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The Greatest Mostly Fake Hollywood Couples of All-time

Posted by Man Crates on

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and the time is nigh to gather your thoughts and pour out some love to that special someone. Men aren’t always the best at talking about their feelings, but maybe sharing some of these fictional romances (and bromances) can provide some inspiration.

Jim and Pam, The Office

That above video is 3 minutes, but it’s a romantic tour de force. Honestly, I’ve seen feature films with less emotional range.

Jim and Pam’s romance is one that was never supposed to start in the first place (remember ROY?!), but it ended up being a #GOALS pairing that challenges even Friends’ Ross & Rachel for TV’s best.

Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World

Look at young Cory shooting his shot!

This is a man who had no fear, and I think ultimately Topanga respected that. Sure, Cory didn’t find success on this first go-around. But their conversation after his attempt lays the blueprint for a romantic masterclass that would unfold over the next decade.

Homer and Marge, The Simpsons

Say what you will about Homer Simpson’s bedside manner, but the man has an insatiable appetite for GOOD TIMES. And so often on these capers, Marge acts as the good-natured, easygoing Bonnie to his oafish, but somehow charming, Clyde.

Mitchell and Cam, Modern Family

It’s the hallmark of Cam and Mitchell to constantly take turns yo-yoing between sheer joy and crises of confidence. Whenever one is down, the other picks him up. They are the ultimate “opposites attract” couple, and it became even more ripe for comedy when they added a child into the mix.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, The Fast and the Furious

After their epic drag race in the original The Fast and the Furious, Walker, playing an undercover cop named Brian, lets Diesel’s character Dom escape to Mexico. It’s the beginning of a friendship that would notably span seven movies and countless adventures.

Carl & Ellie, Up

This cartoon vignette from Up poignantly (and wordlessly) traces through all the phases of marriage, and the joy and pain the comes along with it. If they weren’t cartoons, we’d probably shed a tear.

Daisy and Jay, The Great Gatsby

Ok, so maybe this one’s a bit fatalistic, but love hurts sometimes! Jay sure knows how to play the role of hopeless romantic, and it can really be endearing (until it’s not).

That one couple from The Bachelorette that is still together

If you’re willingly invite the entire world into your relationship and you come out with a) your dignity and b) a husband…we’re impressed. If you manage to last 14 years and counting, you’ve found true love.

Now that you’ve been inspired, do right by your flame. Hook him up with a Valentine’s gift experience he won’t soon forget. Then let the legendary love burn on.
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