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Snack Sensei Crate

The Snack Sensei Crate. Enjoy with courage and bravery.
  • The Snack Sensei Crate. Enjoy with courage and bravery.
  • It's like a techno-rainbow of candy fruit salad.
  • As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, eat their snacks and unlock their secrets in an attempt to best them.
  • Like Daniel-san waxing cars to learn karate, the journey to snack mastery is a bit bizarre.
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Land of the Rising Snacks

We’re not sure how timezones work, but we're starting to think Japan might be more than just a few hours ahead of us...375 mph bullet trains, oddly-pleasurable Smart Toilets, and of course, highly-innovative snack flavors.

Since samurai first invented the mid-battle mini-meal known as the "snack," Japanese culture has been pumping out deliciously outrageous flavor combinations that make America’s Taco Bell/Dorito “Frankenstein Tacos” taste like boring oatmeal.

The Way of the Snackmurai

Like a deshi bowing to his sensei, we’ve been intensely studying these sense-bewildering snacks in an attempt to unlock their secrets. Our scientific findings: the Snack Sensei Crate is absolutely delicious.

We hand-selected the absolute best chips, cookies, and candies from our copious taste tests. The Meiji Watapachi Melon Soda tastes like a cotton-candy tornado sucked up a Pop Rocks factory, and the Shigekix Sour Energy Gummies have the sour power of sucking on a sugary the best of ways.

The English language doesn’t have words for all these flavors, but we can confidently say they taste like the future.

Embrace the Mystery

How hyper-intelligent is the snack technology of the Snack Sensei Crate? They have chocolate cookies that look like cheeseburgers! American fast food can’t even consistently make cheeseburgers that look like cheeseburgers. (We’re looking at you McDonald’s.)

We also discovered one of the candies has an edible wrapper! We’ll reserve for you the excitement of discovering which one through trial and error.

The Sensei Crate presents the most colorfully-designed and confusingly-delicious snacks on either side of the Pacific. The only mystery that remains: are you braver than a Japanese schoolboy?

Mysteries of the East

  • Hapi Boton Rice Candy
  • Kracie Hello Panda Double Chocolate 
  • Meiji Apollo Choco 48G
  • Super Soda Gum
  • Assorted Hi-Chews

The Snackmurai

  • Calbee Seaweed Chips
  • Hapi Ramen Crunch
  • Glico Chocolate Pocky
  • Everyburger Cookies
  • Bourbon Kikori No Kirikabu


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 02/7/2016 Jessy Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Would happily buy again

      It was hard to say what my favorite snack in this crate was. I loved the matcha pocky and the ramen crunch especially. I don't think there was one item in here I didn't find enjoyable.

    2. 02/2/2016 annie Snack Sensei Crate 5


      My Husband loved this, it was fun from getting the box to opening the create to enjoying his treats. I felt the quality was good and it was exactly what was advertised. I will be buying from this site again.

    3. 01/26/2016 Christina Snack Sensei Crate 5

      My 15 Yr Old Bro Loved it

      Gave this to my 15 year old brother for xmas... he flipped out and immediately tried to open it... all Christmas present opening stopped for the whole family, as we watched him try to open it for like 2 mins... then I gave him the crow He actually really enjoyed the challenge of opening the crate, and it gave him a sense of pride that he opened his MAN CRATE. He liked it so much that he kept the lid with the logo to put up in his room.

    4. 01/14/2016 Aaron Snack Sensei Crate 5


      My 19 year old son, who is a gamer and a general all-around dork from the Pokemon old school, was thrilled with this. He ate even the truly odd-ball snacks without hesitation--and he's generally not an adventurous eater. And of course he loved the process of un-crating his snacks and is now the proud owner of his own mini crow-bar.

    5. 12/28/2015 Amanda Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Something just for fun

      This crate met the just for fun portion of my husband's Christmas presents. Nice variety of Japanese snacks. A great way to introduce another culture into our mundane one.

    6. 12/26/2015 Katie Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Authentically pleasing

      In the interest of gender equality, I bought this crate for my sister-in-law (after having bought The Crate Outdoors for my brother). The two of them enjoyed a study abroad program in Japan a few years back, so they're quite familiar with the *ahem* diversity of their snacking style. Every snack in this crate has their stamp of approval as authentically Japanese AND tasty to our Western palates. Good picking there Man Crates!

    7. 12/25/2015 john ballantyne3 Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Very Well Received at Christmas

      This Christmas gift for my veterinarian brother was a huge hit! As others have reported, the man crate packaging is super and the Sensaei snacks inside were the rave of everyone in his house.

    8. 12/10/2015 Lee Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Snack Ninjas!

      I sent this crate to my boss as a Christmas gift because we had spent quite a bit of time in Japan and we both enjoyed the snacks we found there. This crate had a great variety of authentic Japanese snacks and my boss said he had a wonderful time opening it, too. It was a big hit for him and his family!

    9. 10/25/2015 Lara Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Great gift

      I sent this to my brother for his birthday and he totally loved it. He liked the whole crate concept and the snacks were really random but cool.

    10. 10/23/2015 Miki Lynn Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Total Hit

      This was the perfect gift for my son, from packaging to selection of contents The theme suits his interest in Anime and all things eastern. There was a wide and interesting collection, and he can munch them without interrupting the video game marathon. Great Product, Great Company!

    11. 07/29/2015 Lena Lane Snack Sensei Crate 5

      Snacking Nirvana!

      I received this crate as a surprise gift today (complete with duct tape wrapping) and I love it! The crate was overflowing with colorfully packaged treats that were seriously delicious. I really liked the seaweed crisps and the matcha covered soybeans! My co-workers are jealous, and I'm snacking like royalty. Thanks, Man Crates!

    5/5 for 11 Snack Sensei Crate reviews
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