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Beard Science: How to Groom with Beard Oil for Fantastic Facial Foliage

Posted by Man Crates on

It’s a fine line between vagabond and vogue. Knowing how to use beard oil and other grooming products will elevate your face game and help tame the facial beast, making bad facial hair days a thing of the past. Read on for beard oil grooming facts, plus tips to rein in rebellious bristles and maintain wondrous whiskers.

It’s an oil, slick
Beard oil is the holy grail of beard grooming. Composed of carrier oils, like jojoba oil, and essential oils (for fragrance, mmm) it gives facial hair a healthy look and scent, prevents itching, keeps it conditioned and shiny and helps soften while eliminating the dread beardruff (beard dandruff).

Unbreak my hair

All hair has its breaking point—its terminal length or its maximum growth potential, which is different for everyone and can vary with age. And all hair can fall victim to the split end, which happens when hair becomes too brittle, causing the tips to fray and split. Keeping hair conditioned can help prevent both issues. Anyone looking to break the beard growth record of over 17 ft. will especially want to stop breakage and split ends. How to do that? Use beard oil.

Nature vs. nurture

The body may be a well-oiled machine, but sometimes the face is not. Sebaceous glands, which are at the root of every hair follicle can only produce a certain amount of sebum, the oily substance that helps protect skin and hair from drying out. Beard hair is coarser than head hair and more prone to drying and breaking, so as hair grows longer, the glands won’t be able to produce sufficient sebum to reach the ends of the strand, making it drier and coarser. Beard oil will hydrate the beard as well as the skin underneath.

Cleanliness is next to manliness

But maybe not every day. There are as many opinions about the frequency of beard washing as there are beards. Many say to wash every few days, while some advocate for the daily wash. No matter how often it’s washed, it’s important to use high-quality cleansing and conditioning products. And, you guessed it, oil. Need more convincing? Really? Well, ok.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

A common reason some give up on a beard is the itch. What is the source of this torturous injustice? And when will it stop? Itchiness can be the result of shaving. Razors cut at an angle and give whiskers sharp edges, and as they grow, the sharp edges can scratch the skin. Very irritating. Another reason is dryness—the skin below the beard can become dry and itchy. For most, the itching should pass in about three weeks. But while it’s happening, one thing that can help is beard oil. This stuff is no joke.

How to use beard oil
So now you’ve seen all the reasons to use beard oil. You just need to know the how. It’s like drinking some kind of magic elixir. It will bring gold and riches and power! Well, not directly, but who can say what the future holds? Beard oil is a game changer. And it’s not hard to use.

  • Beard oil works best when applied right out of the shower when skin is still warm and damp (the beard should be dry though).
  • Rub beard oil into palms and evenly distribute on both hands.
  • Start at the base of the neck, rub fingers into the beard and move hands up cheeks, applying evenly throughout the beard and massaging into skin.
  • Treat the ‘stache.
  • Brush or comb beard back into place (or whatever place is desired).
  • Put it on repeat. Making this a morning ritual is recommended, although in more humid regions, every other day. or so can work, while cooler, drier climates may require reapplication throughout the day.

Practice makes perfect. Pay attention to how things feel to determine whether more or less is needed.

Check it, don’t wreck it
Creating the perfect facial topiary requires a steady hand, a creative eye, a valiant heart and an understanding of beard growing and grooming basics. First and foremost, stop shaving. Next, pick a suitable style. Following nature’s lead and playing to follicular strengths is wise. Genetics aside, beard shape is limited only by creativity and a desire for self-expression and, perhaps, some workplace rules.

Combing through the history of beards

Since the dawn of man, facial hair has been a bit of a thing. A full beard signified strength and dominance, the knowledge of how to stay warm with or without a fire and it reflected a certain sense of style, an attitude that suggested, “Me grow hair.” Many ancient civilizations revered the beard while others thought it less than acceptable. Indeed, the history of the beard is as long and varied as, well, some beards. Despite recent rumors suggesting that “peak beard” has come and gone, men from all walks of life are eschewing shaving and opting for a more natural look. National and international societies and competitions have sprouted up showing the beard shows no signs of receding and that the “trend” is in reality a way of life. But with great beard growth comes great responsibility.

No matter the style or length, a good shampoo or soap, brush, beard oil and beard balm will help things thrive. Enter the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate, one of the best grooming gifts for men. Whether opting for a forked beard or an Old Dutch, good beard grooming practices and products will keep the tufts in tip-top shape, shiny and smelling good.

A well-groomed beard shows a certain sense of independence and creativity. A well-considered grooming gift that helps keep a facial crop in check is a gift for him that you’ll enjoy, too.

Addendum: Those who can’t break the shaving spell can look to The Clean Shave Crate for support.