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Great Minds Eat and Drink Alike: Our Tastiest Instagram Follows

Posted by Teva Kukan on

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spend a fair amount of time getting caught in the old Instagram loop. As a result of our “research,” we’ve landed on a handful of favorite follows from the Insta-world. The following list will help you expand your knowledge, find some inspiration or simply dig on some drool-worthy photos. Warning: you may experience an intense desire to eat, drink and be merry.


Are you a champion of the cocktail? A beer devotee? No matter. Instagram provides plenty of opportunities for both personality types (and then some) to find new libations to try as well as new—or just the usual—versions of old faves.


Image: brottle

Brottle is fighting the good fight to make great cocktails more accessible to the masses. It’s got lots of recipes to keep you curious and motivated and eager to show off your new skills to your pals, who, by the way, will thank you for your dedication to bringing them new and tasty tipples.


Image: womenandwhiskies

It is often assumed that whiskey is a men’s drink. “Not so!” says Women & Whiskies (as well as all the female whiskey drinkers in the world). The sharp pics and recipes-a-plenty will endear this feed to anyone who knows that life is better with a whiskey drink in hand.


Image: craft_not_crap

Passionate about craft beer? You’re not alone. These guys give honest reviews and share their perspectives on some seriously interesting beers. Even a cursory read is likely to inspire a trip to your local shop, so get ready to hop to.


Image: apartmentbartender

He may claim to be a “semi-decent home bartender,” but the recipes and tips on this feed suggest otherwise. There are tricks and easy instructions as well as pics that will make you want to get drinking stat.


You’re hungry. You like tasty food. You’re not one to turn away from any sort of delicious opportunity. These Instagram food feeds have just what you’re looking for.


Image: firstwefeats

Food meets up with pop culture here. The food pics will not be ignored, so don’t expect to get off easy when you scroll through this one. It will make you eat. It’s also got some great videos of cooking techniques as well as some of celebrities eating hot food—always a treat!


Image: iamafoodblog

This one is, well, a food blog. Inspiration comes from travel or just the ingredients they have on hand. Either way, this feed aims to “celebrate the awesomeness of food” and they don’t fail.


It’s hard to narrow down all the food and drink inspiration on Instagram to just a scant few. And we failed at that. But you can benefit from our failure! See how giving we are? These accounts may be runners up, but they’re no less enjoyable or entertaining.


Image: drakeoncake

Even if you don’t like cake, even if you don’t like Drake, you’re going to be amused by Drake on a Cake because IT’S DRAKE LYRICS ON CAKES. Hilarious.


Image: raelpetit

Ever imagined putting really weird garnish on a drink? Well then this is the feed for you. Rubber ducks, candies, gummy bears, Star Wars stencils—this guy’s got it covered. Creative and polished drinks that will inspire you to try it all. Bonus: dog pics! And also a pig. What else do you need?


Image: dad_beets

Anyone jonesing for waffles, cheesy things or sandwiches, sometimes all combined together, should check out dad_beets. It’s the brainchild of a dad—surprise!—looking to cook and eat and have fun food times. Scroll through with an empty stomach at your own risk—you may end up trying to eat your phone and, well, that’s just never going to taste as good as his pics look.

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