pulled them out of the box and they snapped. This will not be our last order with Man Crates!


      Hey there Karen, sorry to hear about the bacon tongs! Please give us a buzz so that we can get on replacing those tongs ASAP!! You can reach us at 866-902-7260. Glad to hear that everything else went off without a hitch!

      Head Customer Champion
      Team Man Crates

    5. 02/15/2017 Jessica Hayden Morning Glory Crate 5

      Bacon tongs

      My husband received this crate as a Christmas present from my parents. He loves it other then the Bacon tongs. They broke only on his second use. Everything else is fine. The batter and syrup were amazingly good.

    6. 04/8/2016 Rachel Morning Glory Crate 5

      Great birthday present

      My best friend loved this crate! I got it for her for her birthday and she had a blast opening it with not a splinter in sight. She loves the bacon press. She believes that bacon is too heavenly for earth, and that is why God created bacon shrinkage. Thank the lord she doesn't have to deal with it anymore!

    7. 02/15/2016 kellie Morning Glory Crate 5

      Sooo...MY better half is hooked on man crates!!

      This was the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it!!! He loved the pancakes and the syrup...and it was an added bonus that it was all good for him...since he does workout and watches what he eats. I will definitely be spoiling him with more man crates in the future. He loved the crate too!!!

    8. 02/11/2016 Jason Morning Glory Crate 5

      Awesome Gift

      my wife got this for me for Christmas. We have a tradition of making pancakes on Sundays, it works perfectly!

    9. 01/24/2016 Pamela Morning Glory Crate 5

      Not Just For Men

      My friend got this for me and my boyfriend. He loved the challenge of opening the box, and we both love what was inside! We make breakfast together a lot and have already used everything. And the bacon press is so nice that we actually use it as decoration in our kitchen in between uses. The pancakes were delicious and the syrup was a nice change from maple! This was such a fun gift to open.

    10. 01/22/2016 Dawn Morning Glory Crate 5

      Great gift for that "hard to buy for" person

      Instead of sending my Dad a gift card for Christmas, I really wanted something unique that he could open. This fit the bill PERFECTLY! He enjoyed receiving the crate (and kept the crate itself) as well as the products inside. He told me they were quality items and the pancake mix and syrup were delish! I'm very happy that I found this and that he enjoyed it as much as he did. I will be purchasing more for other family members!

    11. 01/8/2016 Lois Metzger Morning Glory Crate 5

      What a Surprise!

      My husband, 86, received the crate for Christmas but couldn't wait so he opened it when it arrived and said how do I open this. I just told him that he could call and get instructions and he looked at me like I was crazy. The challenge was on and I knew he would never ask for help. He had fun opening it but the syrup bottle was broken in it's box and went all over his clothes when he opened that cardboard box, but he loved it. And when the trout crate arrived he was thrilled. I plan to send my little brother, 6'2" a crate wrapped in duck tape for his 67th birthday in April. Ha! Ha! I'll tell him if he has trouble don't feel bad it's probably because of his age!


    12. 01/8/2016 Jessica Morning Glory Crate 5

      Mornings Just Got Better!

      I got this crate for my dad for Christmas and he loved it! He is a big breakfast cooker so this was absolutely perfect for him.

      It was great to watch him open the crate on Christmas morning. It added a whole new level of excitement that normal wrapping paper and boxes just don't have! I sent a quick email to customer service and they replied almost instantly. Even with the little mishap it was still perfect. Customer Service was amazing and my dad loved his gift.

      I've been recommending Man Crates to all my friends and I will definitely continue to buy them!

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 55 | Next

    5/5 for 55 Morning Glory Crate reviews
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