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The 2016 Summer Games, Man Crates Style

Posted by Man Crates on

At Man Crates, we know amazing gifts when we see them—and that includes the physical talents of the world’s greatest athletes. When the summer games roll around, we can’t get enough of the competition, the camaraderie and national pride in the form of intricate face painting.

So what if hurling what basically amounts to a cannonball across a field has no practical use in today’s society. How does a young girl figure out she possesses elite synchronization skills in a pool? Is it wrong to watch race walking hoping the guy in last place says “screw it” and breaks into a light jog?

The unusual nature of the summer games is why we love them so much. It’s also why we wanted to try some of the events for ourselves. In our signature Man Crates style. Check out the "highlights" in the video above.

Maybe we should just stick to delivering awesome gifts for men. Speaking of which, check out our sports-themed crates and enjoy the summer games.