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City Everyday Carry Cigar Box

Awesome daily essentials for the city life
  • Awesome daily essentials for the city life
  • Kershaw knife and multi-tool, titanium wallet, and keyring lighter.
  • Minimalist wallet that opens bottles.
  • Awesome Kershaw multitool keyring screwdriver.
  • The City Everyday Carry comes in an authentic, recycled cigar box.
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The Things He Carries

What a man carries everyday speaks measures to his individual style, unique interests, and preparedness to handle the world around him. If you happen to know a metropolitan man who is lacking individual uniquestyle, unique interests, or any semblance of preparedness, we’ve got some great news for you.

The City Everyday Carry is the perfect gift for injecting some functional personality into his day-to-day.

Big City Dreams, little tiny wallet.

In the land of bar-hopping and bus routes, minimalism is key; the less you have, the less you’ll accidentally leave behind.

We’ve discovered the perfect urban wallet to keep cards and cash bundled together to maximize pocket storage efficiency and minimize the unflattering “billfold butt bulge”. This titanium wallet is stronger than adamantium, and is useful as a bottle opener even if he’s strapped for cash.

The Kershaw Scrambler folding knife is the perfect pocket pal for city living. We can no longer count on our fingers how many times this knife has come in handy, but we can still count on all ten of our fingers thanks to its speed-safe assisted open and frame lock function.

One Keyring To Rule Them All

The bright lights of the city don’t hold a candle to the TRUE keyring lighter, a two-inch refillable capsule lighter that’ll never leave your side. He can sway back and forth at concerts, ward off flesh-hungry Night Pigeons, or offer a light like a true gentleman.

And his other newest keyring addition: the K-Tool, a stylish, steel multi-tool with a bottle-opener, flathead screwdriver, and sharp, pointy end for all puncture-related tasks like opening boxes and performing emergency sidewalk surgery.

All of this is delivered in an authentic, recycled cigar box, so when he’s not in the streets, he can store his gadgets in a classy, penthouse suite.

Line his pockets with the City Everyday Carry, all the slick essentials he’ll need to carve out his place in the concrete jungle.

Daily Essentials

  • Titanium Minimalist Wallet
  • Kershaw Scrambler Folding Knife
  • TRUE Firestash Keyring Lighter
  • Kershaw Multi-Tool


In an authentic, recycled cigar box that may have been previously used by an esteemed world leader.

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    Product Reviews

    1. 12/27/2015 NaDia City Everyday Carry Cigar Box 5

      Best Christmas Gift!

      I decided to get this for my husband as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loved it! The box it came in was fun, but the inside is what he really loved. The knife being his favorite! Well worth your money!

    2. 10/29/2015 Aimee City Everyday Carry Cigar Box 5

      He loved it...

      Ok, super funny story. My husband works as a training manager for the prison here in Salt Lake. It is our anniversary so I decided to send this to him at his work without thinking anything of the fact that I had it sent in the Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon with the message "WHAT'S IN THE BOX"..... Long story short, after they decided against calling in the bomb squad, and his buddies all returned to the building, he absolutely loved it. Best stinkin' gift idea ever!! Thanks for making this stuff so fun :)

    5/5 for 2 City Everyday Carry Cigar Box reviews
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