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The High Roller

This is how we ball!
  • This is how we ball!
  • Now we ballin!
  • Decks of cards...used for ballin!
  • None more classy! These stones keep your beverage cold!
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Bold Moves

Ever wanted to shake the hand of an evil genius? Cracking open the High Roller Crate is the closest you can get without booking a flight to North Korea.

If Dr. No and Magneto wagered the Western Hemisphere on a game of war, this is the set of playing cards they'd use. It's the set Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin use to play 'go-fish' for political dissidents, and the set that Keyser Söze brings out for poker night.

Because that grubby deck from your last Pan-Am flight just won’t do when the the fate of the free world- or next month's rent- is at stake.

Riddle Me This

The Greek Sphinx trapped travellers with stultifying mind games for their very lives- a lethal battle of wits with everything on the line. She is the original evil genius, the queen of mental warfare, the patron of the aggressive no-limit poker player.

So the next time that bean-counter Craig check-raises you at your home game, and you push him all in, it will be the Sphinx smiling up at you from your drinking hand.  When he grudgingly mutters about luck and tosses his hand away, it will be her tallying your victories in the cosmic ledgers of evil-genius karma.

In addition to the beautifully etched Sphinx glasses and flask, this set includes a set of extra large, genuine soapstone whiskey rocks to keep your drink chilled, a polished two-cigar case to safehouse your Cubans, and felt and slate drink coasters to protect your West Indian mahogany or Ikea assembled gaming table from water rings.

Everyone knows water rings on your furniture are the hallmark of the plebeian class.

So take your seat at the movers and shakers table, because fortune favors the bold.  The early bird catches the worm.  It takes money to make money. Don't squander another second, get your High Roller crate now.

Gambler's Gauntlet

  • Original 'Honor Guard' Playing Cards
    Printed exclusively for Man Crates by the USPCC
  • Original 'Generalissimo' Playing Cards
    Printed exclusively for Man Crates by the USPCC

Maniacal Equipment

  • 2 Evil Genius Sphinx Glasses
  • 2 oversized whiskey soapstone rocks
  • 2 felt and slate coasters
  • Stainless steel cigar case
  • Evil Genius Sphinx black matte flask


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instrustions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 02/14/2016 Natosha Evans The High Roller 5

      Best Valentine Day Ever

      My husband love his crate. He cheated and opened it from the bottom, where that wasn't any glue. LOL!! thank you so much. Will be ordering from you again in the future!!

    2. 12/27/2015 Michele The High Roller 5

      My Husband Loved This!

      I got this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loved it! He used the glasses and the whiskey stones that night.It was his favorite gift of the day big hit!!!

    3. 12/24/2015 First Time Purchaser The High Roller 4

      What could it possibly be!?!

      I got this package as a Christmas gift for my dad. As he explains it, he arrived home to a box with no markings on it. Given the condition of the world (ISIL) he immediately got suspicious and took the box to the shed (he lives in the country... really a box from ISIL? LOL). He used the crowbar and even pulled out his hammer... He loved the process of opening it and the gift inside!!! IT was such a hit that he couldn't even wait until Christmas to open the box. I will definitely be using you in the future.

    4. 12/16/2015 Shelby The High Roller 5

      All in the family

      Sent this to my Nephew who is a avid Poker player. He loved the challenge of opening the crate to find great gifts for his bachelor pad .

    5. 10/14/2015 Unknown The High Roller 5


      All the groomsmen loved the idea and the items inside. It was fun watching them trying to open up the crates. There was a struggle but after a bit they were a success.

    6. 05/13/2015 Shenica Jackson The High Roller 5


      I got my husband this yesterday for his Bday and everyone man in the room went crazy needless to say there were some wives getting the side eye from husbands wandering why they never got a Man Crate lol! Everything exceeded our expectations i've referred so many people to you for Father's Day because my hard to please husband that has everyhting and hates girly gifts was very satisfied You guys made me the Wife of the Year lol.Thank You so much I will be ordering again very soon

    7. 12/30/2014 kathie The High Roller 5

      High Roller

      Wow! I got this gift for our yearly "White Elephant/Thief" gift exchange...HUGE hit! The roar in the house was thunderous when everyone realized how the gift had to be opened. My nephew went insane and couldn't believe all the goodies packed inside! It was more than a gift, it was an experience everyone will remember for a very long time!

      Thank you ManCrates!

    8. 12/25/2014 Kandace The High Roller 5

      Great product!!

      I bought the High Roller Man Crate for my father for Christmas & he loves it! He's already using the glasses, whiskey rocks & coasters. Everything is great quality. I will be ordering again!

    9. 12/3/2014 Morgan The High Roller 5

      Brother Loved It!

      My brother is in the Navy and wouldn't be in for Christmas so I gave it to him during Thanksgiving and he absolutely loved it! We're a card playing family so I'm sure he'll use the two decks he got. He's a fan of whiskey too and was really excited about the flask!

    10. 11/17/2014 Katie The High Roller 5

      Love seeing new things

      I check your site regularly to see if there are any new crates up. Love seeing new things! This will probably be in my purchases for this Christmas!! I think this is such a great idea and makes shopping for the men in my life much easier. I was wondering if you could do something like a tool man crate? My dad would really enjoy something like that. Keep up the good work!

    5/5 for 10 The High Roller reviews
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