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​Recycle, Reuse, Recreate: Giving Crates a Second Life

Posted by Man Crates on

Man Crates crates have a heck of a life. They get to carry a unique collection of curated goods. They bring smiles to the faces of their surprised recipients. And they put up a good fight before opening up to reveal their bounty of gifts. With Earth Day right around the corner, we’ve got some inventive inspiration for ways to repurpose that wood and give crates a second life.

Let’s consider what happens after the “grand opening.” Once the jerky, salt blocks and personalized rocks glasses are lovingly plucked from the carnage, the wood scraps are often forgotten, dumped in the trash or—oh no!—used as kindling.

It doesn’t have to end so cruelly for your crate.

Enterprising giftees across the country have found a way to turn their crates into gifts that keep on giving. Some have created lock boxes, others have made bird sanctuaries. In our warehouse, we even used a crate as a temporary puppy pen.

We know nothing beats the sheer thrill of gripping that crowbar, finding a crease under the lid and prying your way to celebratory satisfaction. DIYing it all back together again to serve as a useful household item can come close.

For motivation and some popular ideas, look no further than our...

Crate Repurposing Gallery

Lock Box/Storage Box

Boom shack-a-shellac!


The Pidgeon-dential Suite

The Condor-minium

The Home-ingbird

Light Fixture

What a bright idea.


Scarrrrry good!


We always find time for fine craftsmanship.

Night Table

Don’t sleep on crates as beautiful bedroom furniture.

Old-timey Speaker
Pure audio awesomeness.


Wooden you know, a crate makes a great home for your favorite plant?

Leaf it to this clever gardener to find a handy, new use for his crate.

And the award for the best crate repurposing goes to...

The Pool Cue Rack
This little brilliant billiard rack takes the crate–uh, cake!

Got an amazing repurposed crate of your own? Send them to us at and join the gallery!