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​Back to Cool: Our Grade-A Gifts for Students

Posted by Teva Kukan on

The free and lazy days of summer are going, going, gone like an Aaron Judge homer and, just like that, the annual back-to-school rush is upon us. Whether you know a freaking-out freshmen or an easygoing grad schooler, settling in for a year of campus life can be stressful. Leaving behind home-cooked meals. Cramming into a 7’ x 11’ dorm room. Registering for classes that don’t start before 11 a.m. You need to send your student off with a big hug—and a killer care package that’ll be the talk of the third floor. Here are some back-to-school gifts that go beyond notebooks, pens, AA batteries and an Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge” poster.


First things first. No matter what year student, food is a necessity. Sloppy Joe’s in the dorm will drive most students to look to outside sources for quality sustenance. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a sad little care package filled with sad little foods. Plus, showing snacking savvy will score points with roommates and serve as bribe ammo for the R.A.s. The Hot and Spicy Crate will liven up any slow Tuesday night in the dorms.

Gifts for Students

For quick, but savory meals, there’s the Ramen Connoisseur Crate. It’s full of so much superior ramen and seasonings, the Japanese joint across the street from the campus bookstore might go out of business.

Back to School Gifts

Got a student of archaeology on your hands? Or just simply a fan of meat? The Caveman Crate has all the proteins and fats required to help any student burn the midnight oil in perfect caveman fashion. Well, better than caveman fashion seeing as how we’ve got lightbulbs. But it’s the spirit that counts!

Snack Gifts


Students need more than just food to fuel the learning fires. Hydration is key to good brain function. But drinking eight 8-oz. glasses of water every day isn’t exactly on the typical college kid’s mind.

For those students over the magical 21-year threshold, awesome drinking vessels make an appropriate and appreciated gift. The College Barware Crate will help show some school spirit before, during and after the big game. Rather give something a little more personal? Slap a name instead of a team on that glass. Perfect deterrent for thieving roommates.

College Gifts

Sometimes the dreaded all-nighter is a necessity. It helps to have a go-to energy booster to to keep those eyelids from drooping. The Caffeine Fiend Crate is just the things for postponing sleepytime. And it’s portable, so running late for class won’t get in the way of getting a fix of that beautiful bean-y beverage.

Gifts for College Students

Some of-age night owls may require a more, um, intense pick-me-up. Thankfully, the Bloody Mary Crate exists for such moments. Bonus: a well-constructed Bloody Mary is a bit like a meal, so they’ll be killing two birds with one drink! Now that’s a smart student.

Gifts for Grad Students


The most direct route to educational dominance is hard work, focus and cool stuff to make all that hard work more fun. A boring bag will do nothing but drag down everyone’s vibe on campus. A Travel Survival Pack, on the other hand, will inspire its carrier to stride confidently around campus. It’s got a space for everything and then some. And, hey, it looks pretty good, too.

Bags for College Students

Any student blessed with ambitious follicles knows he must put his best face forward to be successful. And that requires grooming. The Beard Wrangler Mini Crate helps the hirsute man about campus keep his bristles in good form so he can stand out from the hairy crowd.

Grooming Gifts for College Students

A solid extra-curricular game is important to making the college experience a success. And by that we mean, there will be parties. A cool, compact sound system, like the one in the Ammo Can Speaker Kit, will make the difference between a party and a PARTY. Plus, he'll get to build it himself, which is a nice ice-breaker with the ladies.

Dorm Room Gifts

Having a car on campus is the ultimate sign of independence. Unless that car is the kind that people feel compelled to trace “Wash Me” on its cringe-inducing dirty frame. The Auto Care Crate will help keep that chassis classy and free of unwanted and unappreciated graffiti.

Gifts for College Students

Taking breaks is essential for better productivity. And there’s no better way to get one’s mind off his studies than by chucking some discs around the quad. The Disc Golf Crate has everything a young duffer needs to get in a quick nine holes.

Back to School Gifts

Finding the right gift for the student who is tough to buy for isn’t as hard as it sounds. Especially if he also likes to smash things. The Smash and Grab Gift Card can be destroyed to relieve some youthful angst and then used with any of our partners to grab the back-to-school gift of choice

Back to School Gifts