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Redeeming Your Gift Code (Test)

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Hollywood's Pals Celebrate Palentine's Day

August 14th is Palentine’s Day, the one day a year that best buddies can dedicate to being fully outrageous together. And even though  the government has been dragging their feet on officially recognizing Palentine’s Day as a national holiday, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from showcasing how their most awesome pals celebrate this most brotastic fiesta. They never [...]

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Tips for Winning Father's Day

The annual competition for the coveted title of 'Favorite Child' is upon us once again. Father's Day. A holiday to celebrate long lines of reproductive success. A chance to recognize your Dad's triumph in the Darwinian struggle to perpetuate the oddball assortment of genetic traits that make your family portraits so...unique. A chance to out-do your [...]

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10 Famous Father's Day DadBrags

Man Crates has taken to the Interweb this Father’s Day to find out what makes your dad most bragworthy. In exchange for your #DadBrags, we’re giving away daily prizes ranging from drool-inducing jerky grams to a spot in the Tic Toc Stop Celebrity Golf Event at the prestigious Trump National Golf Club in New York. Here [...]

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Two Years of Totally Crushing It

A lot can happen in two years. In just two years we've catapulted this business from a three-man sweatshop running out of Jon's hunting trophy room into a 10,000 square foot gift-shipping juggernaut. In just two years we've rallied millions of people around the idea that gifts should be fun and irreverent humor and physical comedy can [...]

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A Dirty Job Deserves A Man Crate

We love delivering awesome gifts to guys, and we especially love sharing stories about why these great men deserve such high-class treatment. If you have a story worth sharing, email This month’s epic tale is about Larry from Michigan who took it upon himself to get a little dirty for his fiancee… April had dubbed her [...]

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