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​Hacks of Life: 4 Tips for Growing a Flowing Beard

Posted by Katherine Konrad on

To trim or not to trim? To shave off or forge ahead? Those are the questions. Maybe not from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but from men everywhere trying their hand-eye coordination at the art of beard growing and grooming. Whether it’s to prep for a Lord of the Rings halloween costume, raise money for charity or to just look like an axe-wielding, sequoia-demolishing, man’s man walking straight out of a Brawny commercial, these beard grooming tips and tricks below have it—and the jawline—covered.

Gifts for Bearded Men

Letting hair grow through its ugliest of stages is the most important aspect of achieving a full, and well-groomed beard. At the start of the process, anywhere hair grows, let it grow – we mean it. If it must be trimmed, use a beard trimmer to take off only the tiniest amount necessary, Zoolander style. (“What is this? A barbershop for ants?!”). Yes, a stubbly, way-past-5-o’clock shadow can be coarse, unkempt and a nuisance. But so is Aunt Linda’s new boyfriend—and even he still somehow gets invited to Thanksgiving. Speaking of family holidays, timing the in-between-stubble-and-luscious-facial-locks stage is key as well. We recommend not starting a beard right before most holidays or important life events, but instead during a hiatus from civilization (e.g., the annual camping trip) or during Movember, when everyone and their mom is letting their facial hair go rogue.


Much like the delicious Juicy Lucy served at the neighborhood pub, or this great gift for men, your hair is comprised also of protein and fat. Lots of protein and lots of fat is important for hair growth. To reach maximum hair growth potential, testosterone levels need to be healthy—which is aided specifically by saturated fat. Animal and egg fats are good choices for saturated fat consumption, as long as they are organic. On the other hand—sugar, or similar substances, will cause weak hair growth.


Maybe he’s born with it—maybe it’s those hours in the gym and getting plenty shut eye? Not as catchy of a cosmetic line slogan, but it’s true that: Hitting the weight room is another good way to keep testosterone at healthy levels; cardio is beneficial for increasing circulation which stimulates hair growth; and a good night’s rest will give the body time to rest and regenerate.

Beard Grooming Gifts for Men

When hair is long enough to brush, style, and groom, it’s time first for a celebration for making it this far, and second, to invest in the proper grooming tools below needed to maintain the glorious mane.

  1. Bristle Brush. This type of brush trains unruly hairs while exfoliating skin underneath. It also prunes out strands that otherwise clog the sink or end up on the pillow, or clothing
  2. Beard Shampoo. Shampoo most days with a weaker formula, and use a non-sulfur based conditioner
  3. Beard Balm/Oil. Hair is naturally coated with oil, so this can be used sparingly for extra protection in chlorinated pools, for example. It’s also great for a little extra moisturizing and smoothing post-wash