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Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate

Give him an easy, delicious mixology app.
  • Give him an easy, delicious mixology app.
  • Awesome cocktail set for perfect drinks.
  • Great tools for the home bar.
  • Follow simple instructions to make over 300 cocktail recipes.
  • App works with Apple and Android products.
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Let The Good Times Flow

Whether you’re hosting a hip rooftop kickback or planning your space colony’s moon-warming celebration, your party will live or die by the atmosphere you create. The most important factor for achieving Maximum Party is procuring a solid Drink DJ.

The best Drink DJ’s can masterfully draw from a comprehensive rolodex of cocktails to accommodate all ages: from Grandpappy’s Sherry Cobbler to that one obscure, “mind-blowing” drink your cousin tried once while studying abroad in Europe and will not shut up about.

The best Drink DJ in the industry hands down is the Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate, because it knows your Auntie Fonda won’t have fun until she’s gotten spun, son.

Worth The Weight

Turn the tables with Stir Mix-A-Lot feat. Perfect Drink Scale, a trusty bluetooth scale that filters through over 300 craft cocktail recipes based on your liquor cabinet’s offerings.

The Perfect Drink Scale tethers to any smart device and measure each ingredient as you pour to maximize taste. Its visual display even readjusts to account for scaled serving sizes, accidental over-pouring, and personal preferences of drink strength. Simply pour until you hear Perfect Drink Scale drop a resoundingly accurate DING!

Shake Things Up

Stir Mix-A-Lot also brings all the gear you’ll need to keep you bar looking sleek and on fleek: a combo lemon zester/channel knife to double up flavor; a 16 oz. cocktail shaker to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy booze; a rubber hex tray for ice cubes that will thaw til the break of dawn; and a party animal bottle spout so cool that when you break it out, even white boys got to shout.

Keep the cocktails flowing and the party going with the ultimate Drink DJ, Stir Mix-A-Lot.

Perfect Drink Scale

  • Over 300 step-by-step cocktail recipes
  • Real Time Measurements
  • Auto-weight Adjustment Technology
  • iOS and Android Compatible

Bartending Tools

  • Hex Ice Cube Tray
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Muddler
  • Lemon Zester/Channel Knife
  • Animal Bottle Pourer


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 02/5/2016 Tara Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate 5

      Gift for BIL

      They seemed very pleased

    2. 01/5/2016 DV Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate 5

      Loved it!

      I gave my fiance this crate for Christmas since he always said he wanted to learn how to be a bartender. It's a creative, fun, and thoughtful gift...he loved it!

    3. 12/25/2015 Leavi Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate 5 Perfect

      I bought this for my fiance as a Christmas gift. It quicker than I had expected (awesome shipping and processing). I could not wait to see him open it. Finally, Christmas Day he tore through the wrapping paper. He got to the box and was confused for a minute. "What am I supposed to do?" I told him we could look at the directions but he's a guy and guys don't need directions. So eventually he got it open and absolutely loved it. It came with quality-made items and lived up to it's hype. The Man Crate is definitely a worthwhile purchase. I highly recommend this awesome concept, even for the manliest of men. Thanks Man Crate Makers People!

    4. 11/19/2015 Angela Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate 5

      Super Fun!

      Awesome crate, was a party hit!

    5/5 for 4 Stir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate reviews
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