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Premium Jerky Ammo Can

This masterpiece ships in an awesome .30 Caliber ammo case. Watertight, nearly indestructible, and totally badass.
  • This masterpiece ships in an awesome .30 Caliber ammo case. Watertight, nearly indestructible, and totally badass.
  • Premium Jerky Ammo Can has all the great snacks a man can want
  • Here's a knowledge bomb- the jerky by the register at your gas station is peasant-fare. If you think you don't like jerky, you've just never had the real thing.
  • Nom Nom Nom...
  • These glorious vessels serve their second lives safely delivering our delicious jerky to you
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Meet Beef Jerky

There are two types of men in the world- men who love beef jerky, and men who don't know what beef jerky is.

Here's a knowledge bomb- the jerky by the register at your gas station is peasant-fare. If you think you don't like jerky, you've just never had the real thing.

Meat by Mail

Let us send you our meat. Seriously. We sampled dozens of jerkies and chose the absolute best brands and flavors. We consulted jerky experts and thousands of our customers to create a balanced flavor profile- sweet, savory, and a hint of spice. We'll take your tastebuds on a journey where you'll discover lean, savory cuts of beef marinated to perfection and then cured until succulent and tender.

Meat for Peace

This masterpiece ships in a genuine, decommissioned NATO .30 Caliber ammo case. Watertight, nearly indestructible, and totally badass, these glorious vessels serve their second lives safely delivering our delicious jerky to you. If popping one of these doesn't make you a jerky convert, nothing will.


Choice Meats

Three bags of premium, top notch jerky from:

  • Carnivore Candy
  • Field Trip
  • Country Archer

Adventure Fuel

  • Clif Bar
  • Pemmican Complete Food Bar
  • Planter's Nuts or Crown Nut Roasted Almonds
  • BBQ Corn Nuggets, 4 oz


In an authentic Man Crates Ammo Can. This is a NATO spec. ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. 08/21/2017 Dayna Horton Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      For Dad's 71st bday

      Not only did Dad love this Ammo can... it was delivered on the day of the full solar eclipse... a true explosion of birthday fanfare! Yes, Dad's birthday is really on Aug 21st, but this crate would've been a show stopper anyway. Dad has in his possession, let's say... a bit of ammo and as a former sharp-shooter and enthusiast, this gift was a big hit after a couple years of fizzlers. He also LOVES beef jerky and fishing (waterproof can, oh yeah)! So excited to hear his review on this rad combo of favorites. I do have one problem with the gift item... how the heck am I going to "out do" this year's birthday. Help me Man Crates.
      Your 3rd time Man Crates Giftor,

    2. 06/18/2017 Gerry Peffer Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Fathers day

      My son sent this too me for father's day. As I am ex army vet this was fantastic. Jerky was super tasty. Made my day and can put my ammo in the can. Win win.

    3. 02/16/2017 Robert Campbell Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Valentine's gift

      My "best ever" wife gave me a "mancreate" for Valentine's Day. I've only begun eating the wonderful jerky and "others" included in the ammo box. So far the jerky is top shelf and really tasty. We'll be snowshoeing this weekend and most of what is left will be tagging along in the backpack. What a wonderful and surprising gift.

    4. 02/16/2017 Allison Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Great Customer Service!

      I order the Premium Jerky Ammo Can for my husband for Valentine's Day. It shipped FedEx and was delivered on Valentine's Day liked requested. My husband loved it and I was very pleased with it. Unfortunately one of the bags of jerky was molded. I called customer service and let them know we were pleased with it besides this bag. They sent us a replacement bag along with another bag of jerky that my husband liked best. They also refunded my shipping cost. I was over satisfied with how this was handled! Great products and costumer service!!

    5. 02/14/2017 Shanelle Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Husband Absolutely Loved It!

      First, I was a little worried about the item actually arriving ON Valentine's Day. That was the delivery day I had selected, but Fed Ex isn't always the most reliable. I have to say it arrived exactly when it was suppose, and my husband loved it! Others at his work were going on and on about how awesome the gift was! Totally unique and perfect for a guy! Thanks Man Crates!

    6. 01/4/2017 Debbie Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Picky men

      My secret santa gift to buy was for a impossibly hard person. I found man crates and gave it a try. I bought 4 amino cans for my two sons, my husband and my secret santa.
      I was so excited to see how they were going to get thru the duck tape. They were a BIG HIT WITH ALL OF THEM!
      We had a little problem with the paint coming off some, but I called man crates to tell and they were AWESOME about it. They offered to send new ones but they were sold out. BUT they said they would make it right with shipping and extras.
      This is my go to now for every man gift I have in the future.

    7. 12/28/2016 Neil Ganther Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5


      My son and his family gave this for Christmas. What a great gift! I love jerky and the ammo case was awesome. (Would have loved it even if it was empty.)

    8. 12/25/2016 Tim Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5


      My son just gave it to me for Christmas! PSYCHED! Taking it to school (where I teach) as my lunch box! Tremendous!

    9. 08/5/2016 Anne Splett Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Awesome gift for teenage boy

      I gave this to my 15-year old grandson for his birthday. He absolutely loved it! I ordered it in advance to be delivered on his birthday, yesterday. It came right on time and he was very excited about it. He loves the ammo can to keep things in. It is a very unique birthday gift. I have 5 grandsons so I'll be ordering from Man Crates again.

    10. 07/22/2016 Barbara Coffman Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      He Loved It!

      I got my fiance one of these just because and he absolutely loved it, especially the repurposed ammo can as that was right up his alley! When he opened the box, the note I had ya'll write for me was right on top. It arrived a day earlier than expected and the customer service from Man Crates was awesome too! I thought the video was a new and refreshing way to communicate. I'm definitely going to refer and personally continue to use Man Crates.

    11. 06/10/2016 Unknown Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      Loved it!

      Ordered this for my fiancé for V-day while he was away for work. It arrived at his hotel on time. He loved this! He was completely surprised and said the jerky was AMAZING! He loved the ammo can idea and wants to collect more!

    12. 03/21/2016 Unknown Premium Jerky Ammo Can 5

      It was a perfect gift for my husband!

      My Husband LOVED the ammo can the most but also said that the jerky was excellent! It arrived exactly when it said it would. My only hesitation in ordering it was that I wanted to know the size of the ammo can but couldn't find the dimensions on the website. The reviews were so good that I ordered it anyway & my husband LOVED it! He wants to collect more :)

    Showing reviews 1-12 of 201 | Next

    5/5 for 201 Premium Jerky Ammo Can reviews
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