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Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

The Beard Wrangler Crate.
  • The Beard Wrangler Crate.
  • Beard Shampoo Bar and Oil
  • Top Notch Beard Grooming Supplies
  • Renegade Shave Beard Balm
  • Boar-bristle Beard Grooming Brush.
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It's Just A Beard...

There’s no denying the beard has become the top face accessory of the twenty-first century. Beards currently sit atop the mythos of masculinity right next to Zeus and Chuck Norris, both of which are only there because of their beards.

But with this widespread reverence for rugged-chic has come a good deal of bad science about the benefits of beard growth. We’re here to temper expectations and set the record straight:

Things Beards Will Not Do:

  • Make you utterly irresistible
  • Qualify you as an expert on politics, the economy, philosophy, etc...
  • Fell trees with a single stare
  • Legally serve as a motorcycle license

Things Beards Will Do:

  • Look good sometimes
  • Become dry and itchy
  • Smell, not necessarily good
  • Store crumbs for "future face-follicle foraging"
  • Wash under waterfalls photogenically

Clean, Sheen, Facial Hygiene

Beards are natural; the most natural conclusion of the male condition. But some beards in their natural state look like a tangled monstrosity that could’ve been pulled out of a shower drain or coughed up by the neighborhood stray.

Renegade Shave rears even the most unyielding beards into their most presentable, pro-scentable form whilst still preserving the beard’s rebellious strength and spirit.

Handcrafted in the USA with 100% natural organic oils and a satchel of various hippy seeds, Renegade’s premium shampoo bar, beard oil, and beard balm will shape any nappy nest into a magnificent, moisturized face mane, sprightly to the nose and supple to the touch.

We’ve also included a shave towel which works for its exact opposite-stated purpose, and a boar-bristled brush that’s excels in hair care because it is hair.

The beard doesn’t make the man, but it is a literal extension of the man. Give some polish and poise to the furriest of face friends with the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate.

Renegade Regimen

  • Renegade Beard Shampoo Bar
  • Renegade Beard Balm
  • Renegade Beard Oil

Tangle Tamers

  • Boar-Bristle Beard Brush
  • Hand Towel


In a sealed, wooden mini crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 07/4/2017 Mark K Florence Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      My wife's favorite!

      I really enjoyed the beard oil and balm! My wife likes the smell on me which makes it even more awesome as I am almost done with it, I would like buy some more. Is this possible?


      Hey there Mark,

      We can hook you up with some refills, give us a call and we'll do our best to make it happen! 866.902.7260

      Team Man Crates

    2. 06/26/2017 Adam Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Only one problem

      I received this crate as a gift and I am very happy with all the products included. If it ever becomes available again I will probably buy myself one.

      Here's the problem: All the beard care products included are branded "Renegade Shave" but I can't find anything useful about that brand anywhere online. Who makes these things are where can I buy them now that Man Crates isn't selling the crate anymore? The must be private labeled. If anyone at Man Crates can drop me a little line with a hint that would be super-awesome!

    3. 04/16/2017 Stacey Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      A complete hit!

      He loved the crate and everything in it. He was totally surprised and thrilled.

    4. 02/20/2017 Miranda Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Smells like Man Spirit

      Bought this for Valentine's day and he absolutely was head over beard for the whole crate. From the opening of the precious cargo (which, thankfully, was not as easy as I feared) to trying out each item, every part was magical. I love the smell of it as well and can tell that the oil and balm will last quite a long time.

    5. 01/26/2017 Danae Smith Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Mountain Man LOVED it!

      I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas who looks like your stereotypical lumberjack. He definitely got a kick out of the packaging but the products inside were perfect. Everything in this kit smells SO good and his beard is the softest ever. Love love love it! :)

    6. 01/20/2017 Unknown Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 4

      Duck Tape Novelty wasn't worth the money

      Loved the products inside, but the crate was definitely not hard to open. Also, the 'diabolical duck tape' was not worth the extra $10. It is one layer of small strips of tape that kept him out of the box for less than 5 seconds. I would have been better off buying a roll of tape and wrapping it up myself. I would order another one if the crate met expectations.

    7. 12/13/2016 Sheila Crawford Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Hubby loved it

      My sister got this for my husband for Christmas. He loved it. I did laugh because he had a bit of a problem getting the crate open, but was well rewarded. He loves the products.

    8. 11/21/2016 Michelle Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Birthday Gift

      I got this for my husband for his birthday he loves it, so do I his beard is even more beautiful using the soap and oil.

    9. 11/3/2016 Audrey Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      More than just a pretty face

      Not only did my boyfriend LOVE the idea of this crate, the products actually work REALLY WELL. As soon as the box was open (which, had already given him the gift of an ego boost) he rushed off to the bathroom to try it out. His beard was the softest it has ever been! I didn't know it was even possible. The box also arrived exactly on time. Thank you Man Crates for the best anniversary gift ever!

    10. 09/20/2016 Chelsea Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5

      Perfect and useful

      I got this for my boyfriend, who is in the phase of having a beard, and he is in love with it, he is also is obsessed with anything "manly", he absolutely loved this present I got it delivered right to him for his birthday, he loved trying to open the crate, it took him a little bit, when he finally opened the gift he seemed genuinely thrilled, everything in the crate smelled great and I guess works well? (idk a beard looks like a beard to me) this is the second man crate I have ordered and I have had great experiences both time, It doesn't say how big this mini crate is so for reference I think it was like 6 inches each way (obviously it's a cube) so it is small, but small isn't bad! What I really love about man crates is that it truly is things that men love and gives us women an option other than watches or cologne to buy our guys, the crates not only look cool but what comes in them are actually useful or fun! I will continue to order and hope every crate is as great as the ones I have gotten so far!

    11. 08/29/2016 Nannette Murphy1924 Beard Wrangler Mini Crate 5


      I bought his product for my son's 34th birthday. He has a great beard (like his father's). I have bought other products, but he likes this the best. Wish you have refills.

    5/5 for 11 Beard Wrangler Mini Crate reviews
    Number of things that can’t be fixed with duct tape or WD-40: 0.

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