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The Crate Outdoors

Earn your badge in Relaxing Outdoors with the Crate Outdoors.
  • Earn your badge in Relaxing Outdoors with the Crate Outdoors.
  • The Outdoor Hammock. Learn your knots well, or feel the pain.
  • The Dukuj Water Bottle is the only official duct tape holder that carries water. Mark Watney would be proud.
  • Grandpa's done it again! Grandpa's Firefork is portable and practical!
  • Upgrade your wilderness stay to the Penthouse Forest Suite!
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King of the Campground

You may know a survival savant, a man who crochets sleeping bags out of shedded snake skin and can start a fire with nothing but toothpicks and an intimidating stare. You may also know a camping clown who asks where he can plug in his electric razor. Whichever man he is, this gift is for him.

The Crate Outdoors is our way of leveling the outdoor playing field, ensuring every man can easily make his home in the hinterland. Whether he’s looking to roast squirrels on a stick or just crack a few beers and relax, this is the all-in-one gift for communing with nature at large.

Hang Above the Rest

He hasn’t experienced total outdoor relaxation until he’s lived the high life, levitating between two sturdy pines in the Easy Traveler Hammock. Picture a sunset stroked across the sky, the breeze tickling his face, and a skulk of hangry foxes swiping up at him with complete and utter futility. Nothing better. Book him a reservation to the high life for his next camping excursion.

Forest Gadgetry

The Crate Outdoors is the pack leader in camping competence and versatility. He can collapse the Claurus pocket light into a flashlight or dangle it above his hammock to flood the forest with lantern illumination.

He’ll also receive the gift of survival in every situation with the duct tape housing Dukuj Water Bottle. He’ll never be more than an arm’s reach away from the most rudimentary sustainer of life...and also water.

The Man Crates "Complete And Exhaustive Knot Tying Encyclopedia of All Knots in Existence (abridged version)" will transform him into a winding and binding rope wrangler. We’ve also included Grandpa’s Firefork, so he can upgrade any ordinary stick into a high-tech marshmallow roaster, weenie rotator, or two-pronged bear prodder.

Equip him to experience the fullness of the world around him with the Crate Outdoors.

Camping Contraptions

  • Easy Traveler Hammock
    (Grab Bag of green, red, or blue)
  • Claurus Lamp/Flashlight
  • Dukuj Water Bottle + Duct Tape

Wilderness Tricks

  • Grandpa's Firefork
  • Colored Camo Paracord
  • Knot Tying Book


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 06/8/2016 Alicia The Crate Outdoors 5

      Awesome, but be prepared

      I ordered this Man Crate for my husband's birthday. We are set to go camping in a week so he was very excited. It was manly, funny, and awesome. Only down side is that the hammock can only hold 250 lb so he can't sit in it. Something to be aware of. Oops.

    2. 01/21/2016 Mary A. The Crate Outdoors 5

      Crate Outdoors is AWESOME!!

      I bought my husband this crate for his birthday which is actually on Christmas Day. He loved it. Perfect for camping, kayaking and anything outdoors. Loved the crate and watching him crack it open! Highly recommend!

    3. 01/7/2016 Erin The Crate Outdoors 5

      So fun!

      I got this for my husband, he loved everything about it - even the fact that I paid a little extra for the duct taped presentation. Plus, it was super quick shipping, despite being right before the holidays. I'm definitely going to be using Man Crates again :-p

    4. 12/30/2015 ashley The Crate Outdoors 5

      Great Gift

      I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. We love camping and all the stuff in it is high quality and very useful.

    5. 12/28/2015 Patrick The Crate Outdoors 5

      Better Than A Gift Card

      My brother lives out in Colorado and enjoys spending times in the outdoors. Typically, I'll get him a gift card to REI or some other outfitter to buy what he wants.
      This year I wanted to do something a bit different and came across Man Crates. It was the perfect gift from presentation to products. The look on his face when opened and saw the pry bar was classic. These gifts are definitely something your family members wouldn't expect but they will enhoy receiving. This may become a yearly tradition for me.

    6. 12/28/2015 Robynn The Crate Outdoors 5

      Perfect Gift

      My boyfriend loved this crate. It had the ideal gifts for a camping trip or fun on the go!

    7. 12/26/2015 Katie The Crate Outdoors 4

      Happy Camper

      I ordered this crate for my brother, who goes camping once monthly regardless of weather conditions. He was elated about the hammock and paracord, pretty impressed with the cooking forks and water bottle, and indifferent about the flashlight/lantern.
      His response to the booklet of knots was as follows, verbatim: "They must have done away with a couple hundred after the Boy Scouts."

      I think he was probably a little irritated at the effort required to actually pry open the crate, as they are sealed with a LIBERAL application of glue instead of with nails, but his struggle was half of the enjoyment for me and my family :)

    8. 12/26/2015 Rachel The Crate Outdoors 5

      Total man validation!

      I bought this crate for my husband for Christmas this year. Not only was he comping at the bit to open his crate under the tree, but he LOVED every outdoor adventure product he got! He completely abandoned his old water bottle and now uses this one everywhere, because he said it's way manlier. Even if your guy already has some of these items, they are all ones that he could never have enough of!

    9. 11/25/2015 Roberta The Crate Outdoors 5

      He Loves it!

      I brought this box for my boyfriend's birthday. He has been talking about camping/hunting this season and really wanted a hammock. This crate was perfect and he loved it!! Definitely worth the price!!

    10. 10/11/2015 Jeff The Crate Outdoors 5

      Great Crate!

      I just received this for my Wedding Anniversary, and It is Awesome, you get a mini crowbar, and get to open a crate. It was as exciting as getting a Leg Lamp in a crate that says "Fraagille" on it! All the stuff is something that I can use, and I can't wait to use it. Awesome gift, and now I have a mini crowbar to add to my tool kit.

    5/5 for 10 The Crate Outdoors reviews
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