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​The Can't-Miss Way to Make Cinco De Mayo Parties a Smash Hit

Posted by Man Crates on

Uno De Mayo is this coming Monday. That means Cinco De Mayo falls on a Friday. We’ll pause a moment while you shake your maracas. And...we’re back. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? (We’re thinking this calls for a loooong weekend of celebration.) There’s one easy way to make sure your celebration is memorable.

What has one ring, two horns, and a face full of jerky?
No, it’s not a married trumpeter on a protein binge. It’s the Man Crates exclusive Jerky Piñata! You could roll up to your Cinco De Mayo fiesta with a regular, old candy-filled piñata. If it happens to coincide with a kid’s birthday party. But if you’re Cinco-De-Mayo-ing with grown-up guys, candy doesn’t cut it. That’s why we conducted stringent tests in the Man Crates lab to find out the best man-centric piñata. As you can see in the video, it got pretty messy. Ultimately, we landed on individually wrapped pieces of delicious jerky.

Speak softly and swing a big stick
Party Gifts for Men
Just imagine the pure joy on your guests’ faces as they spin the weapon wheel and take their turn swatting at the elusive “El Toro.” That can only be topped by the sheer surprise of seeing chunks of savory jerky spill out of that cracked bull cranium. Your Cinco De Mayo celebration—or any other special get together—will be the talk of the town. Break out the blindfold and bring an umbrella. It’s gonna rain jerky.

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