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New Year, New Man: The 10 Commandments of Cleaning

Posted by Man Crates on

2017 is freshly upon us, which means it’s time to usher in winter cleaning—the cooler, lesser-known cousin of spring cleaning. Trust us, it feels good to start the year with a sparkling closet/garage/man cave/actual cave. We could give you a list of “hacks” or something similar, but keeping things clean is a lifestyle, not a spur of the moment decision. So we’re here to help you clean it up, and keep it clean. Make it sparkle with our New Year’s gift for men: The Man Crates Cleaning Commandments.

1. Racks and shelves reign supreme

Hang them from the garage ceiling to store seasonal and camping gear. Put them in the closet. Under the sink. Underneath the TV. These are your best friends in terms of saving space. New Year’s Resolution: Use more racks.

2. Love thy jar as thyself

Don’t throw out that jar of JIF. Those containers can prove useful for wrangling wily garage items like screws, nails, washers, and their ilk. If you’re expert level, you can screw the lids to a shelf as pictured. Storage Talk has a bunch of other too-smart ideas for straightening up your garage.

3. Tool bars > towel bars

Keep gardening equipment and other tools tidy by repurposing towel bars. Here are some other creative uses for a towel rack, courtesy of Good Housekeeping. And you’re looking to retool your collection, have a look at the Pro-Tool Crate.

4. Thou shall garment bag it

James Bond does not have clothes moths—and neither should you. If your sharpest suits are not already housed in a protective sleeve, it’s time to make the leap. This affordable garment cover from The Cover Store will have you covered. It’s an easy first step to cleaning your closet.

5. Never wire

This is step two on the mission to a gentlemanly closet. Wire hangers are merely a temporary solution, a sartorial purgatory between the dry cleaners and your bedroom (or a tool for when you lock your keys in your car). Replace those and be civilized.

6. Remember the socks

You have all your socks in one drawer, right? Arranged neatly. All matching. Folded together waiting to wrap your feet in warmth. We both know that’s not true. Get one of these.

7. Have a secret compartment

Images courtesy of Imgur user

Instead of storing your safe in a dusty corner of your closet...why not just hide it right in the wall?

8. Throw away all user manuals

This one is sure to anger rule followers. But don’t you know these are all online? It’s 2017, and you are a Google search away from anything. You’re never going to need these stacks of paper. Toss them. Toss them all.

9. Label, label, label

It sounds simple, sure--but organizing without labeling is an all-too-common mistake. Plus, you get to play with a label maker on this step, which is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

10. Thou shall not commit hoarding

Trash it, donate it or figure out if it brings you joy. Every item should have a purpose!