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You Snooze, You Win: Exploring Brunch Across America

Posted by Man Crates on

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The English call it a “Hunt Breakfast,” Hobbits named it “second breakfast,” and some uncultured heathens call it “Breakfast.” But brunch is more than a morning meal, it’s an experience. We took to the streets of the internet and found the most interesting brunch spots across America so you don’t have to. It is Sunday Brunch, after all.

Tremont 647 – Boston, MA

Brunches should be relaxing. They’ve come a long way from their upperclass roots and are more of a comfortable get-together than a rich man’s soirée. What’s the ultimate comfort, though? Chowing down on a hearty brunch while dressed in your favorite dinosaur onesie, of course. If being in pajamas while eating homemade banana-flavored pop tarts is your thing, then Tremont 647 is the perfect place to hangout on late-weekend mornings. Why bother getting dressed for food if the staff encourages you to show up in your Sunday not-so-bests?

The Nook – Atlanta, GA

Brunch has become synonymous with nursing a Saturday night hangover. Plenty of brunch spots offer a little hair-of-the-dog treatment with your stack of waffles and side of chicken. Restaurants across the U.S. are constantly trying to one-up each other with bigger and badder brunch cocktails, but this place has a Bloody Mary mix so good we couldn’t possibly ignore it. The Nook, located in Atlanta, boasts a spicy Bloody Mary that will literally (just kidding, we mean figuratively) knock your socks off. Made with pepper vodka and their own signature spicy Bloody Mary mix, they garnish the drink with pepperoncinis, jalapenos, lemon, lime, a slice of toast, some steak and a hardboiled egg to top it all off. To make the best even better, they even offer the choice to enjoy this concoction with a beef straw.

AceBounce – Chicago, IL

Brunch is all about bringing people together, so what’s a little brunch with loved ones without a friendly competition? If you’re the type who prefers action to relaxation, then AceBounce may be more your speed. Each Saturday, in the early afternoon, this ping pong palace hosts a bottomless brunch packed with games, activities, free-flowing mimosas and a DIY Bloody Mary bar. Enjoy wolfing down some Eggs Benny while “impressing” friends with your unique ping pong skillz (you know that’s what you like to call them).

Twin Creeks Cafe – Fort Worth, TX

Most of us expect to pay a little more than pocket money for a good brunch, but this spot in Texas really hikes up the price, about $20,000 higher. No, the bacon isn’t made from the pig actor who played Babe, and no, the specials aren’t served up by clones of Gordon Ramsay. It’s the fact that you can purchase a car with a side of pancakes. Twin Creeks Cafe is housed inside a Honda dealership in the city of Fort Worth, TX. We’re still unsure if they let you enjoy your meal while test driving your car, but it’s definitely worth attempting.

Straw – San Francisco, CA

This brunch spot is right in our own backyard, and we couldn’t be happier that it is. Straw is a charming place decorated in a strictly carnival-inspired style. (There’s even a tilt-a-whirl booth! Try not to ruin brunch by getting sick, though.) What really intrigued us about this local gem was a beautiful monstrosity called the “Donut Burger.” Yup, two delectable homemade donuts gently enveloping organic beef and melty cheddar. Watch out, Cronut, donut burgers are gonna steal your glory. If you’d like something a little more breakfast-y, feel free to tuck into their “Fried Chicken-n-Waffle Monte Cristo” or their “Donut Breakfast Sandwiches.” Savory and sweet is hard to beat.

Auto Spa Bistro – Atlanta, GA

This is what the brunch experience is all about—pampering not only yourself, but also the vehicle that got you to this glorious feast. Atlanta really has its brunch game on lock with this ultimate restaurant. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in their special VIP room while your precious car is being detailed by an expert staff. Much better than spending Saturday morning doing it yourself.) We can’t think of a better way to relax on the weekends than this.