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How to Reward His Domestic Romance with the Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Posted by Man Crates on

He changes diapers like nobody’s business. He twirls the dish towel with a passion for absorption. He works the plunger like a magician, making nasty clogs disappear right before your eyes. The man in your life stirs up the domestic romance every day. Now it’s time to return the romance with a gift that will make his Valentine’s Day.

Jerky Heart
Jerky Heart
Deception is a fun way to show you care. Pull off a ruse that will rub him the right way. When you hand over this heart-shaped box, he’ll think he’s getting chocolates. When he flips the lid, he’ll flip his lid, seeing nothing but savory jerky. There’s also the Exotic Meats Jerky Heart, if you want to get a little more adventurous.

Morning Glory Crate
Breakfast Kit
Scrubbing the plates clean will be a pleasure after you both prepare a hearty pancake breakfast with all the fixings. You’ll score big points when for showing you understand his appreciation for perfectly pressed bacon strips. Batter up!

Ultimate Tool Kit

Like many men, the Ultimate Tool Kit is simple, yet versatile. Its contents once saved the lives of the Apollo 13 crew. No lie. This greasy, sticky Valentine’s Day gift will help him keep the domestic romance rolling all year long.