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Never Go Fun Size, Always Watch "Hocus Pocus" and Other Halloween Party Tips

Posted by Man Crates on

Looking for ideas to help elevate your upcoming Halloween party to legendary status? Like a sexy devil’s pitchfork, we’ve got razor-sharp tips to help you kill it with your party crew on All Hollow’s Eve.


The first step in planning a scary good Halloween party is landing on the right costume. If you’re going to be the ghost or ghostess with the most or mostest, you have to look the part. Halloween is the ultimate expression of freedom. For one night you can be anyone you want. Some choose sexy. Many get scary. Others go the humorous route.

DO pay attention to detail.
An Instagram-worthy costume requires accessories, which you won’t always find neatly packed into a box at Party City. Scour the thrift stores, Halloween pop-up shops and your closet to really nail that impaled shoulder look.If you’re gonna go scary, you’d better be frightening. A little fake blood and dracula teeth aren’t going to do the trick. And if you’re gonna go the meme route, it better be fresh. No Ken Bone. No Damn Daniel. However, if you can competently ride a unicycle, it’s completely acceptable to dress up as the “Here Come Dat Boi” lizard. Lastly, if you’re going to dress up your dog, always go Star Wars!

Here are a few other oven-fresh costume ideas:

  • One of those kids from Stranger Things
  • Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum
  • Harley Quinn
  • Sexy Harambe
  • Guy Fieri
  • That Snapchat filter with the butterflies

DON’T recycle last year’s costume.
Even if you resided on the other side of the country. The Halloween spirits will know, and they’ll make sure you get hit with a stray arrow misfired by the short guy dressed as cupid.


It’s all about the candy. Just because you’re having a party, doesn’t mean you can suddenly slack off candy duty.

DO go big.
We all vividly remember being young and hearing about that one house six blocks away slinging full candy bars. When urgency, joy and a lust for sugar combine like that, there is really no better feeling. So remember, think “legendary” and hand out King Size bars.

DON’T get cute.
Keep the “non-traditional” candy items in the cabinet. A Kudos bar is a snack meant for soccer halftimes, not Halloween. And don’t be that house that’s too busy partying to answer the door. Even if you leave out a giant bowl of candy, the first greedy eighth grader to happen along will clean you out. Everyone thereafter will add you to their egging and TPing list.


This is your chance to show off your creative chops. Turn cocktail weenies into severed toes. Make your deviled eggs resemble bloodshot eyeballs. Here are a couple of recipes to get the cauldron bubbling...

Smashing Pumpkin


  • 3 ounces spiced pumpkin vodka
  • 2 ounces champagne
  • 2 ounces orange juice
  • Garnish with nutmeg

Put ice into a cocktail shaker and add vodka champagne and orange juice together. Shake and strain into a martini glass or champagne flute. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

(Alternately, you can just mix every liquor in your cabinet and call it “Witch’s Brew.”)

Black Widow Pizza
(Makes two mini pizzas)


Heat oven to 425°F. Spread sauce over both pizza crusts. Pull apart string cheese and arrange strips into a web shape. Place on a baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes. Cut the olives lengthwise. Use two of the halves for each spider body. Cut off an end of each of the other halves to use as the head. Cut the remaining olives into strips to use as the legs.


People in costumes alone will do the heavy lifting on entertainment. Lots of conversation starters there. But don’t rest in peace just because the crowd is chatty in the early hours. Have surprises scattered throughout the evening.

DO reward awesomeness.
Few contests are more entertaining than costume contests. Get the applause going for the scariest, funniest, cleverest and best group costumes. And don’t let those winners go home empty handed. Arm the winners with a prize that might just save their lives. Man Crates has a full line of Zombie Survival Essentials. They’re filled with axes, blades and other brain-piercing goodness.

DON’T kill the vibe with everyday music.
Save the Indie Rock playlist for any other day on the calendar. Halloween screams for tunes of terror. Thriller. Monster Mash. Ghostbusters. Dead Man’s Party. All fan favorites. But you don’t have to go all sugary sweet with pop music. Mix it up with a little Marilyn Manson or Gwar to keep guests on their toes. And take every opportunity to blast Tracy Morgan’s smash hit “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” PRO-TIP: Put a classic Halloween movie on the TV for ambiance. Make it light and laughable with Hocus Pocus or good and gory with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Your call.


Fog machines. Spider webs. Black lights. Tombstones. Vampire bats. You can’t really overdo it when it comes to decorations. When’s the last time you heard someone complain, “That would’ve been an historic Halloween party, but there were just too many decorations”?

DO have a surprise or two up your sleeve.
Designate a room to creep out partygoers. Some plastic sheets, a table and saran-wrapped doll is an easy way to recreate Dexter’s kill room. Or grab a Big Wheel, write “REDRUM” in lipstick and print out a stack of pages that read “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” to set up your own version of Room 237 from The Shining.

DON’T decorate in poor taste.
Severed hands, black cats and evil spirits are all good. What’s not good is offending guests with anything political, sexual or generally insensitive. Be aware of current events, like the crazy clown stuff going on.

Have a Happily Horrifying Halloween!