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The Adam Carolla Crate

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A Manliness Starter Kit 

Curated with help from the man himself, the Carolla Crate is like a deliverable lesson in manliness.

Front and center in the crate is a bottle of Mangria, Adam's signature beverage. Sweet and tasty—it's got "aromas of plum, cherry, blackberry, orange and citrus"— it hides an awesome 20.9% ABV surprise. Think of it like a 1975 VW Rabbit with a 600 hp small block under the hood: appearances can be deceiving.

Speaking of cars, we included a gear shift bottle stopper in the (unlikely) event that you open the bottle but don't finish it, or just want to row through gears on your couch while making noises like an Aston Martin DB9.

There are two laser-etched Mangria glasses just like the ones Adam uses in the (again unlikely) event that you want to share, and we threw in a copy of Adam's book, Not Taco Bell Material and the Season Two DVD of The Adam Carolla ShowIt all comes in Man Crates' signature wooden crate and ships with a crowbar.



Adam Carolla



Limited Edition Signature Series Carolla Crate


Complete Manliness 101 courseware

  • The Adam Carolla ShowSeason 2 DVD
  • Not Taco Bell Materialhardcover book
  • 2 Laser-etched Official Mangria glasses
  • Gear-Shift Bottle Stop


Alcohol delivered right to your door.
Proof of age required upon delivery. US only.

  • Mangria
    Signature Orange Sangria, 20.9% ABV


In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar, without bows, ribbons or fluff.

Pro-tip: Display a Rubik's cube on your desk and people assume you can solve it. One man's frustrating waste of time is another man's brilliant career move.

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