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The Foosball Ammo Can

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Competition's Final Form

We've done it. We've distilled the planet's most beloved table-top soccer simulation down into a portable, indestructable, arena of furious one-handed competition.

The Foosball Ammo Can hosts the cruelest mano a mano bloodsport witnessed since Roman times, housed in a standard, .30 caliber ammo container. At this scale, foosball is faster than a Bruce Lee / E. Honda slap fight, more personal than a Top Gun locker room confrontation, and more cerebral than 3D mind-chess against a vulcan cabal.

This is competition's final form.

Perfect Ergonomics and Gameplay

Countless hours have gone into optimizing every detail of this foosball set for ruthless, breakneck competition.

We analyzed hundreds of hours of professional foosball play and discovered that as much of 87% of the game is wasted with passing. Eliminating all but one player elegantly gives every play the drama of a Mighty Ducks double overtime shoot-out.

The jet-black, uni-grip handles are the slickest harmony of comfort and style ever felt by human fingers and feature a synthetic gel designed to keep people of all-handed orientations blister-free. While poor weather was once a soggy, season-ending disaster in the portable Foos world, our new air-tight, waterproof, hinged lid makes even the Polar Vortex seem like a minor rain delay.

The set also comes with color-coded acrylic score beads dazzling to behold and intensely satisfying to rack up, three standard foosballs, and a free online tournament and matchmaking system.

Every game up until now has been a mere step on the path. Play the final game, get your Foosball Ammo Can today.

Battleworthy Brews

.30 Cal Foosball Ammo Can

  • Blue Foosball Player & Rod
  • Yellow Foosball Player & Rod
  • Three Tournament Foosballs


In an authentic Man Crates Ammo Can (NOT A CRATE). This is a NATO spec. ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.
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    Product Reviews

    1. 04/1/2015 The James Experience The Foosball Ammo Can 5

      An idea who's time has come...

      Like Armstrong on the Moon, Franklin and the lightning bolt, Washington and the Declaration of Independence, this is an idea that once conceived will change the course of humanity and it's history by merely having existed. Revolutionary? Yes indeed. Necessary? You bet. Be a part of this historical moment, get one now, and don't get caught on the wrong side of history.

    2. 04/1/2015 Nate The Foosball Ammo Can 5

      Like a cheetah riding a velociraptor

      Do you even know how fast that is? Nothing is faster than this foosball.

    3. 04/1/2015 Sam The Foosball Ammo Can 5

      Responsive, merciless action

      There's simply nowhere to hide when you're playing in an ammo can. This is the cage fighting of foosball, the John Wayne, high-noon showdown of wrist torque and hand-eye coordination.

      Just be prepared for the emotional exhaustion that comes from every point coming down to the shootout meta-game.

    4. 03/31/2015 Jason The Foosball Ammo Can 5

      Humbled, but addicted

      It's like the game 'go'- a novice will rarely score a single point against a master. If defeat is a mirror, this foosball set gleams with a luster to lay bare a man's soul. I haven't won a game yet, but I can't stop playing.

    5. 03/31/2015 Scott The Foosball Ammo Can 5

      Great vengeance and furious anger

      This is Khrushchev and Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson head to head in the home stretch. There is no more intense game of chicken you can play without a partially loaded revolver and a handle of Vodka.

    5/5 for 5 The Foosball Ammo Can reviews


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